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  1. - Added new newbie item pack. First char on every account will receive a pack with the following items: Tell me, will this apply to those characters that have already been created and are waiting for their time to lvl them up, but so far the 1st level and the only ones on the account? Or are we talking about those characters that will be created after the update?
  2. 1)Guys what do you think about Buffstore? So all supports can earn adena too from the start and it will be usefull for all new players 2) Can we buy 2nd prof for COLs from Nostalgia when live version DION x3 will be ?
  3. Guys what do you think about Buffstore? So all supports can earn adena too from the start. Plus I want to suggest to make Giran Harbour or MDT as a global trading zone, I didnt see anything info about trading zone( except admins said trading zone will be all general villages + towns)
  4. Hello everyone, I have a desire to play from scratch on the classics and then I started thinking. And why not to open a second parallel la2classic server from scratch without a vibe on This server? 6-7 years have passed and the new generation would love to play for the first time, and the old players who want to would also join. Plus, the administration has already passed all those stages of fixes, that is, by opening the server again in parallel with the existing server, a new beginning would be cooler this time. Plus, I think it would be cool for you to get a bunch of people on your project again. So Asian people can play on old server and Europe can now freely play like it was at the beginning of this server. What do you say? Is it a good idea? I think better make voting for this like we are already voted for changing time server
  5. Yeah great idea and make it like reward in a boxes for 1 day and cant have more than 1 of each type. 1000-2000 monsters for 1 epic from list to choose ( so if you have some you can choose another or make like 4 epics reward in 1 box for 5000 kills ) and just keep them for oly day( and make them non tradeble of course). Players will have only 1 day and players who had already epics have all days to use them thats the advantage of not offending anyone. So server will farm = extend online time and attract to play full CPs to have better results, so like daily quest for 1000 or 5000 weekly from sunday till next Friday Oly you can farm 2-3 different epics but you need to play for long to make it. And about lvl maybe to have more fun make it from 55 or 65 cause from that lvl starts oly, so newbies can have fun with all the rest of server. And epics will have lower prices with this changes to finally in a long term you can buy it, cause now to buy AQ 3 lvl for 10kkk its a rofl meme timespending in a game for farming this amount, nobody wants to spend all the rest of their life to buy just 1 AQ 4 lvl
  6. If this changes will be in a game, just remind my words this server will come to life as it was not before and we all want it
  7. Hello players and administration. I decided to create a topic to discuss with everyone the issue of epics and alternative ways to get them. The server is not very interesting to play for beginners even after they reach level 80 and get equip+16 and +8 . It's all about epics, olympiad and pvp. Many cannot fight with anyone because of the lack of epics, therefore it is not interesting to play, therefore many do not see the final goal due to obstacles on this server in the form of top clans of the Asian region. That is, it is impossible to get epics without playing in this alliance. Let's solve this problem with shadow items, shall we? Why not introduce the purchase of a temporary epic, for example, for the Olympiad tokens, which can be mined at the Olympiad by everyone (thereby we will increase the flow of people to the Olympiad of different levels, classes and equipment or receive as a reward for 1-7 days for some quests 100% or with a chance to make more interest, like daily quest for improvement scrolls.I understand that we play on the classics, but if the question is to keep players interested in the game and lure new ones, then make same like on High Five chronicles, there is jewelry that is bought for Olympiad tokens or can randomly caught from quest boxes. Yes and maybe let it give less characteristics it will be honest, but at least somehow it will equalize the chances for some kind of game and struggling. What say the server and the administration, does this idea have a chance to be implemented?
  8. Player to Players in party level - Please anounce what difference must be? Player to monster level - As I understood its a difference between farming lower levels and you not to abuse but if I farm 6+ lvls higher then me why it doesnt count? just tested on my 64 tyrant in Blazing Swamp from bats and doom knights it counts and from orcs no, why?
  9. lvl 76+ - 300x coins of knowledge, 20x Sealed Rune, 5x Improved Enchant Supply Box Sorry I don't want to be greedy, but maybe for those who are 76+ better to make better reward, since there you need to kill 500+ monsters, at least give more runes if the balance is upset with the boxes?
  10. Guys who knows what cloaks are tradeble in a game? I know only Lovebird cloak
  11. reactteam

    Winter attack 2.0

    Hello guys and Happy New Year to everyone. I would like to ask you to make 1 hit to destroy the snowman, not 4. Because the event takes a lot of time. First, you need to get the pieces, and then beat the snowmen for 40 minutes to get 10 packages, well, you must agree that this is a lot, it becomes boring at all not fun timespend. Other events you was able just to trade at NPC event items and thats it
  12. Guys text here who got reward for making this job?
  13. So as I understood I need to w8 when you will check my work ok. I'm just worried that I passed the project and did not receive payment, thanks for response
  14. Guys has anybody received awards for making this job already? Cause nobody answers me from Sunday, just interesting how long will they check our work