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  1. MusulmoN

    10 vs favela - no valor

    Break and Disband is 2 different words
  2. MusulmoN

    10 vs favela - no valor

    True.No one cares about Top GC pve cp
  3. MusulmoN

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

    Please... i just came back home from work
  4. MusulmoN

    Baium PvP

    sometimes happen when you have fat fingers 😖 yeah now i saw few times was DS, but i click cuz it was lagg time on that moment and i though i would get Disconect
  5. MusulmoN

    Baium PvP

    Who is clicking with mouse ? Well there was all 4 fights at Baium. I'm not including 10 min hide and seek in Baium room,nobody likes to watch this running maraton.Just show real action without any trolls.
  6. MusulmoN

    We share DI you share SV ok?

    pay 150e everyday to me and i will be your GC pvp slave 'baby'
  7. MusulmoN

    Baium PvP

    In this video you will see : - Huge laags (thanks to Norway internet) - Terrible gameplay - Not prepared my character at all - Me late 1hour for Baium just after work rush in (no eat and shower after 12h of work) - Good music
  8. MusulmoN

    We share DI you share SV ok?

    Till not accept war, not good content video from you.
  9. MusulmoN

    You spin me bsoe

    You was lucky to hit last hit
  10. MusulmoN

    You spin me bsoe

    yes it's from yesterday,without buffs and i was on bd that time anyway
  11. MusulmoN

    You spin me bsoe

  12. MusulmoN


    Dont rush so much,becouse after reach 80 lvl according to Modoy what else you will do here.
  13. MusulmoN

    Couldn't sleep so i made this

    Well our side always help enemies by hiting our members,cuz otherwise it will be no fun pvp at all
  14. MusulmoN

    DC Robe Parts

    WTB Dark Crystal Robe set parts+6 ( Sealed ! ) Pm here in forum,Discord Nick: MusulmoN or in game send mail Nick: Soultaker
  15. MusulmoN

    Patch Impressions after 10 days

    who was talking about less dmg? even if you increase your dmg stats, it will not help you,but look at bright side you can be a new server Kim Kardashian