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  1. SPQR

    WTB dagger

    closed topic have dd+8+13 super yul runa
  2. LF EU FIGHTER OR ARCHER CP. I am 61 lvl dagger for now with B-grade equipment. Having over 15 years experience like dagger on few servers. Core/Skelth/DragonNetwork. I can play few hours per night after work like 19:00 to 23:00 gmt+2 (i am bulgarian) around 5 days per week. Sometimes i go out with friends or i travel to my family in different town. Usually every Sunday i am ready for the siege. I love PVP but need still sometime to lvl up and prepare and without buffer (i have just one device at home and can't box) its hard to play only at random RB/Daily parties.
  3. SPQR

    +dex-con dyes

    WTB +DEX-CON could be 30 x +2 dex -2 con or 20x +3dex-3con or 10x +4dex-4con and 10x+2dex-2con. I can pay 30kk for now. Waiting for offers in game DeLaFere on mails or here.
  4. SPQR

    WTB dagger

    up ! still looking for some dagger
  5. SPQR

    WTB dagger

    WTB DAGGER C/B +++++ for 450kk (after i checked the market prices could be DS+15, CD+13, DD+9 OR KRIS+11) with or without runa its not important for me. OFFER me here or in game DeLaFere on mail.
  6. SPQR

    WTB dagger

    WTB STILETTO+16 if price isn't crazy. Send mail with offers in game at DeLaFere nickname, will be afk.
  7. SPQR

    WTB dagger

    As I see the prices are very high, maybe its most proper to buy 10 x CD clean and EWC-s and try OE alone. CD+8 is like 200kk so with 10 tries who knows you can go 6-8-10-12 at least one of those 10 tries. Ofc this 15kk clean CD seems to me too high also but we will try smt cheaper.
  8. SPQR

    WTB dagger

    For all the possible variants i have to donate at official site which right now is impossible ! But TY for the info dude.
  9. SPQR

    WTB dagger

    Hello my question is what dagger (CD+++or DD+++) can you buy for 100-200kk adena ? Give some variants/ideas/advices because i really don't know the prices as i am a new player on server. I still don't have the adena because i can't buy COL and sell them, after donations are broken and i already tried 3-4 times but without sucsess.
  10. Sold/Bought, everything is cool ! Topic closed !
  12. UP, very cool clan and ppl who are helping to each other.
  13. TY a lot for all the info About dyes i was asking if there are any like +3-1 ? Best 20-40 spoil places for adena ?
  14. Hello from me as well. I am just downloading this server but i am not totally newbie as i played on Skelth/Core officials and DragonNetwork private for many years. Few question for this server: 1. I never play on bot and i hate them so how is the server in this dark part of the game ? Are there permanent banns for it ? 2. I am a dagger player are they welcome in fighter CP-s ? 3. What are the best dyes you can put here ? 4. Usually i start lvl/gear with RB-s but i doubt there will be enough players to make them together after i am so lately joining the server. So i am open about any other advices for exping/gearing faster. 5. Is there any buffs/potions to buy for clarity and haste so i will go for SE dual box ? 6. What is the current population of the server btw ? 7. How many boxes you can play without PA ? at least 2nd is free ?