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  1. Lactub

    Game giving error when i click login.

    I wished i had this error. A disk defrag could be my first option to resolve this.
  2. Lactub

    LF clan/CP Player 13,30 - 22,00

    Aqui vai alguns clans brs: Pm Legend para GoToHell. Pm Lua para NoName. Pm SnK para Legacy. Pm Fuminh0 para Pirates.
  3. Lactub

    SSD à 9a?

    Ah Silverwing, gostei da resposta que o cara lhe deu lá no english, acho que é do jeito que ele falou mesmo, na base do drop e craft de equips.
  4. Lactub

    Event: Flash mob

    ​17 horas, horário de verão.
  5. Lactub


    O updater tem que estar na pasta do jogo, com isso em mente o download que ele faz leva um tempinho, de 10 a 15 minutos na primeira vez.
  6. Lactub

    Lineage 2 on MAC

    I don't have experience with Mac, but try this: In the system folder of the game open the file Option.ini -> look for StartupFullScreen -> if is true, change to false and vice versa. Then run l2.exe
  7. Lactub

    Creating Mage CP (+clan recruitment)

    ​In the beta I did a ES, we was lvl 60 there and none pony buffs. I dunno if is official in this chronicle ES without pony buffs. I have a Cleric lvl 21 but my spoken english is not so good as my reading.
  8. Lactub

    Lineage2classic promotional video.

    "Prooon Prooon" what? We can't hear this anymore?
  9. Lactub

    moved to new thread

    I know some english, but I'm not so good in speaking/speech, have I a slot in your clan?
  10. Lactub

    Game giving error when i click login.

    Ok, if you did format your pc, then you was getting error from: 1 - Some files missing or corrupted in the windows register. (regedit) 2 - Some programs making interference with the game, that could be solved in task manager. I've unchecked the box that I mentioned before, but I didn't get the error. Ps.: I saw your video, you ran the updater but then you ran l2.exe. Once you click in launch, the game initializes a bit later, so better wait.
  11. Lactub

    Game giving error when i click login.

    Try this. Check if you have this box checked in the options of your HD in Device Management. (Habilitar gravação...) After check, restart your windows and try the game again.
  12. Lactub

    Cliente traduzido em Português + Mods

    Por enquanto estou tentando ajudar na resolução dos critical errors. ​Eu enviei via PM, vc tambem quer ajudar na tradução?​
  13. Lactub


    Delete the system folder of the game and run the updater. Click in Launch after updated.
  14. Lactub

    Game giving error when i click login.

    The problem makes a call in the function of login with the server. So try to register another account or put something else or nothing in the login fields to see the results. Have you tried to reinstall all the chronicle, or even download again from other sources? Like the new torrent released here in the forum? Do not give up, yet. Here, look in your modem/router if have some firewall activated, then turn off it. Or if have some rules to deny l2 or some ip of the game. Try to change the DNS too, try the OpenDNS, I know that with it works: or