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  1. you think you only like that? IDK who was on imusulmon 3AM but he died 2 times
  2. You should call this YOU SPIN MY BSOE vol.2
  3. there is a topic created how to get this extra bar,just try to search
  4. MusulmoN

    WTB Items

    wtb bw l set+8 wtb valhala+13/14 wtb divine insp book (4lvl) pm here or in discord ' MusulmoN' or in game ' iMusulmoN '
  5. nice video @Rizos but i cant watch when devak get's 10-20k dmg from you,i wanna cryt at this moment
  6. MusulmoN

    Game time

    becouse in it iss lvl13 and i dont want to put on valhala+0 this iss again,when i have 1h++ then i put iss back
  7. MusulmoN

    Game time

    well i dont know about others,but i always look responsible to mp potions.You can see clearlly that i use 1-2 sometimes 3 in a row and thats it if necessary.not spaming 10+ in 1 sec.Thats why i still have 200+ pot in wh,another thing if i going to pvp i like to be preprared full if i can,like pots.nobles,fruits,talismans and etc.Always respect opponents cuz you never know if you loose or not.Winners are not judge. GF and i hope see you again soon