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Found 5 results

  1. JerrySM

    Drama Road

    Some Random Fraps L2Classic.Club, Our Drama Road.
  2. bsklakis2

    Fun Stream

    I am now to this stream kinda stuff so i will do stream for fun and relaxing Come watch say hello
  3. Humble

    Join the Goodlife!

    Hello L2Club players! We are a new clan forming under the name 'Goodlife'. We are looking for EU timezone based players to join the goodlife! What can we offer? - Experienced players -10% exp bonus -Discord & clanforums -Raidboss CP -Clanlvl 5 What we want from our members: - English speaking players - a good sense of humor - decent activity ( real life always comes first) - Communication! Be on discord! Currently looking for all support classes especially bishop but also, Warlord, Tyrant, Destroyer and main spoiler , any new player can apply to our secondary clan called the Whitewalkers, clanleader is Planetofzeus/Jurgel so make sure to contact him! "Pm me for website url" o/ Humble
  4. New CP recruitment 62+ A new mage CP is growing and all of you are needed!!! Lv 5 clan Phoenix is looking for new members mainly exping on AoE (10% bonus exp) CP NAME IS TRIVIAL You can propose your own name (votes will do the rest) Prime time: Monday to Friday 20.00-24.00 GMT+1 be active at least 3-4 days a week Weekends to be defined (YOU CAN COMMUNICATE YOUR DAYS DISPOSAL IN ORDER TO ORGANIZE IN ADVANCE PT) Tank/BD (✔) Sword singer (✔) WarLord (✔) DD mage (✔) Bishop (✔) DD Mage (✔) DD Mage (✔) Elver Elder (SLOT FREE) Over Lord (✔) SE (BOX) (✔) We can give you: 100% reliable and trustworthy persons help on gearing up Communication on Discord and ts Players with decent English (except Venu unfortunately) Wars and almost daily EXP Clan Hall Well organized clan policies Having a good time together What we want from you: SPEAK ENGLISH USE DISCORD Support CP and Clan Playing with us
  5. Hello guys, Thought of a fun way to keep entertained while waiting for things to get moving Do you have a very old screenshot from a C1/C2/C3 server and would like to share it just for the memories and the nostalgia? Well put it here I'll start with this one... It is my first Blade Dancer that I had on a C2 private server x4 rates called Iso Games - really good times - I played on that one more than 1 Year in 2003-2004 - Full Plate Armor Set + Dual Nightmare +8 The picture is sooo old that it was taken with an attached vga camera to a Siemens A60 phone :))) LMAO