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  1. Russian kid with glasses @V4siukas
  2. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hueheuheuheuheuehuehue
  3. Rip

    Gramy !

    Nigdy nie mów nigdy. Na antharas patchu pr w mage pt nie jest zły. Grali tak na gran kainie.
  4. You can kill each mob milion times and estimate chance.
  5. Rip


    We were 60-70 lvls without any epics (runes and toi talismans didnt exist back then) top cps were 74-75 lvls (76 was max) and yeah they had way better equipment than us. Im not saying it's easy to build party and catch up. It requires a lot of time but it's doable.
  6. Rip


    That's not really true. I started doing my cp on 1.5 half year server without any leading experience. I had only 1 friend and 2 ppl from clan. We were slowly growing up, finding new members, farming some items. After few months we became one of top cps on server.
  7. @Valeera @MoDoy @SemenArsonistas a stacked Necro i can confirm that tk with vengeance, hero and good eq was super annoying.
  8. Actaully im happy i dropped that orfen, it made me emoquit for like 2 weeks but during that time i realised how shitty community on this server is.