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  1. godleck

    WTS Dual SLS +10

    up 600kk for duals!
  2. godleck

    WTS Dual SLS +10

    Hi! WTS Dual SLS +10 Good Price! Send me a message with your offer
  3. Love is ... pk to the first pj that you see and nobody of the ally knows who is.
  4. godleck

    WTS SLS*SLS +10

    Estrategias de comercio
  5. godleck

    WTS SLS*SLS +10

    WTS sls*sls +10 / WTT sls*sls +10 and Adena for sls+sls ++++
  6. godleck

    WTB Othell lvl9

    Hi! WTB Othell lvl 9. Send offer to Godleck
  7. I will trade tablets for epics. Send to godleck offers. Ty!
  8. Send offer to "godleck
  9. godleck

    BD set up

    Hi, im am playing BD in a summoner cp. This is my first time playing L2 and I have some doubts to how play BD. -Dyes. (I use full con) -Skills to use in pvp ( I need help) -Armor ( i use doom) Depends the cp the set up changes and I am lost.
  10. Hi, What Dyes use BD in PVP? Actually I use full CON. Ty for all <3
  11. i can do better the video but i need more time .
  12. Hi this is my video for the contest!!