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Found 26 results

  1. Hi everybody, i am looking for active clan. I am new here and almost every day active. pm or mail to "SwordsWarrior, ty
  2. Hello, we are 2 new players playing BD and Paladin since a week. We just finished our 2nd class quest. We are looking for some people to play with, mainly after 17:30 GMT +1. We are eager to join in RBs and won't require help with gear or anything else. We are both very experienced with IL but may ask stupid l2 classic questions occasionally.
  3. wil

    LF CP

    Hi guys! I'm about to start here and haven't decided on my main class yet. It's gonna be a support though (healer/rech/buffer/disco/tank - whichever but a DD). I'm an experienced player, 12+ years of addiction to l2, ~4 years of playing classic (bp, ol, sws, pala), I know the reality of playing in a CP, preferring military-like organization with strong and target-oriented leadership. I know English and some very veeery basic Russian (I understand commands but I will not discuss what quantum mechanics has to do with Plato's idealism). Discord, TS - I'm fine with both, vc only (I will type essays only when I'm drunk - forget deciphering). And btw, I do drink and play and you stayin' alive. English or Russian are the only languages I dare to hear on vc, you may speak like a shit but as long as it resembles the ones mentioned Ima fine. My prime is a bit fcked up (UTC +10) and my RL is more important than your AQ or hero status - BUT! as I said, I know what playing in a CP means, so we can discuss and agree on the CP prime and vip events oo CP prime that I will attend 100%. I'm not that nerd student anymore, I have a job and a family, so don't expect me to fit into farmers' squads. I'm looking for a well organized but still a chill. I never go afk without your consent, you can count on me regardless of whether we do a boring farm spoiling some crap or throwing ourselves into bat shit crazy pvps - I'm a good support, playing actively. So, summarizing my first and last essay: Support lf a CP. As long as it's gonna end up in switching to my character when I catch up (in which I expect some reasonable help) I'm fine driving your char in the CP prime.
  4. New player (started a week ago) is looking for some group / cp or clan to find some people to play with. Currently playing BD but I can also play WC, Bishop, Tank or Warlord (if there is such a need). Im goingto buy Premium Acc after I find a group. I dont like RBs too much - prefer to farm farm farm farm farm Char: Bladedancer LVL: 59 and growing Gear: BW hvy set + dual SLS Acitve: 7-15 // 21+ CET (depending on my son's crying time ^^ ) Experience: 4 years on Classic EU skelth, decent knowledge about a game, no drama queen too much but I dont like stupidity and I respect other people time. Contact: discord WannaDance #9453
  5. Hi all, Im an l2 old timer, seen all, done all, except for classic. So here I am making a BD to play as main. LFclan, not hardcore, fun and lighthearted people to have fun with. English. Europe. Reply here or pm: Kazou Have a great one!
  6. Blade dancer is a hibrid class of lineage, have long and short range, phisical and magical skill, buffs and debuffs, but, many teams prefer to substitute the blade dancer for other damage, as the sws and tank make a bait and the BD only dances and makes no significant difference. This skill is a difference we need. Area damage and debuff. is not a good power skill, and has a long CD, but this is the key for BD compound wich CP's to AoE. Properties Demonic Blade Dance Attacks nearby enemies with 825 Power added to P. Atk. and decreases P. Atk./ M. Atk. by 10% for 10 seconds. Over-hit. Critical. Class Name Bladedancer Type debuff Attribute - Recast Time 15 seconds Hit Time 1.5 seconds Cast Range 0 Classes with same skill Bladedancer SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH U.U
  7. Olá pessoal! Tudo bem? Estou muito interessado em iniciar no servidor por ser um projeto de longa duração. Como está o servidor? Muitos players ativos? Vale a pena começar agora? Qual a melhor classe para começar(além de ter um spoil e pp)? Um BD, SWS, WL, WC ou OL? queria também jogar com um pessoal BR, posso sempre das 21 às 03:00 de seg a quinta e nos finais de semana. abraço!
  8. I remember waaay back, in C3 or C4, that most people used Blade Dancers and Sword Singers mainly as buffers. They used to dual box, grab the buffs and level up with their main chars. Basically, no one used to play as a main BD. Tho I wanted to play L2 again, but not as the same classes I used to (Dark Avenger, Paladin, etc). Are Blade Dancers viable to play as a main class? I remember I logged into a friends accont on another server, again, waaay back there, and I got totally beaten up by the mobs and on PVP as well. BD's were so lacking in power comparing to other "main" classes that were not focused on buffs. They were mainly only useful for buffs in a party. So, what do you guys think? Thank you very much in advance
  9. Hello. I just started a new character. Currently, I am level 17. Will become a Blade Dancer. Any English speaking clan recruiting? Please send me a message, Nickname is Vossler, or e-mail me at Leveling up alone is boring Best regards
  10. Hey guys, I've been spoiling my ass of for a couple of weeks now and decided i have the balls to level a new character. Since I felt like as a spoiler i was not "needed" enough in parties i decided to make a buffer/support/enhancer. Asking on discord, the one person that replied said to roll a PP. Then I checked the forums and everyone was saying they already have PP's as Boxes. I'm looking to main a support which will be needed ENOUGH (not a MUST HAVE, not a DEFINITE PASS) across all levels. For PP people said after 40 their use drops significantly + most of them are boxed anyways. So I came to ask what should I roll? I'm open to all suggestions, the only things to keep in mind is this - I'm not a premium user, so no dualbox for me. Also if you will have time give me a super-small "guide" of how to go about leveling and gearing given support (besides RB-s obviously). Thanks in advance.
  11. godleck

    BD set up

    Hi, im am playing BD in a summoner cp. This is my first time playing L2 and I have some doubts to how play BD. -Dyes. (I use full con) -Skills to use in pvp ( I need help) -Armor ( i use doom) Depends the cp the set up changes and I am lost.
  12. US eastern time gmt -5 bd lf active clan/cp.
  13. Hello guys, We are two new players on L2 classic club and we are looking for a clan to have some fun and help to lvl up. We are just starting and currently lvl 22 and 24 and would like to have some people to play with ! Don't hesitate to recruit us, you won't regret your choice ! FloFlo
  14. Iam new to server and decided to roll support class because only one box allowed w/o paying.. So Ill roll a support. I decided to go to BD because solo to 40lv is much easier than bishop. I hope there is need for active BD in some party / clan that is willing to take me in. So if you want to pick this old veteran to your clan / party just pm SlutMcHoe and lets have a fun! And ofcourse iam willing to party/rb/anything w/o strings attached. Some infos about me: iam l2 oldschool veteran and I just love classic 3x rates are not to high and not too low for now. I started today from scratch and since maintenance started I got few moments time to post this message. Iam on lvl 26 Palus knight currently. Current gear is SoR +0 and moon set. Prolly few days more and iam 40lv. I gotta say that I really love this classic lineage2!!! This game feels like Iam back at home... L2 is easily best MMORPG out there, everybody who claims otherwise is casual or carebear, prolly both. mention: 1.5m from hero named sjeks (thank you very much!) and with that money I bought SoR from player shop at giran for 1.2m. Iam still doing just fine with my gear, but Id love to have brigandine top+bottom (or maybe even full set) so all donates are welcome. See ya guys in-game! SluttyMcHoe edit: Iam already lvl 35. Its really quick level here.
  15. Hi, What Dyes use BD in PVP? Actually I use full CON. Ty for all <3
  16. Hello, archer cp looking for bd and sws. If u are intersted we have characters to drive. Prime time: 18 00 - 22/23 gmt+1 pm ingame "axelfoley or here.
  17. Hi, eu archer cp looking for active bd, sws 65+ prime time: 18:00 gmt+1 - 22/23 00 gmt+1 we have characters to drive if u are interested. Feel free to pm me here or ingame Axelfoley
  18. bot

    Archer cp lf BD

    Hello again, our old bd went to hospital and never come. I hope he is ok, but we will need replace for him. So int archer party is looking for bd. We are around 70 lvls, so 65+ should be perfect. If someone is intersted please let me know here in ingame "axelfoley We have character to drive if someone wanna play and dont have character. Clan: ooc, ally: bp
  19. Hello, eu archer cp looking for BD, SWS, EE 60+ We have character to drive, if someone is interested. Prime time: 18:00 - 23:00 feel free to pm me here or ingame axelfoley.
  20. RU CP Manifest LF BD 62+ имеется свой 60+ если у кого то есть желание поможем выкачать TS3 Jungle
  21. Phoenix Clan Recruting active players 60+ Clan lv 5 with CH Ally:NONE Main Languages: Italian, English PRIMETIME: schedule starts at 5pm GMT+1.Mostly active from 19.00-00.00 GMT+1 Preferred classes: BD, SWS, FIGHTER DD For any info please contact: Venu, Ladymacbeth, Guidanz, z3llg4dis, p3rl4, bi0z
  22. В луко пак нид БД,СВС,БП,ВАРК,ЕЕ,ТАНК 60+ по всем вопросам пм в игре xxxNATAxxx
  23. Prime:Mon-Friday 9pm-24pm gmt+2Language:English/RussianWe are currently looking for SWS/BD level 62+. PM "Cleef or MATRAC."
  24. Clan TimeForDrama Recruit To fill CP's , active : EE BD WC Tank more details in game pm : V1rus / wonderkid / ImBaFTW
  25. Hello Guys! I want to speak about BladeDancer in PvP. I and my friends tried our main and few other class in test server (in pvp), so I played BD with different option of tattoes. We fought only with selfbuffs so I like BD have a advantage cause I have dance's. And PvP with BD is bad, I know that BladeDancer isn't great PvP class but at least I think that he should have some chance against other characters if they fight only with they selfbuffs. BladeDancer in my opinion isn't only support like EE/SE he is still subtank and he have Dual Swords and he still have hex. I fought against SwordSinger - PvP against SWS it depends how he use mana, if he use mana right so I dont have chance to beat him because he is too tanks. SpellSinger - I win only 1 round against SPS nothing to say...Barely I get close to him so I'm already dead. Hawkeye - Against archers I have pretty good chance, in PvP against Hawkeye I won every round but I survive only with few HP. Gladiator - No chance to beat him, but thats understandable. In my opinion he should get buff in P/M def maybe little bit more P.atk, once again I know that BD isn't PvP class but SWS is most similiar to BD (both of them are fighting support) and he have more bigger chance in PvP, he have chance against all mage's (expect Necro maybe?) and bigger chance to beat archer. BD have just some chance against Archers. I think if you boost BD it wont be something bad because he never will be best PvP class, he will have only better chance in pvp and if you boost this class maybe people start play him more often, and all want active BD players :D.