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  1. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Don't care about your problem with them, but damn... stop repeating word "autistic" this is serious illness.
  2. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Well, great plans are always connected with high risk and hard decisions. But all must follow the plan, and accept leader's decisions because as we can see, now chaos dominates.
  3. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    What is then problem with choosing one person? Ask who will take the duty, and choose perfect candidate. People laughing at Soil but as far as I remember, he could hold ally until he left. Maybe I am wrong, but I'm speaking only about what I have seen.
  4. Myrtan

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Roses are red, violets are blue, dajtovillage "not giving a fuck", that's something new 🙄 ... if it was true
  5. Myrtan

    One And Only

    A kierowca autobusu wstał i zaczął klaskać 👏
  6. Myrtan

    Hmm.. subclass maybe?

    Saw things like this already
  7. Myrtan

    POV PALADIN / small scale pvp in toi

    "Nara kurwa chamy" 👍
  8. Myrtan

    Starting Out

    They would be weak without it, cuz debuffs like fear on this chronicle are powerfull and always land, so basically every pvp is decided by who debuff first.
  9. Myrtan

    One And Only

    Neverthless triple slash is still useless on oly. When you fight classes like dreadnought, hell knight etc. you must be carefull for Ur mana. In that case all you need is Rage, TSS, hammer crush. I have macro which charge two times from stones and one charge from focus, so one click gives me 3 charges.
  10. Myrtan

    Duelist 76+ lf EU CP

  11. Myrtan

    One And Only

    After 3rd class triple slash is useless. Sonic rage maybe less damage than triple, but faster casting and you can do this with distance. To be honest it's fun to burst enemy with damage but you must take into consideration that any hit can wake from stun and it happens a lot with TSS, then you can get nice fearlock or stunlock on Lionheart 🙄
  12. Myrtan

    One And Only

    If he resist hammer crush, you better use blaster with blunt and try hammer crush again, switching to duals can cost you fearlock (if enemy uses fear) because you can not cast blaster that fast from duals.
  13. Myrtan

    One And Only

    Yep, hammer crush is decisive in oly. Because you can use both, keeping opponent perma stunned but sadly I didn't think about oly as I had no knowledge about it when I rerolled this char so now I have like 4 lvls to max it out.