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  1. Reddish

    [WEIGHT IN] Class change

    I see only 2 groups, is mistake or ment to be?
  2. Reddish

    Problem with dmg on 1st job quest

    Agree on that: was making 1st class change for elven scout recently, couldnt get q item also, while hitting with OE bow, swapped to ng dagger(given from very beginning) and got the q item (part where u have to kill ol Mahums to get key for shackles)
  3. Reddish


    I dont see any tragedy. ToI is empty now btw, cuz CPs are farmin' GC, which is more profitable, but requires hell of a concentration not to be killed (it's like DI mobs, but much worse). DI pt zones also can be farmed with lower CPs, also it will have scaleable profit with GC. I wish you form players into well working maschine to gather exp and gear. And after u get 77-78 and having a PT u will go GC, which has atm plenty of space of free farm. But u have to work for that, nothing comes easy
  4. Reddish

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    Tell me more about EU pvp, teach me like u’ve thought Devs how to farm epics, and etc bs we all are hearing from you.
  5. Reddish

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    It so much lul, i cant stop luling. U do remember many timez u were gakning our PT while farming, or is it sounds better when u come 3x pt vs 1pt? Doooont even start. Go back to ur cave. Good to know, I have a legal chance to stab the sh1t out your lying hypocrite face.
  6. Reddish

    Daddy help they hit our bosses

    Chn is always on during early EU prime, u dont even have to search them. At least 2 CPs play EU. Dont tell u didnt knew that, cuz they are always easily found on well know locations.
  7. Reddish

    RavenSoul 18vs36

    Oh well, u got me
  8. Reddish

    RavenSoul 18vs36

    Can I make movie of all my single kills and name it 1 vs whole server? Gf tho
  9. Reddish

    how to catch summoner high lvl with mouth on?

    It was my fail, after missing 2 stabs i should already got hidden, but i didnt and died. This is what happens when dagger overestimates his powers. Its not u or ur pt who won, its me who did bad bad moves after start and paid for it.
  10. Reddish

    how to catch summoner high lvl with mouth on?

    1st, u have to be lvl 78. U write that u are. 2nd at least WC buff (CoV need to have dmg), but better pp/wc/ee mixed and perfect with DS, but not vital. 3rd u have to use geodata to force ES come closer and when u feel the time has come time, use SuperSpeed and get the distance lowered 2 step(ShadowStep) him, if u are 78 with high chance u will stun for 1 sec, which is practically enough to beat the sh1t outta that unicorn till he dies. If stun fails u go hide, wait SuperSpeed and hide CD and do it again from the start. Nothing complicated. And remember, as a dagger when u die, it's only ur fail, not the opponent skillfulness.
  11. This part is not about how much it costs, it is about killing the idea of market, why would u buy some bannable character, if u can almost for free reroll urs? And totally legit!
  12. This is a must DA must be rectricted class, or changed Fear skill behaviour. Reason: U go oly any other class than DA - u loose them 99% (1% is that he gets DC for some godly reasons). This is vital Also changing must have a flexible prices, depending on lvl: 55-60 - 5 Eur 61-70 - 10 Eur 71-75 - 20 Eur 76-78 - 40 Eur 79 + - 60 Eur Reason: Prices are taken regarding black market, we all know there is one. So if administration want to got more competiteve - this is the way. This to be considered If character (not the account, cuz it can be swapped) was ever banned for botting - price for changing class doubles, or triples. Reason: we all know there was and there are, and they still will be botting business for exping characters and selling them, if they make money on this server, GMs must at least take a piece of this pie. Class change also provide all the skills learnt till 3rd class, 3rd class skills must be compensated with only one set of MTs (31), so at least one skill u crave for may be learned. Reason: different classes have different skills, so it is much more easier to give a little choice to ppl who buy this service, also this will a plus for those who choose to reroll, or buy character. Edit: If you think it's bad to use this service as an option to earn money - don't. I want to play here long and thankful GMs for they position and principles they are using while running the true classic spirit here, and any small income which won't brake the game itself is a good additional motivation to keep server going.
  13. Reddish

    how to catch summoner high lvl with mouth on?

    U are dagger. Go kill it, find a way already. It's a perfect class where u can be flexible like nobody else in this game. tip: while on mount TP isnt working, so he is basicly an easy frag.
  14. Reddish

    Dont be lazy ...

    Im sorry to interfere your highly intellectual argument here, but is RS ally dead already, or can we expect to increase our pvp counter fighting the jackals? P.S. These guys were punished to fight with you and not getting exp from raids, cuz they didn't paid our slave taxes intime.
  15. Reddish

    Clan for newcomers/ low lvls

    Nice idea, lvling clan and also helping newcommers, good combo. Advertise it on discord, im sure u will get it full in no time