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  1. Splashit

    17.05 Sieges

    next ally on taking aden --> singularity
  2. Splashit

    RS v WK in zaken

    ty bro ! atleast someone in WK has brain !!!!!
  3. Splashit

    RS v WK in zaken

    dont need such things since china has no hands also , just zerg :d dont forget to go today on frontline as sorcerer
  4. Splashit

    RS v WK in zaken

    been in fw for over 5 months , seems like china has the washed brains instead of me :) says the guy who go frontline with a trash sorcerer :d
  5. Splashit

    RS v WK in zaken

    thanks to all RS side who played very well this pvp , very well deserved !! GJ TO ALL
  6. we cant show it cuz we dont have enought mana to kill all your cc bro :d btw i remember ur cp trying to def zaken and getting rekt by FW also say what u want i wont answer anymore wont waste my time
  7. whats the matter if a random or a known guy say something if u just gonna be hypocrite for example 1st time we made 18v18 china had ppl ressing with lv1 chars and we didnt care , still rekted them easily .. then u cry bcs koreans give u trade on pvp :d while ur side do the same
  8. keep up the propaganda , keep recruiting cp's all u need is zerg cuz u lack of skills :d
  9. its propaganda however u wanna describe it
  10. dunno who might be lying , them or you .. on every post u say something about CH , thats too much suspicious
  11. by banning br's and chinese u gonna destroy the fun we are having on the srv :/
  12. well its normal , when u have double numbers and we were killing you but more and more of you guys keep coming we cant sustain such mana waste .. but yes GF it was very nice siege
  13. @SemenArsonist order some sopa de macaco to new best friends