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  1. No man plz ... i'm here at least from 4 weeks . Now plz since you seem to be there from 4y an surely know devs put in a good word for me and let them spawn me a baium with 1 hp just out of gludio where none can see him. Btw the coherence statment wasn't about you ( you are actually one of the few that reply always in the same way ) ... but about other ppl that want just the things they like fixed as offi then they go in full champaign mode with: "this is no offi this server follow its way" as soon as something isn't in their taste
  2. I see too much time the sentences: "wont even be on this server" or " this is not offi" repeated by the same ppl that cry over KOE, class not having acces to said offi skill and debuff skills not begain fixed as offi .... The coherence
  3. missed the point where this post wasn't no more about future updateds ( and in particular 3.0 ) and not about devs shot coming plan. BTW my babbling started when you replied this and after this like you can see on my first quote. Those listed in my post above are by any means normal stuff to accompanies the game content advancing. BTW i'm quite bored of babbling, i'm also quite confident you have your plan for future. GL
  4. The fact i said more than once and that ppl seems always to not address directly is that i'm not talking of RBJ ( i don't care of RBJ honestly ) RBJ are are like the tip of the iceberges of what is yet to come they just asked me how i would deal with them and i replied, than the conversation shifted in that direction. I'm talking about: Fire Spirit Evolution Stone Forgotten Manuscripts Crystal of Light Crystal of Shadows Radiant Spirit's Varnish Book of Light Book of Darkness Spellbook: White Guardian Elemental's Nackless ( wich actually provvide elemental exp boost an no bonus till isn't OE ) ..... Should i go on? These are just Ignis drops that are supposted to be istanced and accessible to all players and that are needed to access specific endgame feature like 80+ skills ( AB, Flash, Jump, DIsarm, Spell break etc.... ) Now for a second forget about RBJ and let'g go back to my original post, how do you plan to deal with the fact that those things are supposted to be accessible an farmable by all players in a fairy way if don't plan to implement instance? Can't you guys really don't get the massive gap it will create if one side can freely collect all that stuff and the rest of the server can't?
  5. Lets meet Timmy, Jimmy, Tom Timmy is in a top clan an play on alts almost every day, Jimmy is in a new with friendly ppl that he likes and don't want to leave Tom lives in a differnt world . Timmy after 5 years of being a example of a good clan member and clan mate, has now a QA ring lvl 2 and just got him self that baium he was rly looking for. Jimmy play from 5 years every day but couldn't do much cause he doesn't want to leave his friends and his clan, so they try to get in ally with a top sides that sadly mock them and propose very unfavorable conditions. So after 5 year of saving up giving up on other stuff he finally managed to save up enougth money to buy his Baium ring Tom play from 2-3 days each week he doesn't even like the game but he has lots of money and buyed a full RBJ set . Talking about being fair or not to have this type of things in the game... ask Timmy and Jimmy how fair they thinks it is? And let's not talk about Jerry the poor guy that play from 1 year that see Timmy and Jimmy having fun while he has to grind 24/7 in orde to not get shotted and have a bit of fun too XD The server is yours and yours are the decision .... i'm not tring to impone my willing on you so don't try to do the same on me ^^. You have your ideas and i have mine,simple as that. Eventually if i will open my server i will do as i want, mine are just legit concern on a server i'm playing since those things will kill any fun i can have here, and moment i won't have any fun playing this game i will just leave in peace and this server will go on like nothing has happened.
  6. I respect your way of thinking but i don't share it. Ppl should have the mean to farm and grind their way to the top and the only ways shouldn't be " RTM or create a clan and be dominated by a bigger side standing to all their conditions" ( wich mean: "we take all the good drops and you get what we don't need" cause this is the real situation ) I'm not talking to RBJ specifically wich have always been this way in L2 but also all that other stuffs that will eventually be implemented along the way and are farmed as instace in offi just cause it's given a fair chance at any1 to grind for them ( even NCS, that it's well knowed for their p2w policy, realized that if you place a "power wall" on 90% of the endgame content the playerbase will get bored and will leave the game ) The simplest way? Instead of droppin the full RBJ the actual low field tier raids can drop the damaged one at fair decent chance ( 15-30%) the varnish ( all tipes ) are dropped in all 70+ zone at very low chance 0.005%-0.01% for the common ( remember that for a damaged to become a complete RBJ it has to be bringed to +10 ) The individual value of the damaged earrings will be so low considering the effort to make them whole that they could be get from the market even with top sides farming for them.
  7. There are actually stuff that will get into the game an can be farmed by normal means that need such long amount of grind or efforts to be physically inaccessible to any player wich don't open the wallet and get into rmt ( even on this server with CoL ). Just think about Baium Talisman, Zaken and Baium jewels etcc .... and then push the it to the limit adding extra levels for them, more of them ( with much broken boost ), skill books and ability that can only be learned from ppl that got access to those raids, etc... This totally fall into the P2W side of the game, and while it can virtually be accessed by evey1 actually we have to be real and realize that only 1-2 sides on this server will farm them and none will be able to contest it. Even the coming of Anthy will create a huge gap on this server in a couple of months, since smaller faction have no way to farm efficiently for A tier ( mid and low ) while anthy will drop loads of Top A stuff. It won't take long before a single faction will get such huge advance over the rest of the server that will be even pointless to try to catch up. On offi instanced raid give the mean with grind and patience to fill the gap and get those things in other ways with more effort and grind. Since there won't be instance here ( and i'm totally fine with that, like i stated before ) do you plan on adding a second way for that? Like monster on DI, AL, ToI and new zones that drops at low chance Varnish, Damaged RBJ and stuff like that and not just that jokes of raids with 0.05% chance at RBJ that go uncontested for how lame it's the chance of dropping them?
  8. I was pretty confident game was balanced around ppl wallet offi whise.
  9. IMO: - A huge NO for instanced Epics expecially if fixed like offi. I see no reason for them to exist and they will instantly become the dual box paradise - Elemental lands are also a no go imo. Creating the 4 elementhal zone will spread the moderate community and will kill all the PVP action in a server like this with a limited population. It would be whise to make only 1 land accessible at once from a special gk that rotate every 24 hours. The elemental system also has to be stripped of the EXP side and limited to the "utility and stat side" - Elemental lords are cool and can be implemented as they are ( instance ), since they provvide nice accessible an sostitute for the Epics and also you can't cut 90% of the server out of the bonus elemental exp, drops and the skill books, Since they are a clan or ally effort and they drop like a common raid i see no difference from the actual server status. - What concern me the most are the drops, wich shouldn't absolutely be fixed as offi ..... having to count the SS i use over 1h exp cause i can't drop enought money to buy them again will be too much to bear
  10. Again .... the problem it's with L2 being broken at it's core. None should have a 7 sec fear or a 9 sec stun over a skill that has 3-5 sec CD and as excuse they come up with: "but landrate isn't 100% and you can shop for raid jewels!!!" If you wanna fix and balance the game then the whole CC system need to be reworked cause pretty much any class that got access to an hard CC atm can kill you while you aren't even able to move.
  11. If it was for me my priority was to look into all the CCs duration. You shound't be able to Fearlock or Stunlock a champion no matter the circumstance. I would instaltly fix the landrate of any CC to a base of 100% but i would also bring down the duration of them to 1/10 of the actual one. Then from there i would start with a series of regual update ( in a short time window ) to balance out any class.
  12. Like i said that where buffs i would make if it was me, but i doubt any GM will ever take into consideration those totally out of context and resource skill. In a full CP all of those buffs will have considerable power both on PVE and PVP also all those buffs should last 2 min, so are more like D/S than actual buffs. Said so it's not like they will get implemented it was just me giving my 2 cents on what i would like to see to bring them out of the barerly viable zone w/o breaking them now. I get your point but the ES it's the reason why all summoners got nerfed. If those summons will eventually land with no change at all now not only he will oblitarate the other 2 summoners in term of power and utility but will also destroy the fragile game balance this server has. I'm also a fan of "things should go like the official" and if that's the case than this is simply not the time for those summons to be here.
  13. All tied to the race theme i guess. Elf prioritize life over everything, that's why pure defence buff and heal, Humans are a balanced race that would not sacrifice something only for power. D.Elfs are the one who gived up on everything for pure power. SM got that "cursed attire" tied to him, and that's why, i guess, he gets debuff instead of buffs in the game. Compared to the other 2 he gets more stronger buffs ( to compesate for his lame state now ) but he also gets a trade-off for that power
  14. @MoDoy @Rizos My bad then G.Traslate failed on me. @Ovid GoD it's the lamest patch to get any reference, it's where summoner where broken beyoud any limits and could kill any class in a stuck/knock chain also those buff seems whay too much and out of context especially for Spectral Master. In a dream world where whe could change skill as we want i would go honestly like this: EM need to be holded back compared to the other 2 summoners and, as Elf, it should specialise on def and utility; also it should fit more in a Mage CP. An healty set will be something like Seraph - GoS: MP + 15% - Skill CD -5% - BoS: HP +15% - Incoming Heal +10% - 3rd skill: Greaty increase HP and MP regeneration ability for a short time ( talking about a small X% HP/MP heal where X goes up with lvl ) AL need some love, but out of all summoners i see them as the most balanced. They should fit in both mage and warrior CP a cool set would be: Queen - GoQ: Cast.S +10% - M.Crit +5% - BoQ: P.Crit Chance and DMG +10% - A.Speed +5% - 3rd skill: For a short time increase the resistance to debuff on the selected target by X% ( where X goes up with lvl ) SM need some love like AL and D.Elfs they are supposted to be powerhorse pointing all on pure power: -GoS: M.Atk + 20%, M.Critical Damage+5% but Mp Consumption +10% -BoS: P.Att +10%, P.Skill dmg +5% but P.Def -5% -CoS: Aggro the selected target with X power and decrease his resistance to debuff by Y% ( where X and Y would go up with lvl )
  15. CD reduction is 10% and doesn't rise up with level. Source:Призвать_Серафима_-_Мастер_Стихий Queen, like i said, shouldn't give Crit dmg but Crit Rate, which every1 cap anyway with othell rune and buffs ... that's why i said it's meh compared to EM buffs. Source:Призвать_Королеву_Кошек_-_Чернокнижник