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  1. piktas

    Easter Event 2021

    i have nothing against drop, i am against leaf collection . I farm 500 eggs a day and then i need to spend tons of time collecting 500 leafs...
  2. piktas

    Easter Event 2021

    worst event ever. 30 eggs and 30 leafs? this game is 99% grind and boring so u make event where u need to collect 30 leafs to paint eggs so u make one click for reward ?
  3. Hello, almost same question but still different. We have tyrant,bd,sws,wc,pp,se 76lvl. What is minimal gear to start farming inside GC? atm we have bw h and +7 belions.
  4. Those new guys who say that they want new server just do not understand that they will be dominated by stronger ppl at new server also
  5. just do not kill monster from 1hit. I quess thiss issue is almost for every quest
  6. piktas

    GeoData reports

    same here, when u jump from the hill then u run to CT from Dion usually i go under textures . Same thing happen on alligator island when i jump from the small hill. Seems like this will happen on all the places when u jump from smth
  7. What about spoil? Do any1 buy mats at all? is it worth making a spoiler?
  8. Do summoners play with nukes? and do u make profit at all while nuking? And what about WL? Do any1 need them at all in the party ?
  9. Hello, i am new player here and i can play 3-4 accs for now. Can anyone suggest any setup to make life easier ? what do u think about summoner+se+bd? or maybe sumoner+se+ee? What about malee setups? spoilers? Thanks for responding in advance. Also i am from Lithuania so would like to join a clan from EU,LT or RUS
  10. Hey, looking for Lithianian or inter clan/cp. At this momment o dont realy care who i gonna be wc ir ol. In game nick sexas lvl 24