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  1. Myrtan

    regular sunday

    As I said before, server is full of two faced hypocrites. Both sides doing same shits and blaming eachother. Not to mention, administration is corrupted and unprofessional (yes Im talking about the screenshot of my private message to one of admins sent to someone so he can put it on forum) keep the clown fiesta and stop tagging me as you will never see me playing here again. Hf folks!
  2. Myrtan

    Diversity of Olympics vol. 1

    Althought Modoy is not the person that I ever liked I must be honest here. Defeating da, or other perma fear classes with PW is something that requires a skill @Poseidon I think your criticism is a little above this, cuz video was fun to watch just like eol69, habber or other great daggers videos or just I am that sh1t in oly that I don't see any big mistakes here. Pce
  3. Myrtan

    Glad vs tyrant

    Only classes that I was playing in classic was glad along with PR (for short amount of time) on 2.0 patch glad is not that bad, as you can see on the video which Rizo put (Myrciu me) Good damage, very low equip and no hero. Can not compare that with tyrant hero video. But next patches will fuck up that class. Stun won't be that usefull anymore as armors get stun resists 30/50%, along with epics you will see majority of your time message "resist" If you have a group you can go glad, but if you don't better go for tyrant as people prefer tyrants in cps for pvp and also pve. Not sure how it goes about Tyrant in end game lvls, but glad with his third class skills and good enough eq becomes ultimate 1 v 1 killer what you can see here:
  4. Althought Im not playing here I need to comment this. Look at that hypocrite 😂
  5. Myrtan

    Share the moment

    But I was, WildAtHeart origins 😥
  6. Myrtan

    2.5 soon?

    Yes, unfortunately this class is not competitive anymore in 2,5+ Remember a lot of fun on 1,5/2,0 patch but zaken and updates further are completely different stories. Im also keeping the class because I love it. Anyway, gz to you 2, and have fun mate.
  7. Myrtan

    2.5 soon?

    Future updates take away stun chance with armor bonuses like 30/50% stun resistance + stun resist buff not even mentioning zaken/circlet etc. Stun landing was main factor in this class against classes like necro. Stun land is a miracle now in seven signs I'm never expecting it to land hah. Anyway, enough of my posts. Im getting back to my duties BB
  8. Myrtan

    2.5 soon?

    I got hero some time ago if I wanted to brag, you would already know it for days. My message was for @felicioschlickmann about class that we both play 🙄 Anyways, as I said keep on guard. I will keep reading your funny dramas, it keeps entertaining me in work hah
  9. Myrtan

    2.5 soon?

    You rly have to be that nerd who sits in front of his pc, making screens and saving all posts to use them in the future for your advantage. Just wanted to share my experience. Keep on guard forum warrior, club need you 🙄
  10. Myrtan

    2.5 soon?

    When your server is so far behind so everything you see as update conspiracy. btw, within each update glad becomes one of the less fun classes, when everyone have easy stun resist with armors so you can not even stun and your damage is a joke compared to other classes not even mentioning glad's utility. Experienced it even with hero GL HF anyway @felicioschlickmann
  11. Myrtan


    Its called Polish mentality. Allways complaining no matter what and doing completely nothing to change the situation. Previous gov was total bullsh1t. The one we have now is not ideal, but is much better. And what is most important, doesn't agree to every retarded eu directive like accepting thousands of muslim migrants who will never assimilate.
  12. Before commenting, check the date of the post 🙄
  13. Myrtan

    Made in China

    Was just bored so I wanted to read some of club dramas. I saw you mentioning me, so I replied to calm your big worries about my person. That's it folks, hf with new dramas 🙄
  14. Myrtan

    Made in China

    1 month, 6 months or 2 years no matter. Won't come back here