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  1. I have checked all chinese can't log to this fourms without VPN. so consider those plenty anonymous chinese players.
  2. am from china and state for my self : I would like siege 2/3 hour earlier. and Oly 3 hours earlier (as Oly is long time activity). If change, This will be also helpful to active some women players and most Asia players ( As everybody know about 2/3 players or more from Asia) If not change, as Jacorleon said, we just go sleep before siege and Oly. We have our own life. we play game to release ourselves instead of sacrificing health and family. by the way, if do vote, any approach to avoid any duplicate vote from same person like same ip? thanks.
  3. nice story. But something is wrong, The owner of ds16 always paly at EU prime time. And the guy has quit RB farming. If he back to RBs. There is nothing for nansey to do in SV.
  4. here is how rb works with only one dd. How about if put one more dd.
  5. Actually even epics no need delay. more competition, more fun.
  6. here is how RB works from my sdie. one dd. no cc buff all the time. can u imaging if i put one more dd and put cc buff?
  7. True, when we were RBs farmer, i wanted to dominate and don't want any changes. But that was only my own opinion. and also GM changed RBS. ex. Doesnot display on map when respawn, and can't pull RBs away and so on. and also RBs was fun when luckii/intel69 here. we always had mass pvp when farming RBs. but now, what was left on RBs? no pvp. no random, died within one minnutes. only owl left. thanks.
  8. if i go farm RBs. There is no competition for me . Baium ring3+ Aq3+ ds16 still working. and its easy to add one more dd with gs18 without any epics. Just lost interesting on RB now. didnt farm RB since long long time. thanks,
  9. I open the topic here is to want GM to increase normal RBs farm difficulty. or make some changes and let new players join, or at least let some of players to join. currently the only competition is the speed. who gate frist. who get the RBs drops. even you arrive immediately. you don't have enough time to kill enemies and also can't get the drops. before changes, my destory without SK buff can kill RBs within one minute. RBs died but zlot still have 10 sec. Now if have good blunt and with sk buff. the guy can kill RBs even easier than mobs in gc. Really don't make sense any more to farm RBs: the stuff not easy to sell. and benifit is small. new player can never touch RBs and they even don't kow L2Classic has RBs system exists. Now the RBs system is customized by nansey/rafeal and some few guys. we should rename RBs to nansey's RBs. we go stealing/killing nansey's RBs. Funny. if can't make some changes, i prefer to remove RBs system. Here is the video how RBs works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzwpNLHaZcs i will paste my killing video later.
  10. should add one more option to change normal RB above lvl70 like baium/zakan/antharas. funny.
  11. Dears, I wanna to issue a official statement about our clan/team: we have left wukong ally today . From now on, shuihu clan will develop as a separate clan. The statement will be efficient immediately. Thank you. our clan: HuaKai, fade;shuihu our ally: Lacrimosa, heroOfMarshes 5th Jan 2021. All members from shuihu clan. 亲爱的各位,我代表水浒战队(clan:huakai, fade; ally:Lacrimosa)正式发出声明: 本战队正式脱离wukong大联盟,自此水浒战队作为一个独立的血盟(联盟)存在,声明立即生效,感谢各位。 我们的血盟名: HuaKai, fade;shuihu 我们的同盟名: Lacrimosa, heroOfMarshes 2021-1-5 水浒战队全体成员