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  1. Name a level 82 CC that’s worse?
  2. To be clear… I would actually prefer they delete Uppercut and re-allocate that power into a level 82 variant of another CC, whether that be Destroyer’s Roar (very long CD) or Armor Crush (HP cost). I’m sure people who mass PVP with a high level Destro feel differently, but that’s what a forum is for - discussing things you would like to see changed.
  3. I’m really referring to Oly here. The skill is obviously very strong in mass PVP and has a good land rate. I’m not arguing that at all. The cast speed IS slow - go compare it to any other melee skills in the database - and when you knock the target down and you can’t follow-up with an immediate hit, it’s awful… The skill does have a high land rate, it has a short cooldown and is relatively expensive to use (MP). Perhaps the main problem with it is its power in mass PVP is huge but in Oly it’s relatively weak (if you compare it to any other 82+ level CCs). Maybe it’s working as intended, but those are the major problems I have with the skill.
  4. Give Destro 82 armor crush and delete Uppercut. Fine by me. There are times when you can literally run out of my Uppercut cast on Olympiad because it’s such a slow cast (even with 1 hander). And I don’t know how else to explain the push away other than log a high level Destro and try it yourself. It feels really bad.
  5. Destro needs a reliable CC (good luck landing 78 skills on 82+) or tweak to Uppercut. Feels so bad to use.
  6. We’re all tired of farming light blue mobs in GC for years, but until something better exists people will continue to take the path of least resistance…
  7. Good post Rizos. Unfortunately it seems a lot of the time the players and admins are talking past each other. Our feedback doesn’t really seem to be heard or appreciated. Either that or we aren’t effectively communicating what we enjoy about the Classic experience. I think for most people Lineage 2 is about the grind/journey to becoming powerful. The last two content patches haven’t added a whole heck of a lot to make that journey more interesting and fun. Sure there’s long-term and difficult to obtain items you can grind for and make your character more powerful, but if you aren’t having fun 99.9% of the way there, is it really a successful content patch?
  8. Appreciate the addition of Titan rush. Curious why they don’t get any additional skill ups. It is almost impossible to CC someone 82+ except with Uppercut which is very slow skill and “pushes” the enemy when they get knocked down so you have to run a step before you can hit them again. If anyone has used it, it is VERY frustrating.
  9. They could still only do that because cleaning PKs is so cheap. There’s essentially two issues with current PK system in my opinion. 1. Safe PK to 4. Too easy to PK with little to no risk. 2. Cleaning PK count is cheap. I would prefer both change, but either changing would be welcome.
  10. I think you’re missing my point. At no point did I suggest that the BR/CN mega alliance is good for the server. I am saying that PKs being low risk is bad for new players. I understand PKs being high risk is worse for you and other exceedingly powerful CPs on the server, but it seemed most of the changes made in this patch were geared toward improving the new player experience which is why I agreed with the suggestion of dropping since first PK. No surprises here, there are differing opinions between people who are at very different stages of the game. My agreement with that suggestion was something I thought was in line with the goals of this patch and the reason I even bother typing about it.
  11. My proposal would be merely to make the decision to PK or not a true decision based on risk/reward. The current system leans way more heavily toward reward in most cases. This makes it less of a decision and more of an automatic response. I would argue this is bad for the game. I will give a few examples… I seem to recall RS completely locking down SV 75 raids for months which ultimately led to the raid spawn time being randomized. I don’t think that issue would have arisen as quickly as it did if there was a higher risk to consider on your first PK. Say conservatively you had 50 people in CC locking down SV, you could PK 150 people safely without a fear of dropping. The random zerg would obviously stop trying to contest before they saw 150 people slaughtered, but just for the sake of argument to wipe 150 PKs it would be 90kk and 15 minutes sitting in Floran. Does that seem appropriate for the benefit of every 75 boss drop, potential 75 DKs, and wiping progress from potentially over a hundred newbies? Not to mention the billions of exp? I’d pay 90kk to free farm the 75s and any DKs that spawn every single day, and apparently so would you… Another example, say RB farmers gate into a group of randoms successfully killing a raid boss. They can PK them and take the drop for the price of a few PK scrolls. Low risk, high reward. Or even simply PKing someone trying to XP on an 80+… you spend 600k and they spend 8-9 times that to brez or maybe bishop rez and lose 1-2 buff rounds of exp? Low risk, high reward. Obviously I don’t play the game the same as you and I don’t have access to a warehouse full of epic jewels so I understand we aren’t going to agree on what’s best for the game or even how the game should be played. I just want you to understand how some of the systems currently in place have been/are abused to the detriment of new players. Once again, it’s not up to me to change anything. I can only voice my concerns.
  12. Personally, I don’t have a problem with training being part of the game; however, it is ultimately up to the developers to determine what they think is good/bad for the server and how to best address it. Aen makes some good points on Discord. If training is the developer’s perceived root of the problem, then they could first take action to reduce the effectiveness of training. I have no idea how you would accomplish this from a game-design perspective, but it is probably the best first step instead of changing a core game mechanic - having to be careful where you grind because you are at risk of dropping gear if you die. Now, if they have tested solutions and cannot figure out how to reduce effectiveness of training then the second step would be to start altering drop chances. Again, this is all operating under the developer’s assumption that training is bad for the game. There is obviously an interesting dynamic between new players and some of the server’s top CPs. I think the issue is often what’s best for new players’ progression (and what I perceive to be the developer’s desire to get and maintain this population) is at odds with what powerful groups on the server want, either to maintain their dominance or to continue playing the game in a way that’s fun or perhaps profitable ($$$$) for them… I cannot think of anything more effective to do with an extra PC while sitting at the door of an epic for hours than to train new players in GC/FI who can give you a quick payday. Arguing whether dropping items is good or bad is kind of missing the point.
  13. This would be a very welcome change. Originally, PKing was a very high-risk endeavor. In its current state, you just have to pay attention to your count and clean them when you’re done… at a very low cost. In this patch, prices of consumables went up but not PK clean scrolls?
  14. You think the penalty for going red right now is appropriate? Clean with a couple mob kills and erase the PKs with <1kk adena?