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  1. Guys who knows what cloaks are tradeble in a game? I know only Lovebird cloak
  2. reactteam

    Winter attack 2.0

    Hello guys and Happy New Year to everyone. I would like to ask you to make 1 hit to destroy the snowman, not 4. Because the event takes a lot of time. First, you need to get the pieces, and then beat the snowmen for 40 minutes to get 10 packages, well, you must agree that this is a lot, it becomes boring at all not fun timespend. Other events you was able just to trade at NPC event items and thats it
  3. Guys text here who got reward for making this job?
  4. So as I understood I need to w8 when you will check my work ok. I'm just worried that I passed the project and did not receive payment, thanks for response
  5. Guys has anybody received awards for making this job already? Cause nobody answers me from Sunday, just interesting how long will they check our work
  6. Sorry but how long you will check our work? I sent 31 pack at sunday and no one answers me on email or here
  7. Pack 31 = completed, sent results via email
  8. sorry but I couldnt find it yesterday, maybe I did something wrong. I searched exactly by name on site l2wiki in search and couldn't find
  9. Such quests like Loser Priest n\a just for information to admins. People who took that pack of quests cant do it
  10. I think it was very short time event( I would like to vote to extend period of event till monday
  11. Hello everyone, this letter is an appeal to the administration of the game. Guys here I sit and think, why don't you make the top awards in events transferable. After all, what's the problem with transferring hats or agathions between players. So, let's say in the last event I knocked out 10 different hats and they are all in the warehouse without purpose, otherwise I could sell them and the event would become more profitable for any player. Plus, after a while, you made the cloaks transferable, why not do the same with hats and other accessories that do not affect the game process?
  12. TOI 1 floor Ghost of the Tower Ghastly Warrior its the only zone where I tested, maybe more EXP mobs don`t drop
  13. Sorry but where should I check numbers you gave and mobs, in Database or I something don`t understand? I will check
  14. Event items dont drop from EXP mobs, will you fix it?