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  1. Rip

    Deviate vs WuKong

    legend is here 😮
  2. Rip

    I am insecure about my SV raids.

    Like for music
  3. Rip

    Gramy !

    Nigdy nie mów nigdy. Na antharas patchu pr w mage pt nie jest zły. Grali tak na gran kainie.
  4. Rip

    Drop/Spoil list of Zaken Patch

    You can kill each mob milion times and estimate chance.
  5. Rip

    Heroes Of The Talking Island

    @Sensei noob
  6. Rip


    We were 60-70 lvls without any epics (runes and toi talismans didnt exist back then) top cps were 74-75 lvls (76 was max) and yeah they had way better equipment than us. Im not saying it's easy to build party and catch up. It requires a lot of time but it's doable.
  7. Rip


    That's not really true. I started doing my cp on 1.5 half year server without any leading experience. I had only 1 friend and 2 ppl from clan. We were slowly growing up, finding new members, farming some items. After few months we became one of top cps on server.
  8. Rip

    Temple Knight & Shield Bash

    @Valeera @MoDoy @SemenArsonistas a stacked Necro i can confirm that tk with vengeance, hero and good eq was super annoying.
  9. Rip

    Confused about loop macro

    Do you know u can loop macro B?
  10. Rip

    Salty Greek Helps Brazil's Economy

    No thanks,im fine
  11. Rip

    Salty Greek Helps Brazil's Economy

    Actaully im happy i dropped that orfen, it made me emoquit for like 2 weeks but during that time i realised how shitty community on this server is.
  12. Rip

    is zp a racist after all?

    Sorry only 500+ matters
  13. Rip

    bot yes or no ? #1...

    Yeah everything will change. They will farm GC instead of toi
  14. Rip

    Trash macro or BOTs?

    Move to Europe
  15. Rip

    Event TvT

    In theory yes, in reality you bsoe/pr/relog/cancel war to avoid fights)