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  1. ураааааа!) благодарю!) ты лучший!)
  2. Заранее благодарю!) ждем с нетерпением
  3. Now everything is in its place, thank you)
  4. hmm, not think that this is so, after all allocated 3 prize seats in each category, and means for the second and third prizes differ from prizes for participation, Ah I understood so) waiting for response from leadership)
  5. I am very grateful to you. please tell us what prizes will be awarded to the participants who took second and third places ?
  6. Unique White Wing Mount is issued forever. Tell me please, what if a character below level 76 wins it ? will he be able to use it later, or will he just lose this prize ?
  7. Wow, if the winner gets all the items from the list, then I'm definitely participating) thank you for the information)
  8. Hello, not clear on the prizes. What a place, what's the prize ? Or does everyone have the right to choose which one they like best ? Prizes for winners: Permanent PA Color Title Any Hat or Agathion from Nostalgia NPC or our previous events by your choice Cloak from ones we had in previous events or Item vault by your choice Unique White Wing Mount* 100 CoL
  9. Привет) напиши Bukowsky, это наш клан лидер, у нас проучены все клан скилы и ежедневно набраны обе клановые награды по максимуму) единственное требование отбивать ежедневную 30-минутную активность для клановой награды. По крайней мере меня на таких условиях брали)) увидимся ПВЕ русскоговорящий клан, ни с кем не воюем)
  10. Здравствуйте, скажите, пожалуйста, до какого момента по московскому времени будет включен бонус на опыт? Hello, tell me, please, until what time in Moscow time will the experience bonus be enabled?
  11. Hello, I haven't been able to come in for a few days either.
  12. Привет, играем вдвоем бд и фр 63 лвлы, прайм с 16:00 до 18:00 по мск) одеты слабовато (топ ц). если интересует) мы в клане LostSouls