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  1. Since we are waiting for big balance patch, I'd like to discuss about chain strike for tanks. This skill is a powerfull tool, that can be used both aggressively by pulling enemy into your mates or defensively by saving friend who got caught out of position. The thing is that in both cases skill can be resisted, which is logical, cause it's kinda debuff and im not frustrated if enemy resisting it. But when i try to save my bishop or overlord, it feels awkward, like i fail defensive ability So, how do u guys think, should chain strike to have 100% land rate when it used on your party/cc member?
  2. So, u can now start match with zealot on
  3. Zaken island is ok now btw. You have solo loc and party loc, which u can farm solo with couple boxes tho.
  4. It should be killable with 1 party, not cc, it's still not RB (which can be farmed by 1 player too, but it's another question). I bet 90% of the time tyrannosaurus killed by same people that farming high-end content. Now t-rex can be killed with 1-2 ppl easily. We did it with bd + stigma + tyrant. Just aggro and run in circles while tyr hits, root, dance and do it over again.
  5. IMO, it would be cool if u can give it some nice crowd control and aoe damage abilities, make it immune to debuff and give it some stats. Maybe even add message and screen shaking effect to everyone on FI, like when baium awakens, so everyone on island will know that t-rex spawned and will move to pvp for it. Players like to fight bosses, you can add some monster hunter vibe to FI with this kind of changes. Of course, some reward adjustment will be needed aswell, cause now t-rex drop/spoil/exp is kinda meh Also, maybe we need some changes to spoil for mobs on FI in general? There is no reason to spoil anything besides helmets and robe recipes.
  6. Had same problem, defragmented my secondary HDD disk and now it works fine. Game and windows are both installed on SSD btw, but defrag of HDD helped, which I find kinda weird.
  7. Hi, guys. Anyone else experiencing stuttering in l2 after last update (17.08.2020)? I got like 3-5 second freezes once in a while on my main PC and can't get rid of it for like a week already. On other 2 PCs there is no such problem. I'm using Windows 10, SSD, i7 4790@3.9 on all cores (on haswell u can lock turboboost with some motherboards ), gtx1070, 16 gb or ddr3 ram@1600 mhz. Game and windows are on the same SSD disk. Before update everything was good, any other games run smooth. Temperatures of all hardware are OK. I tried to change CacheMegSize in l2.ini, tried to disable 2 cores, to update videocard drivers, to use low detail mode in l2 (alt+p) but nothing helped. Any ideas? Or maybe someone else experienced same problems?
  8. O_o Рекомендую, пацаны!
  9. Switch 1st class buff scrolls to fruits and QHP to mana potions from daily rewards. OR to olympiad mana/hp pots. It's usefull, don't make you sad when u got it from event and not tradable. Also, this consumables can be used in exping for low lvl players or in pvp for high level ones.
  10. Level up ES 79 @ Reroll to SWS 79 Sounds legit.
  11. Снова АП! Очень нужны СВСы! (А кому они не нужны, да?)
  12. АП! @college, пиши на почту в игре или тут на форуме.