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  1. Just start doin bishop 81 :p someday they will implement sublime, which is top game changer from this lvls skills :p dont have mana on longer pvp?Jeb sublime and full aliance have full mana/hp/cp
  2. Any chance to low rewards for daily q and add loa location as way to do 76+ location? I mean this kariks etc, not first mobs. Also any changes with drop from loa mobs? Or even up these moms +2 lvls more? :p
  4. guys we are trying sell power lvl here, dont spam about exp from rb 60+ when we actually killing 60< xD
  5. and some ppl who constantly crying on pm how we are bad :( also we will stun ppl who bringing half of mobs from elmoraden, bcs we dont need mobs on us on rb. if you dont want be stunned, just dont bring over 9999 mobs to us
  6. we are not 24/7, we are working in normal work, we dont kill 40-50 rb at all, 30-40 we farm cassually. at 50-60 you can farm a lot of adena on normal spot its even good for you that we are killing them :) You have chance to not wake up on 70 lvl with d grade weapon
  7. With average boost (its 100%scroll, exp stew, we can invite to clan with 10%) with 50% prices can higher, but depends on conditions
  8. WTS power lvl on chars between 25 - 65 lvl. Prices are about 100kk adena for 1kkk Exp, but we can think about others propositions. (BUT ONLY INGAME PROPOSITION, WE DONT NEED REAL MONEY! :)) All neccesary info in discord, in private message or ingame. contact ingame: "Leechi /„Kiraya discord: Evgeniy#3104 / Planar#4844
  9. better (but in future - not now) implement 1 zone where will be chance to farm top a grade weapon (with rly low chance) and with not many spots - or for example this zones would be open i 8hours/24 (2 per every prime ?) and with pvp zone 😛 now even gc is too big i think
  10. 300 rubles to entrance - i have 80 necro and i dont thing its good to test anything on this teribble chronicle - kamael v4 - sadly
  11. so do you think its neccesary to nerf mages to hit you for 400-600?