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  1. I never thought they were linked. They all just seemed to be promo material-type cinematics. I am so sad that this game has gone to shit, from a player perspective. Because, from a dev perspective, they still make money out of the P2W part. And hate all you want, but my favorite was truly H5 chronicle. They could've improve so much upon the imbalances, instead of introducing Goddess. I really think there will be no other MMO like Lineage 2. I have tried several, and none scratched that itch. Maybe in another life.
  2. I vaguely remember it. I have no idea what's the story behind it. I only read the "legend" on the official site, before it got shit with Goddess.
  3. Is there a good way to get more SP? I feel like everywhere you look you get XP bonuses, whereas the SP bonuses are crap. Or does the SP problem solves itself due to higher and higher exp curves, at higher levels?
  4. Could you please share the link of that Interlude trailer? I think I don't know it. Shilen created the elves from water. Eva was the goddess of music and poetry. After Shilen's demise, they made Eva the goddess of water and the elves started to worship her instead. At that time, Shilen was already the goddess of death/destruction and created the underworld, and got trapped in it by her mother Einhasad.
  5. I think it started with Chronicle 4, when Ketra/Varka and other zones were added. Giant's Codex is the book name, for skill enchantment. It was difficult to obtain them, because you could only get them with Oly points. Of course, people would sell at the market, but they were expensive and you could always fail when +++ your skill. The way to obtain them got so easy in High Five update. they dropped in several places, most of them in the re-worked Dragon Valley. I liked that because it was easier for others to upgrade their skills without participating in the Oly. I also like that system (can't find it on the web anymore) they implemented in...forgot which Goddess update; where you could choose a path and allocate point to HP/MP, Acumen, Pdef., etc. However, if I brought that here, I would totally re-work it from the ground up and offer many more options to really customize your build. Not just M.Atk, Casting, P.Def and HP/MP crap.
  6. Actually it's ELCADIA. 'm not sure if you're referring to these guys here. In the video description her name is wrongly stated, the dark elf is Shiken and the human is Kain.
  7. I always thought that robe-supports have a tough time with mana, in L2. At least up until 70-76, it's difficult. So, dare I say mana herbs to be consumed only by SE/EE/BISH/WC/OL/PP? Herbs which either replenish 16-20 MP/x time or 100/250/500 MP max. This or more passives for mana.
  8. I don't know why it is so difficult to understand simple English. I clearly wrote that I don't want auto-farm.
  9. I guess you're right. I was thinking of "bring only the good stuff, leave the crap on official" anyway. I wasn't referring to the whole content, but some new stuff, from time to time would be appreciated. Like VILE said, 5 min dance/song, or my personal favorite - more mana management possibilities for healers/rechargers/buffers (thinking of passives).
  10. Oh wow, awful. Thanks for the info.
  11. I agree. I forgot to mention the modifications that were made, on Classic Club, to some official crap features.
  12. Hello, This is mostly addressed to San0 and Koll, but feel free to participate in the conversation. I am curious when/if you will update the server to future Classic "chronicles". I kind of lost track of the official names, with all the Russian vs Korean update names, but I am mostly thinking of the one where SE/EE receive mass recharge, SE mass stigma, where elements are introduced to the game and the auto-farm function exists, NOW BEFORE SCREAMING AT ME, I am NOT interested in auto-farm feature, nor do I want it here, but I don't remember that update name which contains it. I am more interested in the rest. I think it's the one with the Kamael. I don't care much if you bring that race or not, but the rest of the update interests me.
  13. This! This is just how post-communist, older people think. The only ones who cry after communism, and say that it was good, are the ones who had "connections" and lived a happy life (not starving, having money, material stuff).
  14. Same issue for me. I can't download a new updater either. Also I can't login into the game, as I can't pass the server selection window. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT