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    Posted Thursday at 2:07 PM Hello. As we already said around 15 - 20 times. We will need 2-3 days after installing bot protection. But I can't tell you that this is exact time, cause it's hard problem. Party system is one of the biggest systems in the game and it's using many files on server side. Each file must be edited and all files must work correctly together. Me with Kse, San0 and Draqla are hoping that Manton and another invited revers engineer will need maximum 3 days after installing bot protection to fix the party. And after these 3 days we will start inviting players on the test server to check all party system and then install it on live server. You can ask "Why you don't invite more people?". There are 2 reasons why: 1) We have 2 most expirienced reverce engineers in Lineage 2 sphere, so we don't know if other will help or new people will make more problems cause our engineers will need to help them understand game server parts. 2) To work with party system other people need to have access to the server. And you must understand that this is not secure. If we will give access to non trusted person, you may see 1000 new classic servers with our files and etc cause they can steal it. And more then 1 year of Draqla's and Manton's work will be for nothing. next time look in forum not fck spam...
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