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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Yesterday I've put +4 STR Tattoo and realized that I got +15% P Attack. Also I test my Critical-based abilities on TH and the DMG was not increased. However on EU/KR Classic STR stat was reworked. On Off Classic It gives only 1-1.5% P Attack(Not 3.5%) per STR and also instreases Critical Power, which impacts TH Skills. Can Admins please explain whats going on? Thanks! -Ilya
  2. Fenrir

    L2 General infos

    in case anyone was searching for specific infos, but had no clue where to look exactly ( except google ): [Infos] L2Classic Races/Skills:Классы_в_Lineage_2 directly from L2central, there's all skills up to C1.0. needs to be translated from russian. PMFun database: Very old site, useful mostly for materials infos, mobs spoil, drops and whatnot. on a side note: many of the skills listed on PMFun are different/missing from Classic, since they're taken from previous chronicles up to Hellbound, so don't rely on those. everything else from characters stats to items should be reliable, as long as nothing else was changed in Classic beside skills. [Utilities] L2Calc: site for checking stats along with items/buffs directly on characters, however it still has the old dye system limited on +5 stats. updated until Hellbound. Ivory Tower Ite​ms showcase: site to check appearence of various items and armor sets. updated until Gracia.
  3. Здравейте ! Гледал съм безброй клипове ,но не мога да разбера като цяло замисъла на този нов л2 ...Какви скилове имат играчите , до колко е вече максимум левела ,гиъра ти до кой грейд може да се вземе ,локацийте същите ли са от Интерлуд например или е по изрязана откъм това ??? Между другото , търся си ЦП , което да играе предимно вечер , без значение от типа игра (лол реиндж , меидж ,съмонери ,арчери ) като предпочитани от мен класове са : SE,BD,SWS,BP,OL,Dagger,Nuker,Spoiler.