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  1. Its a good idea ,but I seggested another one : Only Global ,trade,hero chat to be in English ...Another chats like party ,clan,ally we will for all languages ... You will be idiot to think your country a leader of world and a 1/3 of the population of L2 to know what u will say.... For example , my english is terryfieng and I know that ,but now I write it ...I dont use my mother language..... Lets tell you something ,who are do before many many thousands years : There no have a world who talk in english , all of nation's are talked their languages : latin ,old-greek or some language who they talk in his village. Then they make a one language - ENGLISH , to make it more clear what another says to you .Got it ? Learn english and you will get a whole world in your hands ! There has no a human who CANT TALK IT OR WRITE IT ! I am from Bulgaria ,and dont pushh everyone with my language ! That chat ban it will be not to anger all russians or someting like that , IT WILL BE DO , TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WANT OR WHAT YOU SELL OR BUY OR LOOK FOR PARTY......
  2. 0tka4enk0


    I want only to bring back pet SS ....and why ? Cuz your servitor is like a player . You cant kill somebody with normal spells...Summoner classes are like a buffer (like a SE for example) and their 2nd box (dagger or SPS) .Everyone can obtain a shots ,why and your servitor does some ? For me ,that servitors to dont have a SS ,very decrease a ability of summoners . One summon have a stats like your dagger have with mid or high lvl armor/weapon . Its a fact ... and now they dont have SS... It will be serious to delete all SS if summons dont have ...For example : Your summoner dont have a 2/3 of skills who you will get on Interlude for example . Dont have a special summon on 56 lvl (so you dont need in pt) , you dont lvlup a nuke skills or to learn new of them (like prominence ,hydro blast or blaze and aqua swirll ) and now they dont have a chance to get a SS ,for a only thing who will lvlup him , who will do a defense in one pvp or someone to come and make you 2-3 backstaps for nothing ....That is rly sh1t ...
  3. ​1. When I saw some videos , ss are auto. 2. I think there was a emal system idk..
  4. I want answer from devolpers ...They are stolen the files , make emulated server...what ???
  5. I know that may be stupid what I write now but I will challange my luck and see what will happens : Above 1000+ ppls wait right now to open ,and noone know nothing for the server . 1. What is that chronicle ? You tell us ,there is no Innova off files ,but they are off files. Are they is a emulating off files ? And if they are (its more logic) ,what is the base chronicle on that you worked now ??? 2. How you will explain ,that you say for "we got l2off files" when the true is another??? 3.We expect truly original l2 classic , with working geodata ,with a real chance of skills and etc. How you will succeed that ? 4.If there are emulating off files of another working chronicle ,what are the steps of change ? What you will change ? How you will make one server without 70% of that you have it ??? That is my questions .. Want administrators to look it that message and to answed us . If there are some questions who I missed , please right it here ! That to open l2 classic now , and to be free its VERY VERY BIG responsibility WHO administrators must be get serious !!!!!
  6. Здравейте ! Гледал съм безброй клипове ,но не мога да разбера като цяло замисъла на този нов л2 ...Какви скилове имат играчите , до колко е вече максимум левела ,гиъра ти до кой грейд може да се вземе ,локацийте същите ли са от Интерлуд например или е по изрязана откъм това ??? Между другото , търся си ЦП , което да играе предимно вечер , без значение от типа игра (лол реиндж , меидж ,съмонери ,арчери ) като предпочитани от мен класове са : SE,BD,SWS,BP,OL,Dagger,Nuker,Spoiler.