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    TH before end game (before 78+) is quite ok, but then at the end you will find CC and CoP buffs which does not work propertly at our server and give x2 more resist vs dagger abilities than they should (credits for finding that out to @MoDoy and @Rizos), so this actually needs some dedication. If you are not sure, you better not start. If you like the gameplay, like the way TH is flexible and the range of options of this class has - you should go for it. But! This server is not dagger - friendly, suffering is included with class aswell.
  2. Reddish

    Dagger /4/

    Im not rly into gambling, but this one I would win
  3. Reddish

    Dagger /4/

    With respect to our allies and enemies, new movie:
  4. He actually does, he misses "the good ol' times" I miss backstabbing him too:(
  5. We dont have other setups atm:/ And why should we anyway? Just cz server is called linemage?:D
  6. Our CP may participate, right after u fix CoP and CC buffs (offlike) as discribed by mr @Rizos Otherwise daggers are not competitive, unfortunately.
  7. There might be one simple reason: u forgot the right email. If this is ot, then once GMs helped me, when i told my account name, they gave me part of my email name which it was registered to, so i memorized the full name in counted minutes and recovered whole account.
  8. 1st. I was talking about summoners which apperently wear light, not robe. And gave example of summoner. 2nd. I was talking about buffed characters and I see u are showing smth that is killed and ressed (ordinary that means max beer buffs - no extra crit resist) and its a robe user, means for daggers lot more easier to get through. 3rd. Lets not talk about specially ur superabilities on focusing with debuffs. U are not alone here Assume no buffs at all - was killed twice before this. Beer buffs (unfortunately only Devak may claim that, just cuz of my cam position I cannot be sure he was insta using it). No DS only - wasnt killed before, got out of DS range. Now show ur dmg vs fullbuffed summoner in pvp and lets compare it? My was like 2k-3k (ofc I only count master, remembering summon gets 1/2) max when CC was triggered..But when no trigger and no double dmg, I got like 500-700 dmg.
  9. Its olympiad, mio frendo, it is another world outside town, u know...Ppl got those resist crit buffs which u digged - work wrong here. try dagger vs any summner full buffed, this crap makes me cry
  10. Do not believe him, he is just being sarcastic to daggers, bcuz the truth is, we suck:D
  11. You were right and wrong ...24 buff will drop out the.. Fruit:D same fight, I get PU and loose fruit in the same very moment, clearly can be seen in clip Anyway, it shouldnt work like this, smth is totally wrong
  12. Either I do not clearly understand the issue here, or you have wrong client, cuz as you can see here (screen taken on Monday) fruits come to extra bar, along with exp scrolls and fish:
  13. @MoDoy may advise you about pw generally and oly specifically
  14. There are really few things humanity can't explain: the pain in the back, how the brain works and daggers..Daggers can be never explained. (c) There is no actual cap in dagger skill, you can improve yourself to infinity. (c) Jackals This was inspired by some longsome digging, searching and asking for information from lots of ppl, different sources. Most of info provided is not originally found by me, but I will try to classify it. I hope this will help new players or old ones to consider whether to play dagger or not, and if yes, then which. First goes simple questions and answers: Who hits harder, and what is the dmg difference between AW/TH/PW? - Proof: Who has higher skill land rate? Well, AW and PW can increase thir skill land rate by reaching lvl 78 and learning Focus Death skill which gives 40% of land rate, while TH can only use Super Othell Rune - Mortal Strike which offers at its maximum of lvl 13 - 37%. Also DEX stat affects skills land rate : - Proof: Updated info for Zaken patch which includes Othel Rune test. You can see in 2nd table slighly better results for same DEX stats which means DEX gives more land rate for each stat unit : - Proof: Which chances have dagger throws? Throwing Blood Dagger works only for damaging or debuffing skills, probability around 30% - proof: Throw Dagger - just works Throw Dagger in Wrist has 25% chance if interrupting skill, but remember, random strikes hard: What is the chance for x2Backstab (double stab) and what affects it? It depends on the level of the skill, DEX and STR. For TH these nembers will be next. Backstab : lvl 3 - 5% base chance lvl 24 - 15% base chance lvl 34 - 18% base chance lvl 38 - ? Also it can be assumed, that 10 DEX gives roughly 4% double dmg chance. - Proof: Checked for AW, but should be same for others: STR gives us 5% for every 5 STR units - proof: What is chance to cancel enemy target using trick/switch skills? Switch and Trick base chance is 75- 80% for all daggers which is affected by lvl difference between enemy and a user, also having Mental buff on enemy lowers chance 3x of getting switched/tricked. Also having an epics which increase mental attacks will help you cancel targets. Funny fact: even lvl 1 trick/switch will work vs lvl 80 enemy, but with lower chance. - Proofs: , How come Death Whisper lvl3 buff gives less crit dmg for abilities as discribed? Death Whisper gives 25% for dagger abilites - proof Why Focus Death and Focus Power give less dmg increase for abilities? This is how formulas (see more about formulas in Math) in la2 works, they give exactly 2 timess less for abilities, than for standart attacks : 45 and 30%. Bad news, ehh? But here are some good news: Counter Critical, Chant of Protection and Heavy Armor Mastery also give only half resist to critical dmg from abilities. 2nd part here will be fixed soon, rn all critical resist buffs give 2x more than they should. What is "facestab" and is it possible? Face stab is when you using an ability Backstab in enemy face, and due to imperfection of coordinates (which goes crazy when u use WASD for movement, cuz they have no "end" point) and "image" server calculates wrong numbers, which couses backstab to land in the enemy face. Funny fact proving it strikes in the face - it applies penalties from FD and FP. - Proof Math : Damage from abilites is calculated this way. There are also some "magic", (c) Rizos, numbers like 77, 0.666, 6, 0.2 and etc. They have no explanation, but russian community from ruofficials digged them out. 77 * [(skillpower + patk * lvl_mod) * 0.666 * cdbonus * ss bonus + 6 * cd_patk + is_back * (skillpower + patk * ss bonus) * 0.2] / pdef * pvp_bonus * skill_Power_bonus * pvp_resist(core 3 -> 0,94) * weapon_resist(baium talik -> 0,95) is_back = 1 if from the back, otherwise 0. lvl_mod = (89+char_lvl)/100 skillpower - skill power. ss bonus - nipple bonus = 2.0 cd_patk - static increase to crit cdbonus -% increase to crit - cov 1,15, dw 1,35, focus power 1,3, focus death 1,45, focus death from front 0,85 p.atk - character's attacks p.def - target def. ss_bonus = 2 x weapon shot bonus (weapon +16 -> 2,096) There are three PLUSES in equation, focus death 45% multiply only 1st part of equation So if u compare dmg with and w/o fd u will see smaller difference than 45% Same if u test dagger dmg with and without death whisper, you will see like 25% difference in final dmg instead of 35% To make calculations easier, we you can use excel. Mystiries: Different races have different attribute bonuses, like Orc gets more p atk% with each STR than Elf, and etc. Really old info, easily checked, but I didnt bothered to do so. Attribute differences at every race can be seen here: Ii - Prima Game Guide 2004.pdf As this is rly old table, it has resist stun out of CON which is not actual anymore, and does not have vital point hit rate in DEX, but should. Anyway you can get the idea, stats are the same, but bonuses are not. Credits to: @Rizos,lovedrive,Jackals, @Cyane, @Poseidon I didnt knew where to post this topic, as we do not have special classes subforums, so if it fits better in some other place - please move.