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  1. DecaDurabol

    Drop/spoil, colored chat

    Good evening, Maybe someone have drop/spoil and colored chat pack? Thanks. It's great then you see if spoil landed or not (in green text)
  2. DecaDurabol

    Two windows.

    Good evening to all, Sorry, delete this topic =]
  3. DecaDurabol

    Can't start game. Need help.

    Thank You Koll 😊
  4. DecaDurabol

    Can't start game. Need help.

    Good evening to all, Guys I'm having problem with game. Downloaded game, patch - updated and started game. Problem: It starts with no problem, I'm writing down Login, psw and game turing off. No crash, no errors just turns off. What happening? Please need help. Thanks.
  5. DecaDurabol

    DA 53 lvl. Looking for clan.

    Good day to all Looking for active clan, hunting, RB.
  6. Administration keep good work! We are with You! Thank You for Yours effort and time to this project! ProGressive +1
  7. DecaDurabol

    the server is dead. lol.

    Love it !
  8. DecaDurabol

    LF "L2 Comics" English Version

    One of my favourite:
  9. DecaDurabol

    How many playing players right now?

    HEllo, Server is alive and full of joy ! Join our big community ! All good hunting spots is full of pll. p.s. if specific ~2,5k on peak. WELCOME !
  10. DecaDurabol

    I'm new, is it okay to join?

    This server is very good from all aspects. Administration, game concept, economy, events, CS ! Feel free to start here, the best L2classic experience. 10/10
  11. DecaDurabol

    Proclaimer in Giran Harbor

    ​No, no it's too much Sir.
  12. DecaDurabol

    Proclaimer in Giran Harbor

    Good day, Would be awesome to get "Proclaimer" in Giran Harbor. Thank You for Yours time.
  13. DecaDurabol

    BUG needs fixed

  14. Good day, Looking for clan to play with.