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  1. MusulmoN

    RS v WK in zaken

    i better watch Andrius old movie when pvp took 5min+
  2. But your side do exatcly same thing when fighting againts our side. So what's the different?
  3. why you hiding inventory,if we can see whats in there,atleast ask rizo how to hide
  4. Sveikas,yra dar keli lietuviai losiantis,tik issibarste po visur
  5. When i started playing c4 later (c6) it was funny times. It was 2006-2010 year something like this. Later appeared Hellbound,all Gracia update,H5 and GOD. I remember back in days Epilogue and H5 servers was very popular. I remember on Interlude olympiad there was a challange to have bless body and mental shield in time for dd's ? ? Akamanah and Zariche,all was imagine how cool it will be if i have one of them That war beetween alliances who will win Seven Sing Dusk or Dawn and last minute contribution was always epic. Also there was very hard servers,where you have to run and make second proffesions w/o teleports (lack of adena) Clan Hall bids was also popular before it Sub-class / Nobless quest / Red pipete(Baium) quest all these was pain in the ass. Also there was annoying to lvl up 3 sub-classes to get 3 extra skills on main All this big fights Baium / Antharas / Valakas have good memories Vitality system was interesting part of game (cakes,bunch of different items bonus and etc.) was fun. Also who remember,when you need to wait Baium for 8 hours,offcoirse always was at night as it should be(wait all night) w/o sleep and in the morning before spawn ends,you go afk for 3 min,and when you come back you realise everyone are inside and you noooot,and miss a chance to get Baium blood.
  6. WTB Cloth Piece Iss 13 rune Pm here/discord or in game nick Soultaker/tekmar
  7. should i put bsoe movie again?
  8. Can you imagine how much i invested to all this fuc...n chars from PR>Necro>Tyrant>summoner>Mage again. And all decision was not mine.It's very annoying to switch chars every update,but what cp need most im open with no excuse.Same to you,it's a part of a game
  9. I like this radio Kappa. Nice music playing on this radio. @Fortuna can i go back play on my soultaker if they fix Kiss of Eva on necros? ?
  10. yep,one time when we farmed zaken,below 30% he was teleporting outside around 4 or 5 times every 10~ mins it's nonsence
  11. I dont think they gonna fix 'soon' after this major update. Just remember how long it took to fix it before zaken patch goes live.
  12. views,likes and spam every day about pvp shows different things,than you saying.So better shut up or delete this stupid forum name(acc)
  13. I remember 1 zaken maybe 1 month ago,it was around 1.5%hp left and teleported outside,but Brazils can't finish him.Imagine lose fight,but at the end wait and take drop