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  1. Rip

    Starting out

    First premium on account for 1 euro. Easy peasy
  2. You should have asked for it. Poor zp i will send you some shots when im home. B or c grade?
  3. Rip

    Event PvP

    Song of champion in mage pt - very usefull. I wish my sws had it
  4. Koll give us proofs!
  5. Rip

    Vampiric Rage

    Are you sure you are on right forum?
  6. Rip

    Flames of invincibility

    What's that?
  7. Rip

    bsoe / mounting casting

    Sure, and "relog" skill casting time
  8. Rip

    Castle Sieges

    @MoDoy For me Zaken patch is a myth
  9. Rip

    Castle Sieges

    When i see any poll i think "stupid people, they think they can change anything by voting" Admins dont give a shit about any sugestion and polls Few examples, Removing cycle macro 46 to 23 Free teleports till 40 lvl 42 to 8 Hero skill changes 58 to 8 Using summon while on mount 158 to 31
  10. Rip

    WTT GS +8 for Berserker +12

  11. Rip

    WTT GS +8 for Berserker +12

    And what if someone cant read?