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  1. @san0 and what about warlords/dreadnoughts, have in mind balance this class to make it playable? Only asking, dont get angry with me :D
  2. try a warlord and enjoy his marvelous stuns until 5x, then reroll to other class when you see warlord sucks a lot, as 95% of players do when zaken update comes to club. maybe you want to fix it when you suffer it in your own. Good luck san0 on your project :3
  3. @San0 @Koll What about all stuns on general, if you have bw and resist shock lv4 a char 6 levels more than you cant land a stun. I write this cuz as i know you want to make a fair gameplay. If you want to see it you can test it easy. Thx in advice