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  1. Yes I have forgotten they were learned at 77. It seems fair, as the Blessing of Seraphim gives 25% m crit rate, 30% mp recovery and Gift gives -10% magic skill reuse, 30% matk.
  2. Bugged in the sense of having mobs evade your hits 3 times in a row or hitting between a range of (for example) 900 to 1300 damage (which is kind of annoying)? Regarding utility summons, they could just remove the buffs (clarity, empower, wild magic, btb, bts, haste, guidance, focus, dw) if those were the OP part (especially the elf pony). Otherwise I don't quite see the OP-ness of summoners at low levels. If you can afford to just leave DA with OP fear in oly, I think you can bring back those summons with some minor tweaks.
  3. If I am not wrong, the last update here was last autumn, when Zaken was introduced. So maybe in spring 2021 we will receive another big update?
  4. Do you have experience regarding the time waited to receive an updated on this server?
  5. I made a suggestion the the same name topic about making the party buffs, self buffs and other changes but they did not reply to that one.
  6. Does matk influence the miss/hit chance on mobs? I am asking because I have noticed that without Berserker Spirit I tent to miss on white mobs. And it's very annoying to hit 3 times and miss.
  7. Ovid


    Oh, I didn't know that. I read its description and thought it was the same as before.
  8. Ovid


    The XP herb lasts for 10 min in your inventory. So it's kind of hard to get a herb, then get a RB, and kill the RB in 10 min. I am not sad about MoH vs Wind Strike. A SE should not farm alone (at least in Classic), but in a party. However, my plead was meant to ease my farming of SB. I have outleveled the mobs for Wild Magic, I have gotten Stigma (I already learned that skill) but nobody needs it. You might have been lucky, I am struggling to reach 2kk adena :)). I got bored of farming SB so I went to RB. For farming purposes, for particular situations where you need to get a spellbook, or kill a quest monster or whatever, using Wind Strike is somewhat punishing. If MoH had had at least +5-7 more power than it has now (now it has more MP cost than power), then fulfilling the before mentioned goals would've been easier. Some might not have +++++D weapons (or C, B), or boxes, or friends willing to farm for your stuff. And hitting those Lizardmen 10 times with Wind Strike is time consuming. I am not complaining, I am only suggesting some stuff.
  9. Ovid


    Hm, I didn't equip it yet as I already had the Singer/Dancer one, and wanted to save the other which has sing/dance as well. Anyway, those buffs last for 20min and the reuse is 1h (40min after they wear off). For pre-40 either increase the buff duration to 40min (so you will have a 20min break until reuse) or leave the duration as is but lower the reuse to 30-35min. What about the 40+ suggestions? We can debate the numbers and effects, they are not set in stone. One can hope. There are very few (or none) servers with classic that are playable. This server seems close to official and I like SOME of the personal modifications. Although I really like the additions from future updates, like Stigma reducing melee pdef AND mdef, Mass Stigma, Dance/Song modifications, Mass Recharge (yeah I play SE). :)
  10. Ovid


    Hello, I have some suggestions regarding 1-40 leveling: - increase the dropped adena amount, just a bit, to be able to afford some consumables and dyes; - replace the xp herb with a low mana herb (I never found any use for that 20% xp herb, seriously); - give some lvl 2 wind walk potions; I am practically aging in real life with that 149 Speed; - make the scroll buffs last more than 20 min, make them 30 or 40 min (only for levels below 40); - I don't know if it's intended, but the novice devotion set does not give 15% casting speed; It's not much, but it might help leveling to 40, when RB can't be found. At this time I am not having fun at all, and it shouldn't be like that. For 40 and above: - reduce the RB exp by 10-15% and raise the SP by 10-15%; - slightly increase the SB drop rate or make them drop from higher lvl mobs, up until at least lvl 62; - I feel like you ruined might of heaven for pve; it's not worth using it at all, better with wind strike (pve when there is no alternative, don't get me wrong); make the skill more powerful in pve and keep it the same as it is now in pvp; - I think that by removing the Seraphim, Nightshade and Queen summons you did a bad thing; either remove the Acumen, Bless the Body, Guidance etc buffs but keep the party ones or just make them self use only (lvl 1 only); these type of servitors receive some nice modifications in future updates; - Bless of Eva, I would make it self use, reduce the matk bonus by 5% and increase the clarity effect by 5%; Also, when is the next Update coming here?