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  1. Reddish

    G4NK II

    With respect to all the enemies and allies Last movie from us in patch that was one of the best for sure, but lets move on on, and see what future brings. hope you will like this moovik, enjoy;)
  2. So, having on a mage (in new patch increased nuke dmg) more P. def than tanks with all incoming dmg being devided by 2 is ok, with outheal option seems legit fine?:D Ah, I forgot, every1 who stops for a brief second gets instacaught by summon with run speed of a dagger (220+, niiice)that hits like a destro once every 6-7.. Mmhm, what could be possibly wrong here? "Just run and he wont hit you" - every time healers need to use heal, or DDs need to use any skill he does what, OMAGAT, OMAGAT, HE STOPS. Super speed pots? Oh, okay, u can do that. once a 3 minutes. In 2 minutes proper summoners CP will just sustain all the dmg and leave enemy w/o mp on everything including boxes. Actually last pvp we had with Encube he did melee buff and though he killed nobody we had to PR. No mp - no fights. Proof . Man, just so sad excuses about being crazily overpowered and only negative fix summoners got is increased CD for recalling summon which is actually working only for olympiad cuz in mpvp/pvp you might use any of summons just to soak dmg while you tank and do decent dps. Decent? Higher(!!!) than any nonhero dagger, almost same dps as stacked nonhero warriors and lower than elemental mages (do not forget to say how bad you are now, cuz you cant kill mages in one go). Balance? Not in a single way. We are fighting everytime we can, and I believe we have one of the widest pvp experience on this server. Archer CPs, mages CPs, warrior, daggers. We had lost them, we had won them. But summoners are just super hard to deal with. I do not tell it's impossible. I'm telling that with +/- same pvp experience we can say for sure, summoners are super tanky while having more or same DPS compared with other DD classes. Please note, DPS != DMG. @San0 About elemental mages shield buff. Plx fix it, cuz rn it procs debuffs even on reflect. Meaning: if you DON'T hit mage, but you have reflect, he will hit you and instadebuff cuz u are "hitting back" with reflect. And check out this pdef. Gladis in hvy armour have same.HEAVY. Not robe. Mb 25% is a lil too much, ehm?Oh, and see that red buff. It's "zerk" which removes 8% pdef. So I'm not trying to play with numbers, they are rly damn high compared to other classes who should be tankier
  3. I will just drop it here. @San0 But yeah, sure, call this “balance”. Hint: look at pdef stats and answer urself a question, if u are to be physical dd, what would u do about this monster? Im playing pala. Im innocent baby who cant defend my party vs this shit which is tankier than me, fuck my life😅 p.s. Mention, it has very few buffs other than defensive ( not full also, valor mb used), but then again it can hit u like a train.
  4. Why not "press X to win everything in enternal eternity for eternal time being" ? @San0Plex, consider doing smth worthy with that angelic archon, it's just useless cuz it gives rly low stats and decreases heal for 60%. It's suicide skill. It doesn't matter when you can use it, bcuz it's not useful at all.
  5. Top idea. Now this skill is useless not from 60%, but everytime 😂 Pls, look what this skill does now. Its pure cancer. other changes are also... questionable, but this one is just broken.
  6. Wai y bulli mi egein ? All in all I see how ppl pushing this idea without trying to make any arguments and I see a bunch of speedrunners. Eldi, hang them all
  7. I came to this server when it was 3 yrs old, HDM came here when it was 4 yrs old, HR came when it was 5 yrs old. All of us play end content, ofc we are no match for those who played nonstop all 6 yrs, but then again - even "gods" and every kind of "nr1" fall. Get ur ballz together and join the massacre! P.S. here is what u missing playing shitservers, ordinary fight over epics. Once every 3h all day long. P.P.S It's not siege, it's not full prime of any of the sides. Just some ppl who found a time during the day to jump in a fight
  8. Well, at least some1 is having fun with TH. *jelousy intesifies* GF!
  9. Reddish


    @MoDoy Its fine, my fault, I barely understand how those propellers work. Thx for criticism I will try do better my homework before commenting nxt time;)
  10. Reddish


    Only bots with adrenaline are perfect, others are humans and make mistakes. Being good is just a matter of handling these mistakes if they happened to be. We aren’t the best, but we do our best.
  11. Reddish


    With respect to our allies and enemies. Gank ll.
  12. Reddish

    G4NK // Multipov

    Being nRolla is not about playing a character, it's 'bout spirit (c) some guy ingame With respect to our allies and enemies.
  13. You guys have epics to delete?
  14. Agree on this one, this is kinda sad situation
  15. Осталось место для ВК или ОЛ