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  1. Only 1n question to Chn: did u ever heard of agression skill which obviously lands through purify? Rizos, Im sorry, but thats not an enemy, its a bunch of bots:/ Still, you did performed nice and every dagger player wish for this kind of free frag dumbasses all around. Gf
  2. I can add here Raper, the douchest bag ever since
  3. Can we have categorioes, like: Most mean person, Most stupid trainer, The biggest mouth and etc? P.S. And the idea itself is nice, not only that you promote urself as a streamer, but giving a lil kick to the community, I sincirely hope this would be now a tradition;)
  4. КП ищет СВС80 или драйвера на нашего, либо мили ДД. Так же возьмем ВК79+ или драйвера на нашего ВК, либо ОЛа. Прайм 2ч Кто мы, что мы: и больше видео на том же канале. Discord р!Олла#0521 Ingame nRolla
  5. Deleted shit I wrote, nice fight!
  6. @Duvs Наша контора зажигательных пЭвЭпЭ старается:Р
  7. With respect to our allies and enemies New paladin PoV, with extra bonus from our CP;)
  8. @DrunkAngel Best drama since Perks die, hehehe, thx for makin my morning news feed better ;D Also, if this true, it shows once again that we have some priveleged players which is sad and shameful. ALSO! BRING BACK @BELOMOR, @Wanali, @Rip, @Nez ITEMZ
  9. Reddish

    Warlord Rework?

    Imo, just wait till update will strike in and try how it will work now on. I belive kings of stunlock will be back, not at that insane force they were before killing solo 9 ppl, but decent and useful in pvp not only fully epix stacked. Also, about bragging WL is not cool enough - plx don't trigger:D You may already noticed how painfully some of us reacts) There are ppl here playing useless classes for YEARS, we even lost faith that someday fixes will come. Yet they came and classes got their shine and revenge. Just be patient, nooS.
  10. Reddish

    Think like a t4nk

    Its written in the heading, that imma buffbot:P Im just sticky
  11. Reddish

    Think like a t4nk

    With respect to the allies and the enemies Hello, folks. Recently I changed my class to a buffbot so I feel blessed now. Wanted to share this feeling with you:
  12. We also mentioned some CP bug, it jumps during 2h farm randomly on any character, seems like castle bonus is turning on and off
  13. Well, at olympiad u need good flexes and understanding of the game in all its dimensions In field u need good flexes and understanding of the..ah, fuck it. Just play
  14. How hard? Is nerfing pury correlated with OLs crazy land rate? Or u just lowered puri % and now side with more OLs instawin?