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  1. Reddish

    Russian party is looking for a clan

    Напиши по-русски что хотел, я тебе переведу на инглиш, а то тебя явно гугл подводит
  2. Reddish

    Happy New Year!

    Should of be..Yet light is almost the same. It's not pdef that is important, but passive from hvy arm mastery;)
  3. Reddish

    Happy New Year!

    Well, my camera is not always "on", unfortunately There were so many good moments i missed:( That's a joke, first time u appear on the video is when I was "saving" u from PS (actually he was just an easy frag - dagger always chooses starting from robes), and then u "suddenly" attacked me back, for a reason ofc, no doubt;) That's just a little story I made up;) Ofc u aren't betrayer in any way
  4. Reddish

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    Can we assume that Nansey > entire BR ? 👀
  5. Reddish

    Happy New Year!

    One nice evening run takes smth like 5 bsoes,which is still 6xtimes less than 1 brez;) And yeah, sometimes I fail hard, but why u go dagger if u afraid to go outta town w/o a party? Its my opinion, I feel like it’s the best use TH can get, those mini, solo/duo ganks
  6. Reddish

    Happy New Year!

    My 2nd video, with best wishes;) For those who are not able to see video on youtube, here is the link for Google Drive Would be glad to see feedback, as it was last time, pros and cons, with arguments, thx!
  7. Reddish

    Nevalon Loves Pillars

    This should be pepega of the year
  8. Reddish

    spoil enchanted valley

    It all depends also on a chance of items that could be spoiled from the mob, that had spoil "activated", for example if mob has only spoil of enchant weapon, which has rly low chance (1-2%), then they will be emty like 99 times out of 100...
  9. Reddish

    Chill and F... THE PILLARS

    I just cant imagine how are those stacked DA's pissed off when u are chilling the fok from their bodies >.<
  10. Reddish

    Dagger pov

    Okay, nxt time i will make i bigger gap inside movie (altho i thought these 5 sec and change of music will be obvious), and write there : now here is smth more like pvp:D
  11. Reddish


    Welcome to the club) Every time tyrant is using stun on me while im in UE... But tbh once in a decade u can evade. But u gotta be extremely lucky, same goes to the stunshot. Free tip: use evasion talismans, they work better;)
  12. Reddish

    Maestro - Olympiad

    why in the world there are THs at all..Every single class including dorfs can bitchslap us 😄
  13. Reddish

    Event Frozen Holidays!

    U know, u ruined the holiday dinner this christmas also.. Ave Event!
  14. Reddish

    Skill power from +8 light set doesnt work with fatal

    it was a joke, yet bad cuz I had to explain it
  15. Reddish

    Skill power from +8 light set doesnt work with fatal

    yeah,yeah, let them kill foking tanks in foking ud