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  1. FractalVision

    PK count reduction bug

    No, I wasn't, ill try tomorrow use them in floran Ty
  2. FractalVision

    PK count reduction bug

    Correct, scrolls purchased from floran
  3. FractalVision

    PK count reduction bug

    Hello, Yesterday I decided to reduce my pk count using PK scrolls,been 52 level at that time I decided to fall back to 51 and use the C grade ones since they cost less adena (skills from 52 learned). After that I couldnt use C grade nor B grade ones.After,I decided to lvl up to 52 and use B grade ones,again failed 0 karma atm Made a ticket already,just reporting the bug here as well Cheers.
  4. FractalVision

    Saga of the Eva's Saint Report Bug

    *pegasus sounds*
  5. FractalVision

    Saga of the Eva's Saint Report Bug

    There is already a ticket submitted by the owner for that issue since last night.
  6. Evening, While questing into Elven Elder's Quest I got stuck at the end. The drill,click the tablet,kill the Quest monster,report back to NPC,finish it At first attemp that thing happend After that I cant progress on the next step after killing the quest monster been unable to have Elkia's request fullfilled,looping around for hour + now Thats the part of quest Im trying to push throught
  7. FractalVision

    Is PP worth playing as main ?

    Its always lovely to have people who can Live support...countless times was searching for healers for LoA or TOI but those are some rare souls playing those classes Do what you like or it wont last My EE saved our asses countless times.she is devoted on her role playing it perfect.Hard time leveling together but it pays off,you come to socialise more So if you are up for some challenge go for it.
  8. FractalVision

    [Game] You know you played too much when:

    Reminds me that old post about L2 madness People drinking powerade to replenish their mana Having flashlights under their t-shirt to be heroes Killing mosquitos for that stakato FAT xp *lol*