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  1. This seems to be bether idea than mine and keeping in mind what Bellion told about taking infinite SEs. But at least do it THAT way, so RBs will appear again and there will be a reason to hunt for newbies still.
  2. Its called PVP Tuesdays at LoA and ToI
  3. It is not an issue: 30 sec with 2 min cd (1,45 with songs) . Either farmer kill rb on 30 sec or he dies after due to reflect. Also test server is up and i will try to do test whether it works
  4. Last time we were at CS we had 6 CPs total. And this was not about comparing which side is bigger, it was a message: you do bad moves, you should expect bad outcomes. So here it is, say hello to it and adopt. But it is not right to tell that ppl afraid to loose any items during pvp so they bsoe/pr.
  5. You better not go with this wave, man. Should I remind you who started an ally vs chn recruiting everyone in any primes to show his own ego 1yr ago and nobody but TGRDS and Aen told this is a bs and RS are making huge mistake. Now you get the outcome and qq there is no pvp. Ofc there is none, only thing you see is PRs and BSOES from few ppl who plays in EU vs RS ally. Whole point of this post is - dropping items has NOTHING to do with that. This is called consequences of bad decisions made. There is absolutely no point for any1 to fight fully stacked at its poosble maximum party who has only 7-8 heroes. At this moment RS ally has EU ppl, Chn ppl and BR ppl. So who is gathering what? Mb don't bring this kind of hypocricy here? Not enought yet of proving? Take a look here, there is a channel with some vids made across past year. Do you see any other war tags than RS? This is what, also coinsedence? I will not say Zp is dumb (He is the one who started this fiesta), he is smart in his way, but there are lots of other ppl who use their heads only to put hats on. No need to feed them with this empty, fake and totally disrespecful propaganda. As for the rest - changes are good, fixing drop rate to 50% seems also fine.
  6. Lots of random who farm lvl 70 RBs will disagree on that;) But idea is fun
  7. @Bellion I am not started this topicto claim that this way or another is easier. It is part of a gameplay content which farmers leave other players without. Even I myself having decent gear, cannot win farmers on the long run with all my PK chars and struggling. What or how they, newcommers or just less boxed ppl should compete with 78++++ ppl full of 16+++ items? It's just not doable. Anyways. I don't have anything vs farmers, they are good for economy and I even use them from time to time. But farming RBs by them wipes out all other ppl from this part of the game.
  8. The idea is to give resists at higher lvl RBs, when active and live healers would be playing their buttoms off to handle reflect and still orcs will do most dmg as it is intended.
  9. Not rly, as i've already mentioned i tryed that myself on different RBs, and it is possible with random groups also
  10. We have this issue on our server for some quite long time. And I believe most of us is tired of it. Also this isn't making our server more atractive to new players. Situation now, which is known for every active player looks like this: RB spawns, farmers see that instantly (using cameras on spawn spots or map, doesn't matter, outcome will be the same) and bringing there gate with FULL HIGH LVL BUFF set and same lvl as RB - tyrant/destro equipped at maximum possible gear. Buffs up and gets ANY RB down in 2-5 minutes. This is our reality. No matter RB lvl, from lvl 20 to lvl 75 I've personally faced that everywhere. I've fought those farmers back with my PK pony lvl 77 (credits to Nelax, you helped me a lot!) killing them and their boxes, to save RB for random party which I also collected. But that took a long time and it doesn't work at higher lvl RBs, because there farmers aren't afraid of getting pertrified or silenced. What I want to propose, is to change it. To give ordinary and new players a brief chance to also get those RB killed. To give them new players a chance also earn some exp and DROPS. So not only priveged, highly geared and full buffed superstacked (most likely RMT ) players would have that chance. To give them a sign, that we care about them to play and to climb up for higher levels and content. And solution isn't really hard, it's quite simple and it is already tested even on our server. As we already know, some RBs, like Mirror have a passive reflect skill. With undergeared, newbie players it is totally killable, I've personally tryed that many times. All they have to do is to buy and spam Major Healing Potions in order to compansate incoming reflect dmg. While farmers will just die becouse they have insanely high dmg and will have samely high reflect dmg. Also at all RBs lvl 70+ and higher we need to add resist fists and two handed swords. You would ask, am I crazy? I am not, and here is why: If we will just implement standard reflect for higher RBs, then farmers will just take bishops with Balance Life skill and counter all incoming damage becouse at this lvls support boxes won't get silenced. This will also encourage players not to play only farmer classes, but choose other classes too. I really believe this should be implemented and I have hopes for the community to endorse this, to help all new and old players to get a taste of all RBs. Hail to the .club!
  11. Yup. Casual af. Reminds me good ol’ safe WoW. Other things seem nice and fine
  12. Reddish

    СНГ КП

    Поддерживаю, скорее найти людей вам и го зарубимся хорошенько, чтоб месяц каждый вечер певепе как раньше ✌️
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    C4RE BE4RS

    With respect to the enemies and allies Daily PVP activity by DF ally and TGRDS. Any comments and flame are welcome;)
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    G4NK II

    With respect to all the enemies and allies Last movie from us in patch that was one of the best for sure, but lets move on on, and see what future brings. hope you will like this moovik, enjoy;)