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  1. well there is a chinese alliance with 16+ weapons controlling the server, so if u think its too much p2w better neither start
  2. Dzinha

    A Grade Items

    Hi, I would like to suggest that for unsealing the A grade items we don't need the Cloth Pieces. The reason is that we are already flooded with +14/+16 items and is already hard to survive with just B grade stuffs, if we could at least get a little better with A grade stuffs that would improve the life quality a little. Today we can only buy that item for 80kk+, and its impossible to farm, because all those mobs are controlled by the WuAlliance
  3. Hi, I was wondering if its possible to do those quests to raise clan to lv4 then lv5,or just buying Proof of Blood the only way to raise them? Those quests were so much fun to do in the past.
  4. Well, I love Catacombs and everyone I know loves too
  5. Hi, in some servers when you Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click the monster you can see a in-game windows that shows drop and spoil of that monster. I believe that this feature would improve our server a lot, it is indeed better to look at website if u are looking what mobs are dropping what you need, but when you are in a hunt and wanna see what that mobs in that area are dropping its kinda hard to open site all the time to check it out
  6. Thx for the feedback Can you guys also lok at Elder Tyrant drop list, it was suposd to drop Recipe: Metallic Thread(100%) at 1/200 (normal drop rate). I spend All day with my husband's char there yesterday and droped 3 Helmet, 4 Recipe: Metallic Fiber and 1 Hat Cloth, even a Vajra Wand Frame who is 1% drop i get 1 on those And in the DB only Elder Tyrant drop that recipe. The mob still white to me.
  7. On the website, says that Accessory Merchant Creamees sells the Summon Aqua Cubic however, he actually sells none spellbooks So whats right, site is right and game data is not linked, or site is worng and he should not sell it?
  8. O mapa em portugues ficou otimo! Assim fica bom de tanto tanto pesquisar pela internet que os termos vem em ingles como vendo pelos testpos do jogo que estão em portuges
  9. Dzinha

    Pirates Clan

    Qual o Foco do Clan pirates? PvE ou PvP? Vocês vao ser um clan de PKs?
  10. Interessante gostei da ideia
  11. I don't know if its possible, but if it is, my suggestion are Link a parte of the website into the database so we can search the drops, mobs name, npc I'm suggesting this because on the web you either find half informations, informations on rusian/korean or outdated/veryupdated(2.0) informations besides would be interest in have ppl looking in hose, the navigating through mysterious watters
  12. From what I saw ppl dont like Orcs, and we will not have much of tanks and healer will be hard to make raids Go dwarfs GO!
  13. I will make a Crafter, maybe a Human Summoner in the future