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    Facebook Contest Ideas

    I suggest some L2 Trivia... ask questions about L2 Lore, or L2 History...
  2. Hello guys, Thought of a fun way to keep entertained while waiting for things to get moving Do you have a very old screenshot from a C1/C2/C3 server and would like to share it just for the memories and the nostalgia? Well put it here I'll start with this one... It is my first Blade Dancer that I had on a C2 private server x4 rates called Iso Games - really good times - I played on that one more than 1 Year in 2003-2004 - Full Plate Armor Set + Dual Nightmare +8 The picture is sooo old that it was taken with an attached vga camera to a Siemens A60 phone :))) LMAO
  3. OK GUYS, WHATEVER! SEE YOU GUYS ON October 24!! Let's hope we will be more than 10 real players online (calculated without dual-box)
  4. ​Look, I found this I searched for Snipe and it has all the drops and spoils like our server I think I might hit the jackpot with this
  5. For drops and spoils, I use and I try to see the rates by myself, and its all good
  6. Yeah you're on a wrong Database, please check on L2 central to have exact drop rate. ​Ok then, if a Snipe from cruma tower has 300 adena drop in database, and we have 500.000 adena here, that is 25x? :))) this is not good Also the Leto Lizardman Overlord has this - drop chance Brigandine Helmet10.927% — 1.139% if you multiply that with 25 that should mean 1 brig helm at every 4 lizards killed :)) ​you still checking the wrong database, thats not a classic data baseПанцирный_Шлем here is the bringandine helmet drop database. there is another classic database, the korean one, just waste time in google, i dont remember the link, but for god, waste time. and remember, there no exist a real l2 classic server database, the russian and korean one, are estimated database, thats why there are intervals 0.01% - 0.05% because there is not know the exact drop rate of the things. No official database has been released. Those probabilities, and numbers have been obtained through a program that players are using in the official russian and korean servers, to gather an estimated drop rate of the items. ​THIS IS NOT COOL, i got the Full Brigandine Helmet from the Leto Lizardman Overlord yesterday, and in the DB you gave me, it does not even have that drop!!!!
  7. yeah san0, but even like that, if it were 25%, it should still have dropped at least once out of 500 lizardmans killed, right? I mean, for an enchant rate of 75%, there is a 25% chance for it to fail... and I enchanted that item to +500, and it still didn't break intro crystals kinda fishy if you ask me... But how about the Snipe, it has 300 adena drop in DB, but in game it has 500000... 100x adena rate?? i don't think so I also checked in the correct DB for adeena drop on Leto Lizardman Overlord = 400-600 adena... multiply that with 100x and you have 40000-60000 adena drop.... and in game you get 8k maximum
  8. Please give me the topic link where we can submit bugs! I will gladly help! I work in the bug finding domain... I'm a Quality Assurance Game Tester
  9. Yeah you're on a wrong Database, please check on L2 central to have exact drop rate. ​Ok then, if a Snipe from cruma tower has 300 adena drop in database, and we have 500.000 adena here, that is 25x? :))) this is not good Also the Leto Lizardman Overlord has this - drop chance Brigandine Helmet10.927% — 1.139% if you multiply that with 25 that should mean 1 brig helm at every 4 lizards killed :))
  10. ​Well, you weren't, untill you wrote this... And I mean no ofense, but 3x Classic means the most hardcore farmers will get 2nd CC in about a MONTH from launch. Do you honestly believe people who complain about rollback are ready for that? ​Ready or not at least they are there! And besides that a larger number of players is much more needed on a low rate, than a high rate
  11. ​I am flattered, but I actually play SimCity right now, and I expect things to stay that way untill live (unless some testing is needed). First: I wouldn't call those people less inteligent. Less experienced, less mature, or just less serious about Classic, but inteligence is a different thing. Second: Honestly, I don't care if people leave because of rollback on beta, because those people would leave anyway, sooner or later. Classic requires a certain mindset, that many players lack, and it's certainly not for everybody. Of course bigger comuninty will atract more people and more people will stay and enjoy, but doing crazy sh*t like that would drive away more people, than attract. Plus it would drive away those "reliable" people too, en masse. Point being, if you want more people here, make sure they know what they are getting into, that one day rollback will be the least of their worries when they spend a month's worth of farm on teleports doing 2nd class change quest. And just to avoid any confusion, Classic base adena rate is about 1/6 of what old chronicles used to be, so 3x Classic is actually half adena compared to "back then". That actually means even slower grind than that, because shots. ​Sett, I am now convinced that you just want to play with yourself and you get offended by whatever I write... So... yes you are right, I am wrong - You are the smartest, whilst I am and complete idiot and cannot perceive anything. Sorry for the missunderstanding Please accept my apologies and move on
  12. ​I just created a another char, and i'm 100% sure we have same rate as before x50 XP x100 ADENA x25 DROP, that why Cassiopeia is right when he said that. You get 200 adena per Keltir and you think we have x3 rate, then you gonna cry when real Classic will come. And about Rollback, with these rate, it's too easy to get back everything you lose. ​If Leto Lizardman Overlord has Adena (726-1449) on the 1x dropspoil database, and I get 3000-5000 adena on this server, that is not 25x !
  13. ​Hello Sett, I understand what you are trying to impose, but could you stop trying to be a smart-ass for at least a few minutes and try to take in the fact that a server with happy people, is a server with a lot of people? YES I KNOW that compensations shouldn't be made, but THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT. I don't want compensations, I want players back! If I wanted to play alone, I would have made my own server at home and connect to it(this is totally do-able), BUT NO I want to play with others, because its an MMORPG, How will I be able to play a MMO without players? WELL ANYWAY, I made my point, if you or anyone else is too ignorant to try to understand what I am trying to say and imply... then my time has been spent on nothing. Best Regards Defiance
  14. ​the server rates are 3x now, check the official database and compare it to this one.
  15. Hello, OK so I wanted to point out, that what san0 explained is not enough. My clan is fully empty, all my friends left, all my clan left. You guys do not understand the severity of what just happened! Yeah I know that they are not real players, that they don't understand what beta means... but what is more fun to play a server with 10 real players or with 1000 players of whatever type?! Please guys, PM them, Open a topic, do something to bring them back, over 80% of the players left. Open a topic and help them, give them what they lost, its beta, you can please them! Please them now as long as you can... A pleased customer is a satisfied customer, and he will bring his friends, he will advertise, and eventually he will buy premium account. I have been playing this game for a very long time. Now that I have family, I can't make a server or do stuff like the old times, but I have been through this! Trust me! I just want to help you guys get back at least half of the 80% people that left. So Open a topic, and put it on the main site, with apology + item redeem + a bit of fun until the beta ends. Win them back! We need those less intelligent people back. I won't stay and play on this server with Sett and 10 others and that's it! I prefer Sett and the 10 other guys that are veterans + the 1000 noobs that will make the game fun for me and also for the other veterans. You guys are either ignorant by missing my point, either not grown-up enough to debilitate it! Regards Defiance!