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  1. im from Quebec/canada , i already have a clan but if u need help or some infos on the server it will be a pleasure to help my ingame name is same as here i play around 19pm to 22pm NA eastern time
  2. there was 1 NA clan but the guy was so bad at leading that even the NA prefered to join EU clans. for now at NA timezone if you dont speak portuguese its gonna be hard to find an active clan. there is some cp like mine that play NA prime and mostly speak english..but if u want to have some actions at end game at NA prime u have no other option then join a BR/portuguese clan
  3. Kresnik

    WTS TOP EXP 44+

    top quality. tought it would take 2-3 hours to go from 44 to 52+ on 3 toons he did it in less than 45mins(would be 30 if he didnt have to fight for boss) 5 stars