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  1. you are no one,just hear you are a beggar
  2. modi what?ask my friend who is modi,he told me maybe tell the truth,i don't know who is modiano also. but as my friend said,modiano is best dog of!how dare you are .you dare to abuse your master when you eating your dog food from your master?hangle is Asain,right?
  3. A confident person,you are a successful people just in you own got lv84? got all epics lv4? won in oly?enemy afraid of you?LOL to tell the truth, i don't care about whether the rat is white or grey.go back your hole
  4. If I'm not blind, you're blind. I will never say 90% of European botters/rmt/scammers/nofinger/crybabies I perfer to say who complain on forum clumsy like you,100% of them botters/rmt/scammers/nofinger/crybabies
  5. LOL,tough mouth,week hands. who are you,lady?Do you deserve to leave your name on this server? Don't want to admit defeat?show something to me.not just by mouth As I know,most asians on this server is much richer than you and farming harder than you,how could you think you can win a person who is better than you and work harder than you. when hangle got full epics and farming more than 4hours everyday,what are you doing at the same time? I get your point,you want a new server,a new server in eu with lots of European to beat few Asians at first 6months.then when Asians come to kick your ass,you could say I am the winner when the server complain Asians'RMT and you sell items to them,WTF. I really got your point ,what you want is not a new server,you just want a short six months of fun.
  6. if new server,Asians just beat you won't change anything. when you leave the server,sold all epics for real money then come back to say:I can't catch up old players.What's your logic? I have never seen such a wonderful server,I can play with my friends,I can play alone.its a 7 years old server,I hope it could be 17. so just shut up,Kse have told everyone 2 weeks ago,this server will stay without any wipe till it's last player will be gone.
  7. all i can say is that I love this server and this server is not easy to play
  8. The server is great, and the GM team is also great. But I think the biggest problem of the server is the loss of players and the shortage of new players. For many AFK players, the reason why they leave the server is not the server is not good enough, but they fail. We can ignore this. Many of them still keep Epics and accounts. This server is too demanding for casual players.We have seen the changes made by the GM team, but it is not enough,Without +16Bweapons and BOX, it is difficult to obtain LV79,LV79 is very important for many classes,they want to farm with boxes,but its very hard to get LV79 boxes.shadow items without term limit is also important,at least it could help new players to farm in sv before LV79,If only exp run+500%, it will only help those old players with epics to quickly build their own powerful BOX. Even for old players, 80-82 is still a very long process. With the update of Hellbound and the popularity of A weapons , new players can choose+7A instead of buying+16B at a high price. In this way, new players may be able to easily transition to 80, and then work hard for 82 like old players. By the way, Hellaround drops too many adenas, which may lead to the collapse of the economic system,too many scrolls/weapons and adena drop there,one scroll can even sell 100k adena!It is very important to balance the adena drop in low level areas and high level areas.