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  1. bazook

    Dion x3. On the horizon

    srsly?? in the beggining of summer? everybodys planning vacation at sea,but not playing l2.I think september would be perfect.
  2. Donate from master card is not working,im not the only one having this issue,at least 7 peopple tried.when its gonna be fixed ?
  3. bazook


    just some old player from perks.
  4. bazook

    pin lock

    good point here,forgot that can drop items from mobs .. 🙂
  5. bazook

    pin lock

    Hello,to lvl up,buff,pull can do anything.Or maby i misunderstood question.So for example : everybody shares acconts right ? lets say i have bd and expensive items on it,and i dont trust i share my account so they can use it,but cant PIN unlock it,so my items is safe and cp can use my bd. Simple/safe 🙂
  6. bazook


    for hype ppl goin to x20 rates. so ill take the answer as real.
  7. So its protection from scamming,basicly you can give youre acc to use and not worry to be scammed.So it works like that : you locking it with pin and if you havent unlocked it you cannot remove any items from it,also you cant pk,drop items,mail etc.
  8. bazook

    LF CP

    necro / OL and sws/bd/wl lfcp, start prime +- 17:00 GMC +2,lf pvp+pve mage cp. Not new on classic,played on TI project.
  9. bazook


    so Bizqquit is coming with his side?
  10. i dont really understand some of you,if you dont want a new server then stay on this one,you want free farm all locations all rbs,have youre no compettition hero,nobodys forcing you to leave.but the real reason is that you spend many euros for these epics right? and you know for sure that if new server comes up,the old one will be almost dead and you will pvp against youre own chars.
  11. many old and new players would join new server,coz of this comunity,nostalgy and stability of server.No need to say " join this server " cos theres no chance to catch up even mid players,the server simply too old.Even after this thread few of my classicclub friends write me saying "maybe new club server coming" ...Anyways,administration is considering to open new server or no?
  12. bazook


    1.very stable server 2.good online for 5+ year old server 3.bit slow on updates,but stability of server pays that off. will never catch up top players with gear,but if thats not youre goal then thats the place for you :) 5.admins always helpful,but too many times when they interrupting game policy (returning dropped/stolen items and so on).thats annoying.