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  1. reactteam

    Easter Event 2021

    They got almost everything they need, but still missing eggs - Kappa
  2. I understood the problem. I was with C grade equip ++ and now tested with NG weapon. So its ok when use NG
  3. Hi I wanna ask admins to fix Orc Raider prof quest, cause green blood drop chance is terrible and if you kill Quest Monster when it appears with one hit no quest item drops at all! its annoying... I ve spent 3 hours and havent a single quest item and it needs 10 of them
  4. I have a proposal to expand in the acount manager the indicators of those who have reached the highest level from 100 people to 200 I am personally extremely interested in who else on the server got the 80th level, as there are more and more people and too much time has passed, I think it would be relevant
  5. Ok, so its not a bug. Thanks, now I know
  6. I would like to know from the administration of the game, on Olympiad, after using the guard's tali, for some reason, 100% debuff from Phantom Summoners is taken that remove speed and attack speed . This is normal?
  7. I think the quests section would be great to add in the future. Class change quests and regular
  8. And what about the fixes in daily tasks? There you still can’t get scrolls for login, participation in sieges, etc. Why not fix it too?
  9. Thats what I am talking about) Admins should hear us and say some words about this. Cause this event like only for farming RB`s for TOP-sides and should be fair for single players. Half of server even dont know what happenes every Tuesday
  10. They already dropping there, but a chance of getting it so low that I propose to make it higher. Why not?
  11. I like to farm PVP event, and maybe other people will do it more often, cause it will give some fun and rewards like it suppose to. Thats why I created this theme.
  12. Exactly, why not? Since all pieces of low A grade drops in spots, so why not increase the chance of falling pieces so that there will be more chances to get the same Majestic pieces or NM
  13. I have a suggestion about this event. Why not double the chance of dropping armor pieces in these chronicles?
  14. No thats the problem. On RB CC can hit and get EXP, but on simple exping no EXP at all