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  1. 1) In my opinion, yes, more than 3 BOXes should be released, after all, today many people use more than 1 computer to log into several screens. What is the difference between logging in 5 boxes on 1 computer? None! Frankly, I don't see the point in banning one thing and not banning another. The only ones who profit from this are the companies that sell laptops. 4) Not releasing level 80 is penalizing those who have committed to the game until now and UP daily. Everyone who is 79 80%+ will soon be 100% and will naturally become discouraged. Freeing those who are still 78 or 79 will certainly struggle even more to reach 80, making farm areas more competitive. 7) Sieges are one of the main contents, but by penalizing death you are taking away the dynamics and making it tedious. Many don't like losing XP and wait inside the city for the PERFECT RUSH or especially after they die they spend 15 minutes waiting for Bishop's resurrection for fear of losing 0.20% I don't see the point in removing the penalty only when more people are lv 79+, once again you are penalizing those who commit to the game and helping those who play 1 hour a day.