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  1. JohnTravolta

    Database 1.5 drop spoil

    I made advertisement for this server what helpet a lot on the start, i won the 2nd prize which was heardphones worth 100$ that time, so im not totally random, i do not advertise any server, calm down.
  2. JohnTravolta

    Database 1.5 drop spoil

    Hello I searched this forum and couldn't find this info. Can someone provide me database of drops from classic 1.5? I know server is updated to 2.0 but i would be very grateful. is 1.0 l2 cetral is 2.0 and l2wkiki also 2.0
  3. JohnTravolta

    Server Situation

    Im coming from OFF, and i actualy reached endgame, no point to prolong subscription I have "unfinished business" here. I won in the Advertising event very good Razer Kraken 7.1 headphones - big respect to the administration i received my prize, but i havent time to join the server that time . I had even the premium account for the voting points - unfortunatelly i had to stop playing in Day1
  4. JohnTravolta

    Server Situation

    Hello I would like to ask about server situation the currently players of this server. Is it known approx online of the server in peak hours? It is worth to start from 0 at the moment? Does Administration much care about the server - help with bugs, react on bots reports? What levels are the current top CP's/Players? Thank you Cheers
  5. JohnTravolta

    New Serwer?

    Hello Question mostly to Administration. Are there plans to run new serwer in near future?
  6. JohnTravolta

    Event - Advertising

    I was away a bit but i think we will meet on the server, i hope. Cheers
  7. JohnTravolta

    Event - Advertising

    What about the prizes? I was second with nscraft account with about 1300 points. I spend half year of advertising and some money(my time and electric power) to promote you and now i see there is no info abut the advertisement event and as well the informations from main website dissapeard.
  8. JohnTravolta

    Event - Advertising

    Cassiopeia you doing good work with the advertisement, i am second in the event as the nscraft. Respect for you, i think i have no chance to catch you but im trying my best ;p All what i want is good fun without big stress from server side problems, if you bring more people i will be more happy.
  9. JohnTravolta

    Będzie się działo

    Sprawdzic serwer nie zaszkodzi, byle bysmy sie doczekali tego startu.
  10. JohnTravolta

    Event - Advertising

    You gave us shot from leaf to face
  11. JohnTravolta

    Będzie się działo

    ​Tak tu kaczmar
  12. JohnTravolta

    [POLL] Offline Shop?

    We would to know Administration answer in this topic too!
  13. JohnTravolta

    [POLL] OBT?

    Admins we request for fresh info about OBT.
  14. JohnTravolta

    what is classic 1.0 x3?

    What is the exp difference between Classic x1 to for example GOD x1 or GF x1? I heard that adena is 1/6 = x0,17~~ XP? there is some nonconfirmed informations on the net, i saw some opinion it can be around x0,85 so on Classic x3 it would be like x2,55 with compare to "earlier" chronicles?
  15. JohnTravolta

    [POLL] Offline Shop?

    weekly restart or restart every 3-4 days will close the problem of players that leaved game I dont see the point to not accept the offline shop idea, only as a honour for no customs? In real life you look on everything to dont loose too much money, and this case is actually about real life too because its not only about game but also about energy, idle minimized game consume about 20%30% of power your computer, maximized game consumes 75-100% your computer power. PC owners with strong macines and SLI cards knows what i am talking about, but i use offline shop even if i have notebook that takes 65Watt max, for 65Watt i have light on in my whole home and TV everything in LED ofc. No for offline shops only because of the idea non customs its not the right way. I dont like customs but this custom doesnt affect the game, it doesnt change the game Its the same story why OfflineShops has been implemented into earlier chronicles L2