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  1. They should halve them and make them used till they expire, it's best solution in my opinion.
  2. They shouldn't make such pack for players, just to be teased. I'm not mad though, I was just confused of why it didn't work at that time and it actually makes no sense of making 1k bssn if you can't use them all, just make them 500 and 1.5k ssn, because it's pretty easy to lvl up to 15 and I still have 1k bssn and the only thing I can do is trash them alway..
  3. Oh, well that's kinda stupid in my opinion, but anyway.. Thanks!
  4. Is it a SS lag from the server or my shots are bugged? Everything was fine till lvl 15, after it didn't apply on my usage to skills and I have to kill the mobs without shots. Whenever I equip/unequip my weapon it takes 2 shots if they are activated, though doesn't increase my damage when attacking mobs. Help me, please!
  5. I would like for admin attention.. I know you are really busy and working on the Project, trying to bring us the best of what you've promised to us. BUT, there are people who don't understand how things goes here. If you've created separated sections for given languages, why do you allow people to make post on the General Discussions section as their mother language? If you can't handle simple things like this, then I guess you won't be able to handle their bots after opening the server. Everything starts from the small things, like what's going on right now. If we all start talking on our mother languages, it will become a mess. If you are loyal to yourself and to us, your community, please don't let them ruin the fun of everyone before the server even started. No bad feelings, I'm just trying to make things clear and be mature, no need to be a**holes just because it rids your ego. I will make a poll, but that doesn't mean it will change the mind of the GM, because most of the people here are from those who will vote NO, because they won't be able to speak their own language. Sigh..
  6. It's not google translate. I guess the mind of everyone is so blind by the fact that Russian is not the only Cyrilic language out there.... Faith in humanity lost.
  7. Бе, времето днес било много хубаво.. Взема да се поразходя из плажната ивица и ке се приберем, па може тия руски коври да се спрът с тоя руски.. Сега не ме разбираш, нали? Измекяр долен.. Edit: А, имах един въпрос, но забравих да го задам - френзи и гътс на дестрото как са на класик, нърфнати ли са или са си все същите като на интерлюд? "Извинявам се" за офф-топика..
  8. I can't the understand one thing.. Why does russians keep to stick with their language even in General forums like here? It's really unapproriate and immature to do so, there is a section for every language, you can keep your language there. Let us all start posting on ones languages and see whats gonna happen.. Russians, you should learn English, it's not hard. English is not my mother language, but I am trying my best do explain myself to the very best so that others can understand me....
  9. Escaflew


    Според мен, ще е редно да направим едно малко ЦП, не е нужно да е пълно. WC,SWS,Spoiler,Prophet, Tank и един Mage няма да е зле да направим. Какво мислите?
  10. Escaflew


    Лееелее, тая трИва ме съсипа днес. Сега като си гледам коментара, си се хиля тук на себе си к'ви съм ги писал. Исках да кажа, че не ми е проблем да играя каквото и да е било, стига да е нужно за даденото ЦП, но съм си избрал едно от тея две класчета да цъкам, тъй като ми изглеждат класове, които не им трябва кой знае какво внимание през повечето време. Почвам работа след 10ти и не съм сигурен за това, дали ще мога да съм тук за началото на сървъра, дори съм сигурен, че няма да мога да присъствам на бетата за жалост, но за старта не е сигурно, за това не мога да дам конкретен отговор. Но едно е сигурно, ще мога да играя само през вечерта.
  11. This server will be more promising that the official one, I can assure you that. Since the official will start way too late, the population here will grow until then and people will be atleast a level that they wouldn't quit because they've spent a lot of time to come so far.
  12. Escaflew


    Навит съм, ще играя това, което е нужно, но не съм сигурен дали ще мога да тук за гранд опенинга, ще направя всичко по силите си за да съм тук. Мога да играя всякакъв клас, но съм си заплюл Warcryer или SwS. Ако ви трябва нещо друго, за мен е проблем да го обмислим.
  13. Class you will play : I'm thinking about making either SWS or Gladiator. I haven't decided yet!Estimate online activity (Hours per day, which days of week): 6+ hours per day. More at weekends!How many months you will play for: Probably till the end, that is going to be my last server I will probably play on, because I've been waiting for such project for very long time and I'm tired AF from all other private sh*ts.Where do you live: BulgariaLanguages: Bulgarian/English/JapaneseDeclare that you'll let us know if you need quit/take a break and offload any assets you have into CWH/Clan leader (upon return we'll re-gear you as best we can): Granted.
  14. Колко човека сте и какви класове мислите да играете?
  15. Is the cooldown of the skill "Sleep" will be like before C4 with low casting or will it be like c6+ with like 2-3 seconds casting animation?