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  1. Those broken expectations.. But the vid is nice, clash of three primetimes:P
  2. Какое у тебя точное время игры? Есть место для танка как раз от 71 в пвп паке (кач будет тоже) 2ч в день. Если интересно то пиши тут, в диске или в игре
  3. Got ur 5 cents, 24kkk more to go and i will be on ur lvl, mr God😁
  4. Daaaaymn, those times man, i was BSOE king back then, burning asses on whole Elmoreaden) Never seen that compilation tbh, but its nice one)
  5. We were having a lot of discussions, i even entitled myself as a PR RAT for some time.. But ppl forget in their hypocrisy, that PR is a part of the game, and kinda ass saving. Love ur EEs, be nice with ur healers and estimate ur situation well. And cut the crap already saying PR is smth bad, it is not, and it is NICE!
  6. Актуален начиная с 71 уровня, но у нас наоборот, всё больше для пвп и совсем не для фарма:)
  7. Guys, u are rly blind to that fact that we have already 2x epics of high lvl. How is their farm different from low lvl? Zaken or Baium takes 20-40 minutes with high lvl vs 1-3 minutes low lvl epics. And no fights over any of them. Bcuz each side gets needed epic in their prime-time and farms it as long as it is there, until eventually it goes to another prime. Mr. Fortuna is right, better leave the opportunity for newcommers that may come someday, rather making urself exping shittons of boxes once again.
  8. we got sntrghened Baium, how it helps out? Ur argument is just nonsense, smart boy
  9. And also lets put them in catacombs as an istance zone, and let them drop pieces of epics so every1 could farm them!
  10. Sung has rly the point, in most cases job of a dagger is to kill FAST healers. And u know what? When I meet stacked healer with +8 bwl and sigel weapon, u are never able to kill it fast. Its tankier atm than any bards, cuz nobody stacks bards as hard as ppl do for healers. Infact I saw bards crying they cant propertly damage and feel like i wanna scream out loud ;D
  11. Reddish

    Dagger Six

    Tbh I should thank you and @MoDoy for this to happen, now it is really decent And ofc @San0 for bringing those fixes to life Daggers are now playable no matter how bad equip is, with decent skill they can do impact, with good skill they can outplay other "OP" classes.
  12. Reddish

    Dagger Six

    With respect to all the enemies and allies, new compilation for past 2 months:
  13. It wasnt about who between u three does more dmg, its about there is only 3x daggers atm who rly does one shots and moreover, if u arent stupid as a wooden desk, its not that hard to CC daggers with aggros
  14. Boi, full buffed enemy will not die to 1 stab unless Rizos hits u, that makes only 1 dagger per server and he made that way to do so for YEARS. For eg rn there are Sung and Pose who are also fullstacked daggers and they do not kill 1stab nobody unless its unbuffed. Daggers like me are shit and nonfactor in open pvp vs normal CPs where roles are understanded by their players and tank does agro or smth like that. U will not EVER be able to do 1 stab fiesta every member. I believe there is no problem with daggers atm. We have 3x daggers which are relevant, one from every race and ppl start telling daggers are op while u can stomp any other than those three from one FC...
  15. Its ok, u didnt understand what happened. Daggers remain THE SAME. They fixed CC and CoP buff, in previous patch they were working wrong and giving resist to any crit, while on officials they were giving all resist crit BUT for daggers it worked 1/2. Meaning, if CC or CoP gives 30% resist to any crit, then for dagger it means only 15%. Also was changed hvy armr mastery. So, if u wont be lazy and fullbuff ur tyrant u will see the normal dmg around 2-3k, double dmg at 4-6 and double +cc triggers at 8-12 which is how daggers works. Matter of luck only.