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Found 16 results

  1. Slythe

    US Proxy

    Hey guys, I really, REALLY love your server. IMO its the best L2 server by a mile, nothing even comes close. I was wondering, are there any plans to add a US proxy server? I know there is one already but I get a better ping to the European one (250 on the USA proxy, 165 on the European.) Which is weird because im in California so I'm guessing it's not a "true" proxy. Thank you for reading, would LOVE to play this server with a 70ish ping like I can on other L2 servers with USA proxy's!
  2. Presi


    Server is up? or only beta?
  3. Server is down? i log and i stack on the "proxy selection"
  4. Hello, A few months ago you advised that a new high five server will be opened sometime in January (or something like that). Yet there has been no new news about it. Will it be opened? Did you cancel the project? What about that 2.0 update you've been advertising since like... forever? I would restart playing on either, whichever one comes first: H5 or 2,0.
  5. Hello I would like to ask about server situation the currently players of this server. Is it known approx online of the server in peak hours? It is worth to start from 0 at the moment? Does Administration much care about the server - help with bugs, react on bots reports? What levels are the current top CP's/Players? Thank you Cheers
  6. chosen

    Server down

    server is down for how much time?
  7. Hey, I'm new to this concept of L2 and I'm looking for someone who can explain to me just few things about L2 classic concept... I really like this server (after one old c4 1x retail like cz server I spent 1,5 year on, I always wished for some hardcore grind server, where people care about their hard earned exp and they try their best to stay alive in pvp, and where people do not leave after few weeks, because their large amount of time spent in the game is nothing for them...). I didn't come here on the forum to cry about something being hard or such things. I only have a few questions 1. I don't really understand what chronicle is this, or what chronicle is this supposed to be. I read somewhere it's C3-like but honestly, on C3 (not even C6 as far as I know) mobs would never evade your magic skill (it could fail but it would still do 50% of dmg when magic skill fails or 1 dmg when the difference of your skill lvl vs. the mob/char lvl/mdef was too high. + low lvl mobs never used soulshots/spiritshots (only in ketra/varka from c4 and even then it was more like a bad luck). So what is this chronicle? And if it's not only one chronicle, is there any list of things that are taken from newer (c3+) chronicles (and why would be nice too)? 2. Why did you (or why it's like that on classic) change basic things like which skill require spellbook and where the required spellbooks are dropped? 3. Is the price of premium going to stay at 10€ or is it likely to be changed someday? Because 10€ seems like a lot to me only for a second box and cheaper ports. If it gave you for example +10% exp (nothing high but still feels more reasonable to become a premium member for that than just a second box and cheaper ports + higher exp isn't that much of an advantage when the adena drop stays the same for you ). Thanks in advance for your responses and please keep the flame low
  8. Hello Question mostly to Administration. Are there plans to run new serwer in near future?
  9. Народ помогите пожалуйста хочу зарегистрироваться, нажимаю (Регистрация) меня кидает на этот сайт... спасибо ________________________________________________________________________________________ People want to help please join click (Register) throws me on this site ... ty
  10. Bom dia gente. Eu estou pretendendo começar a jogar este L2 porém preciso saber qual dos sub servidores que tem mais gente on. E por exemplo, vale a pena jogar no Proxy EU ? influencia na velocidade de conexão? E outra questão também. Lógico que no sub server que tem para brasileiro, os outros não devem entrar muito. Então vale realmente a pena entrar nele? Agradeço as futuras respostas ^^
  11. I start this pool to see how the future server will be populated with Also tell us what do you expect for you class in this classic
  12. Hello, I have opened this topic because a very big roll-back has occurred from yesterday till today. The reason I am posting this is because the admins should do something about it, because over 50% of the players have left the server due to this issue. For example I have lost 5 levels on each of my dwarfs, I lost 4 hours of farming brigandine helmet designs and recipes and the most important a full brigandine helmet drop (from Leto Lizardman Overlord), I also lost 5kk and 1 level on my bigger character... ok enough about me... what about you guys? I bet a lot of people from the community lost a lot more items and adena and XP than me, due to this big roll-back. The question is: What happens now? Will the Administrators be willing to give the items back to the players and apologize for this inconvenience (with the roll-back they literally pissed on our free time)... And maybe, just MAYBE at least 30% will come back and play and keep advertising the server to their friends... Or is this the end of it all, because so many people are pissed and left the server? Well?
  13. so, on offi they've set exp loss on death to 4%( since the previous 10% chased off most casuals and PvP died after hitting mid-high levels ), and increased the adena drop of x3( since 1/6 of C1 was way too much of a handicap ). will we get the same improved rates here at Live launch, or will we stay with the 1.0 default crippled rates? i'm asking because changing them in order to match retail would simply make the game less grindy, and PvP way more enjoyable for everyone. any answer from the admins will be appreciated.
  14. Hello, Dear server carers, About server: We (old players) would like to tell you our honest opinion about this OBT. Server population is decreasing. Many of people not farm (why they should ?), stand on town and they bored. Players dont want waste time for waiting. They organize our work/life time to have some free time for game, in this case for useless playing. In OBT should be tested quest's (not for class change) drops/spoils, geodate and other settings. BUT you set mid rate's w/o any gifts (with possibility to move on live), grind is boring on beta. DID YOU TEST CASTE SIEGE'S (is them on Classic)? I dont think so. DID YOU TEST ALL OF RB'S? I dont think so.Many pvp skills were not test. It's not attack to admins but you didnt think about increase rates from begin and let ppl to farm faster/easier if you want to know about all of high lvl errors. It's too late now for fix that. Remember, if someone find bug on 60+ or 70 + lvl and use it, you will have huge problem. Many time admins solve it by wipe but you lost many ppl then. W/o any clear information about future server we dont know what we could do. Clear information i mean post with specific DATE Open live server. To Admins/rest: Dont write about yours charity work on server.You are doing server to make losses? Or you/developer would like to earn money in future? Truly I dont belive you about yours "super" antibot system. You cant event tell us date of open live server. How many peaple has your team? 2? 3? I think you have too few ppl to focus on files server, bugs, errors. Recruit some moderators/support in order to relieve key staff. I apologize in advance for your honesty that could hurt someone. Sorry for eng. I expect responsible answer from admin. Best regards
  15. was just thinking that it would be nice to have a status check on the main website and/or forum in order to see if the server is currently online and playable, or offline due to bug fixes and whatnot. by doing that, people wouldn't had to wait at the login screen while hoping to enter, if they already knew that a manteinance was ongoing. might be useful for OBT phase and later on for Live as well.
  16. Русский: Ув. Администрация, интересует, где именно стоит сервер(город, область,страна) т.к. очень интересует какой пинг будет Для пиндосов(English): SW. Administration, wondering where exactly is the server (city, state, country) because very interested in what will be the ping