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  1. Are the new skillbooks obtainable from 3rd class oly chest?
  2. Poak

    Fake Sjeks

    Did someone from HdM hurt your feelings? You seem to expend a lot of time thinking about us considering we're not relevant for you.
  3. Poak


    I wonder if people complained back then about not being able to solo Ancient Battleground. Because I think it's easier to fuck it up there than in DI with a decent party.
  4. I'm also missing those eggs so I guess everyone is missing them. I want to add that all my 70% EXP/SP scrolls from live server became 40% EXP/SP scrolls on OBT. And Snowflake went from 20% EXP/SP to 3% EXP/12% SP. The 70%->40% scroll seems to be only a description thing, when you kill mobs you actually get 70% bonus. (I'd like to know which one is the one that will be on live). The Snowflake change seems to not be description only.