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  1. I don't think reflected damage can be reflected back. But let's say it can. Then it would only be 20% (or whatever numbers the buffs have) given back, and from that amount 20% given back again, until it nullifies or gets too low to even matter.
  2. I always thought that WC is chosen, in PP's detriment, because he has VR and can buff the entire party in ~1min. Whereas the PP has to target 1 by 1, which is a bit time consuming, especially during some pvp. Do you guys think that, if/when the new update comes, the addition of the Jin Kamael archer will freshen things up a bit?
  3. Ovid

    info for warlock

    So you don't get HP for every hit. How does it work then?
  4. Ovid

    info for warlock

    If you use the cats to do the damage for you and they constantly need heals, VR might help. If you use your nuke to farm, you don't need VR. As far as I know, on this server, VR buffs work like pre-GoD, meaning that you get % HP back every time, for melee hits only.
  5. The information provided by https://l2wiki.com/classic/Hierophant#77 states: Block Shield 1 debuff 70 0 8000000 600 - For 2 min., target's P. Def. -20%, prevents receiving P. Def.-increasing buffs. But on this site https://l2db.club/?show=skills&type=player&race=0&class=98 it says that it reduces pdef by 20%, removes pdef buffs and prevents pdef buffs to be received.
  6. I know that post, but it doesn't really answer my question about the mob color. I know that in Lineage 2 the color of the mob can influence the chance of dropping stuff (either adena, parts, mats or full items). I am experiencing light blue mobs dropping more often than green mobs.
  7. Hello. If somebody can explain to me how the drop rate works, I would really appreciate it. I know that the higher your level and the lower the mob's level, the chance and amount is lower. But how is it possible to get a full weapon drop from a green mob (1/10'000 chance) and not get a spell book drop from a white mob (1/2'000 chance)? Why do I get more drops from a light blue mob than from a green mob? Is the drop chance information from https://l2db.club/?show=item_info&id=49432 correct? Is the server's drop rate correct?
  8. Thanks for the info. This reality sucks. Knowing that whatever high defense you have, you just get CC anyway. It's like, why bother to live if you'll die anyway, : ))
  9. Is mdef working right in classic, on this erver? I find it ridiculous to get Slow from Light Blue monster, when you have 635 mdef. Poison as well. How much mdef do you need to actually resist CC from mobs?
  10. If we're talking about stats, how much mdef does one need to be able to resist Monster Slow curse? As a tank, it is really annoying to always get slowed.
  11. Ovid

    Event: Defeating Mammon

    Leto Lizardman Warrior, Soldier, Archer, not sure about the Lord of the Plains group. I didn't know what lvl of mob spawns what lvl of goblin. Sounds legit then.
  12. Ovid

    Event: Defeating Mammon

    In the Plains of the Lizardmen I spawned 4 goblins but I didn't kill them because they don't drop anything. I'm lvl 40 and making the daily quest there...
  13. Warning, wall of text! Something came to mind these days, but first I have to make an introduction, for those who might not know the Lore. https://l2wiki.com/Lineage_2_Lore Einhasad (female, light, creation) and Gran Kain (male, dark, destruction) were the first gods, and they had children. All of them created the major races in our game, as so: - Einhasad (pretty much created everything) created the Giants (who are 99% extinct in the game) - the Giants were the supreme race and excelled in almost everything; - Pa'agrio (god of fire) created the Orcs from the spirit of fire - the Giants used the Orcs in warfare; - Shilen (then goddess of water) created the Elves from the spirit of water - the Giants used the Elves in diplomacy and magic related affairs; - Sayha (god of air) created the Arteia from the spirit of air - the Giants tried to cage the Arteia, but they would die, so the Giants let them free to become messengers of the world; Note: in the original Lore, pre-GoD, this race was really named Arteia, not Ertheia. In Goddess of Destruction the Ertheia is a child of Orc and Elf, all female, which kind of fucks up the lore. - Maphr (goddess of earth) created the Dwarves from the spirit of the earth - the Giants used the Dwarves in banking and crafting; - Gran Kain, envious, wanted to create something as well, but he was the aspect of destruction and chaos. He asked for spirits of the elements from his children, but they only had the negative remains to give, so he took them and created the....drum rolls... Humans - the Giants used the Humans as slaves; Eva didn't create anything living, she didn't have any elements to represent, so she created music and poetry. Gran Kain seduced his daughter Shilen and got her pregnant. Shilen's mother, Einhasad stripped her from the responsibility over Water and banished Shilen from Heaven. Gran Kain didn't interfere, and Eva became the new goddess of Water. - Shilen (now goddess of death) birthed all the horrors that exist in the world and the 6 dragons: Antharas (earth), Valakas (fire), Lindvior (wind), Fafurion (water), Aulakiria (light) and (not sure of the name) Drak-Bael (darkness). She went to the heavens with her children to punish the gods for mistreating her. She lost the battle, retreated and created the Underworld, where she rules. Einhasad cast a sleeping spell on Shilen and sealed the Underworld with 7 sigils. Fast-forward: the giants died, the races warred with each other, humans rose from slavery and conquered the continent, the elves had a civil war with a tribe of brown-elves. The brown-elves wanted power to fight the humans, and so learned the forbidden dark magic. The elves cast a curse to banish the brown-elves in a cave, which in time, became the Dark Elves. This curse also kind of created the Sea of Spores. Ok, now that this is out of the way, I can ask my questions and provide the "what would you change": 1. Why the hell did NC Soft give the Dark Elves wind attribute? 2. Why the hell did NC Soft fuck up the Arteia-Ertheia part? 3. Why did NC Soft introduce the Kamael as the next race? 1. I would have kept the dark elf and elf races as one race. I would have the dark elves use water attribute as well and change the names of some of their spells. Hurricane/Tempest is a mixture of wind and water, so either make it do 20% wind dmg and 80% water dmg. or rename it to Maelstrom/Whirlpool (no pun intended) and make it do water dmg. 2. In Lineage 2 today the... Ertheia is a female warrior/mage which has wind and holy attributes. This sucks and deviates from the Lore. Instead of introducing the Kamael back then, I would have added the Arteia, with the actual wind skill-set which dark elves have right now, but not the CCs. I would create new CC to better suite the air element of this race, such as decrease in evasion, speed, attack speed and accuracy. 3. If I remember well, the Kamael were created by the Giants to battle other creations of theirs OR to battle and kill the Gods. I can't find a link with the original lore behind the Kamael. Anyway, instead of providing only fighter classes, I would keep the Berserker and Arbalester classes as warriors and remake the Soulhound into a mage class (with robes and staves) and maybe rework the Inspector into a buff/semi-warrior-DD class. I really love this game and I don't understand why NC Soft pissed on their creation. I didn't like other MMO games because none were close to L2. It's so odd to hit with your weapon in other games and not get the soulshot/spirithsot animation. Lineage 2 had so much potential, even with Goddess of Destruction, but not in that form. Keep the 4th class, but don't merge the 31 classes into 8. They stopped providing good and well written lore, they didn't invest in balancing some classes, they just made the game free to play (pay to win) and just let loose the bots.
  14. So it just a little too good, as I have suggested.
  15. There will be physical silence on mages. At lvl 76. Bind 1 debuff 103 0 5700000 900 - Blocks all the enemy's physical skills for 10 sec. Would you advise increasing the skill power by, let's say, 100 power/lvl? 2227 -> 2327 -> 2427... etc. Wouldn't that be too powerful? Especially for some mage skills? Imagine Body to mind from 80 to 85 to increase in MP from 182 -> 192 -> 202 -> 212 -> 222 - 232. I would give Improved buffs at lvl 81, 82, 83. Like Imp. Critical/Condition/Magic (Emp+Mdef+Clarity for Both SE and EE)/Movement (here I would combine Guidance and Evasion)/Combat/Blood Awakening (for the classes which had them in the past of course). And for BD/SWS you could combine Fury+Fire into 1 dance, Hunter+Warding.Make the books farmable in popular hunting zones for 76-80 lvls = some pvp.