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  1. I personally didn't attempt to attack oren or aden on this server yet. What i heard from my allies (70+ lvl) guards are stronger on these 2 castles. For Oren. We would have to put all eggs in 1 basket and attack with everything to try to take it. This would mean loosing current castle. And it still may result in failure. Its simply not worth the risk at the moment. For Aden. There is simply too many guards on the way to throne room. Even in biggest numbers we could master. There wont be enough bodies to throw at guards to take it. I think this one will stand independent until you can see few parties in A grade running around. And some good buffs like FOI/COV/CC are in place. Maybe even heroes.
  2. You are wrong, kind sir. You can level in different ways than just aoe. And it can be even more effective. I was leveling my SE with PR friend. We were exping as fast as aoe party in ABG and even faster than duo mage + se.
  3. My SE is missing AOE dps spell too, can i get at least Aura Flash? 1 spell isn't that much, is it? Much appreciated.
  4. Doesn't work as intended? Shops in forbidden zone.
  5. WTB Dwarven Hammer +10++ (Top C 2h figther blunt) (pm me on forum, only serious offers)
  6. I recommend you to find a clan also. I've seen shouts in harbor for clans recruiting lvl ~30 with 6-10% bonus exp clan skill. You will find the game much more enjoyable with such clan
  7. ve3k

    I need clan

    If you change your mind about wars :)
  8. ​he hits like a kitten nowadays, but he is missing the kitten leap
  9. ​1. 40- locations are kinda empty but 50+ are full of ppl 2. there is always some raidboss party forming in party finder be it lvl 30 or 50 3. yes 4. I would say that D and C is much easier than old c1, B grade is about the same 5. no 6. official files with very good coders handling them
  10. Undead mobs locs: Ruins of agony (~20)Execution grounds (20-35)Hardins academy (35-42)Dragon valey (40-55)You should try to use windstrike more often , its more mana efficient until lvl 40. I can kill mobs lvl 55+ with windstrike just fine, so you can give it a go. EDIT: If you go with windstrike, go to EG until you get lvl 35. Then go to Hardins until 44 These 2 locations are the best with monster HP/monster XP ratio for cleric.
  11. Thank you for looking into this. Rush will be great addition to destro's skill set and will make him viable on PVP. Now his aoe fear skill makes more sense. ​I understand your concerns. As I wrote before, Frenzy is just fine as it is now. About rage. Old rage was more about the choice. You could decide if you wanted to be punching bag with high p.def and low p.atk or if you want to sacrifice this survivability in favor of more damage. Over the body: was not stackable with COV/POF/... in older chronicles. Unless this is different in classic, there is no benefit to it unless you are fighting in olympiad. New skills... I would like to see these in action, if they can be compared to over9000 power, no reuse glad/tyrant/warlord skills. Parties prefer punching bags that have agression and shield defense so healers dont spend so much mana on healing them and mobs dont loose agro. Mobs are agroing on glass canon DDs after few hits so not much dmg to soak up if you cant keep agro. After +12 STR will be removed, his farm potential will go down compared to other melee classes. Nobody is single target farming anymore. And destro has inferior aoe compared to other melee. Cant wait for 2.0 to be available on test server, so I can check how it will turn out. Maybe you are right and destro will be great again.
  12. We want fishing. Definite yes on that. I need something to do while waiting for party finder to complete the party. ​I also find this idea for both fishing systems very nice. New one would be auto with some small rewards (i.e: little XP and less pocf)Old one would give more rewards (i.e: decent XP for lvl 60 or lower and full rewards like pocf,recipes,consumables)If to implement both systems is hard/impossible, then I would have to go for automatic one (sadly) so i can exp while at work or sleeping to catch up top lvls.
  13. Hello. I understand that you are busy with 2.0 preparations. But it would be nice to know, if you would consider reworking destro or if I'm wasting my time on this. Simple "we will look into it" or "we wont change anything" would be sufficient. Thanks NOTE: some moderator could cleanup these off-topic posts
  14. I think if you compare online counter to H5 l2j out there that were always bragging about 8-9k online. This server would be somewhere around 12-15k on those counters.