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  1. Myrtan


    Its called Polish mentality. Allways complaining no matter what and doing completely nothing to change the situation. Previous gov was total bullsh1t. The one we have now is not ideal, but is much better. And what is most important, doesn't agree to every retarded eu directive like accepting thousands of muslim migrants who will never assimilate.
  2. Before commenting, check the date of the post 🙄
  3. Myrtan

    Made in China

    Was just bored so I wanted to read some of club dramas. I saw you mentioning me, so I replied to calm your big worries about my person. That's it folks, hf with new dramas 🙄
  4. Myrtan

    Made in China

    1 month, 6 months or 2 years no matter. Won't come back here
  5. Myrtan

    Made in China

    You don't have to worry about me anymore, you won't see me in club again Rip BB 😘
  6. Myrtan

    Just bought from AH

    You need to wait for confirmation of transaction from administration. When they accept, you can choose character where item will be sent.
  7. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Can't be bothered to read these eleborates, but I would choose living in Czechia than multi-culti bullshit society with corrupted goverment that Sweden has become anytime. 😉
  8. Myrtan

    olympiad disconnects

    Happened three times to me in friday(26 Aug) too Char name OneAndOnly
  9. Myrtan

    BloodBrothers TM in the massacring

    They all copy Jungle Forces :,( (where are you my borthers!?)
  10. Myrtan

    AoE Parties

    Yeah, but we must also take into consideration that not everyone is willing to pay real money. But in my opinion taking bp is actually a good idea. You getting one more friend in game who play hard to find class and who knows, maybe that can be your future cp bishop. So @kevilicious if you have extra slot, take bishop. It can be benefit for you in the future
  11. Myrtan

    AoE Parties

    I don't agree, bishop is crucial class in late game and many cps can not find one. Better to take bishops, because it can fix late game lack of healer problem. Think about server to be healthy, to have competition and fun. Not about yourself only 😉
  12. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    I wonder who was that legendary zorgzor that I was compared to some days ago 🙄
  13. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Don't care about your problem with them, but damn... stop repeating word "autistic" this is serious illness.
  14. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Well, great plans are always connected with high risk and hard decisions. But all must follow the plan, and accept leader's decisions because as we can see, now chaos dominates.
  15. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    What is then problem with choosing one person? Ask who will take the duty, and choose perfect candidate. People laughing at Soil but as far as I remember, he could hold ally until he left. Maybe I am wrong, but I'm speaking only about what I have seen.