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  1. How comes the dwarf village is literally FULL of bots and they arent banned?...
  2. ​I think the admins should tell us if what they ban is the character, account or IP. I think it should be IP BAN, if it's not like that now. ​ they ban the account
  3. The most important reason is because 99% of the users botting dont USE THEIR ACCOUNT, they create another. If you ban it they dont care, they just create another... this server is gonna be ruined at this rate
  4. Its just ridiculous how many bots are already, and you give them 2 chances? why? everyone knows its against the rules to bot, if they do it they should be banned. You only encourage them to keep booting with that system.
  5. panoramix

    Event: Spooky Scary Hunt

    I get 10% of exp in one hour farming, like if i care to get that certificate (im 26 atm)
  6. panoramix

    Reclutamos gente para pt de magos

    La verdad q no te entiendo flaco, tan pelotudo sos? no te soportamos, terminamos yendonos a la mierda de tu ts. Estas jugando un servidor con 2000 personas y tenes q venir a romperme las pelotas? anda y conseguite un amigo flaco, ya pareces enfermo de la cabeza.
  7. panoramix

    Reclutamos gente para pt de magos

    Por algo ustedes son 90. Viven reclutando pibitos y gente low level por q se les van cuando se dan cuenta de q son unos inutiles.
  8. panoramix

    Reclutamos gente para pt de magos

    Yo no entro a tus posts de reclutamiento a tirar basura, creo q con eso demostras quien es el enfermito. Echarme de donde? nunca estuve en tu clan, compartimos ts y nada mas bobo. Tampoco se por que decis q usamos a la gente, para mentir andate a otra parte venezolano idiota.
  9. panoramix

    Reclutamos gente para pt de magos

    Reclutamos gente para party de magos (no chilenos, peruanos o venezolanos), mandar whisp a panoramix
  10. panoramix

    Only two days to go live (?

    And if you guys think that this whole proyect and the work the programmers are doing isnt to make money, im not going to waste more words with guys who dont understad the simple matters.
  11. panoramix

    Only two days to go live (?

    ​You are the idiot dude. First of all: they dont do it so we can enjoy the game. They are doing it so they can make a reliable profit with the donations once the server is live. You just pointed out who is the kid only by saying that. Now, i dont know what is your problem but no one insulted you so there is no need to jump in defense of the gm (they can stad for themself) and insult me or any other player, learn to behave before calling other people inmature. They made promises and asured us things they werent able to do in the time they themself accorded and now Im just asking them to show up because like usual they give 0 answers or explanations unless you make a fuss in the forum. Again, the big idiot here is you buddie.
  12. panoramix

    Only two days to go live (?

    By Drakla
  13. panoramix

    Only two days to go live (?

    I was just waiting to happens what the administrators told me 3 times, two of those times in this forum and one ingame: "i can promess you that before august ends we will go live" Well im kinda mad because someone didnt kept his word and didnt said nothing, if i dont keep a promess i apologize.
  14. Well i wanted to know what happened with the "i can promess you that before august end we will go live" because it doesnt seem to me that we are going to go live today nor tomorrow
  15. panoramix

    enable multiple commands (?

    Thats what i was doubting about, thanks for clearing it out. Would be nice to have them in game