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  1. Queen ant spawns every day… Orfen/Core/Zaken every other day. And QA4, Orfen4, Core4, Zaken4 take way less time to make than Anakim/Lilith runes.
  2. Any info on Chimaera Captain? Is there a notification in game when it spawns?
  3. We had 10 hour Antharas fiesta on Friday with some pretty epic PVPs. Definitely still fun!
  4. Thank you for listening to our feedback!
  5. Priest change is definitely good, same with gemstone change. Antharas being PVP zone is a positive. Personally see the always allowed entry as a negative - boss takes FOREVER to farm and PVP disrupts it way more easily than any other boss. Chimaera Lord seems nice but S grade is still significantly worse than +6/+8 A so doesn’t do much. Antharas level 2 and bracelet level 7 are negatives in my opinion because they continue to widen the gap between top players on server and more casual. Also takes a VERY long time to farm level 6 already. Perhaps if the old weapon parts dropped in Hellbound I would be more in favor. Would like to see more frequent spawns of Lilith/Anakim and maybe even a system where they spawn every X days if kill limit isn’t met. Glad to see a patch and changes continuing to be made to the server! There are plenty of things to do for old players because the current systems in place take a very long time to complete: FI6 - consider adding similar system to gemstone upgrade but for FI parts (combine bones to Carbo shell, Carbo shell to ptero talon, etc. and in opposite direction as well) Lilith Anakim Curious what the stats are for some of those items and if further adjustments may be necessary so they’re actually obtainable.
  6. You’re right, they should do exactly what the server hoppers want, that will be great for the longevity of their project…. Lol
  7. My point is the administration should not cater to people who don’t play here. They’ve made the purpose of this server very clear.
  8. Now add a poll under this poll: Do you currently play on the server? Bet the results match exactly.
  9. Hey Bellion, dshao wants to buy your Dragon Slayer
  10. I would also add for FI two changes I could see being very nice: 1. Allow purchase of FI items (fangs, shells, etc.) with the weapon parts from quest 2. Allow exchange of FI items up and down at certain rates - for example, 1 fang = 2 ptero talon (or whatever rate is appropriate) This gives the players options on how to best focus their time while on island without fundamentally changing how it is all farmed.
  11. Agreed there is some low-hanging fruit that the admins could very easily change. It seems they are very reluctant to make small tweaks to things like FI/Lilith/Anakim runes. I remember in the first week of FI release pterosaur drops were heavily nerfed and spawn times changed, but the server has continued to evolve since then and now there are more options than grinding FI all day. Small, frequent tweaks to improve some of these systems and make older gear actually obtainable would be a very welcome change until they are in a more satisfying/balanced place.
  12. For any new players on server, this comment from the patch notes is no longer correct. “Weapons obtained by Coins of Knowledge cannot be augmented or have runes inserted on them.” You can actually insert runes into these weapons. Great change for new players, but had not seen any information presented about the change.
  13. That’s what I don’t understand. Why are they picking and choosing what skills get a level 82+ version? Seems like the server has matured past any skill being stuck at level 77.
  14. Thanks for addressing some of our concerns! Greatly appreciate the communication.