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Found 51 results

  1. JikTak

    help pls

    my char is JikTak .I starting class quest "trial of the guildsman".i must gather 70 amber beads by slaying ants in ant nest,and 30 keys from breka orcs.2 days i killing this monsters,buth still havent drop quest item.may be this quest buget ...pls help me
  2. Smoosh

    Help me

    Hey friends I have a problem and that is when I give to choose the server nothing happens, I do not know if it is because I lack files when I downloaded it. this is a image of folder the game. Image folder game image where is the problem
  3. Sveiki visi. Noriu pradeti čia irvėl žaisti, bet jau normaliai, noriu pasiekti sieges, epic fights etc. Taigi, as nebusiu solo žaidėjas. Ka galit pasiulit, kokiu klasė žaist? Tik noriu pasakiti kad nenoriu buti tanku/healeru/buffer, taigi lieka tik damage dealers, daugiau norėčiau magu žaisti. Bet kokiu magu klasiu reikalingi klanams? ar visus magus priima i pvz top klana? Taip pat su melee clase, daugiau domina destro/tyras. Ačiu už atsakymus
  4. Hello everyone. I used to play Lineage 2 interlude back in 2008, but I was kid, and I didn't managed to experience some end game content, what I mean, it is sieges, epic bosses, clan pvp etc. Right now I'm SWS almost 70 lvl, actually close to end game, and I would love to change my class to something different ( damage class ) Because it seems boring with SWS in sieges or mass pvp, u do low dmg, no huge impact ( I guess, right ? ) So I would love to take part in some actions, and actually killing people. I would love to hear from experienced players a tips, what can I roll. My criteria : 1) Fun in mass pvp ( sieges, 9v9, random pvp 1v1 somewhere in woods ) 2) Party farming ( TOI for example, aoe, solo target if people even do that there.. idk) p.s. I forgot to mention that I have se/pp 60 lvl's. ( so time to time I can solo farm a bit if I have to ) p.s.s. I liked archers back in Interlude, but they can't aoe farm, and I didn't saw a lot of archers farming in TOI, they are solo somewhere in blazzing swamps, so solo farming for me kinda boring...Also destros, they are cute to me, but idk how they are in TOI at all... Please don't tell me - play that class that looks best for u. Problem is, Idk how each class act in end game since I never been there, so this is why I can't choose by my self and asking your advice. Early thanks to everyone who replies have a nice day !
  5. Hello. I have a problem. I want to log into the game, but it says - " You have been disconnected from the server, please try log in later". I though I will just wait 30 mins because if u write password few times wrong, same thing can happen. I waited more than 30 mins, tried logging back, annnnnd nothing. Same thing. Also I updated my client, didn't helped. Any suggestions? Or it is just server problem today? Ty.
  6. Me and two friends started playing L2 recently on offical NCWest server. After a little time playinh we realized that the server is all about p2w stuff and so on~ After that (and because we never played L2 before) we started searching about a "oldschool" server and we found about this server here So some questions we have about the server: - Quests: On l2 official you have like that chain to lv up fast to 85. I know we don't have something like this on Classic but... I saw on wiki a lot of low level quests... are they good? are they necessary? is a good ideia to try to do them? - Leveling: how is it? We don't want to lv fast or something like that but.... how people lv here? aoe partys? Raid bosses? is it ok to lv only with 3 persons at the beginning? - Itens: on official we received EQ's from the server/quests... how we can do that here? Drop? craft? We don't know how to play the game at all - Good party setup: We are going to play with 3 persons at first. any good setup? If possible more than one - is essential that one of us make a Dwarf (spoil and craft)? - what is the max enchant on weapons/armor in a Classic server? It's not like we want to level fast or have EQ really fast~ We just want to start the game (we are new to L2 (and mainly in Classic)) with an idea on what to do from the beginning Thanks ^^
  7. Hello everyone ! I'm Miroslav. I'm noob in this game. But I read alot of information and saw a lot videos about Lineage 2. And most of them where GUIDES. So after watching those guides etc I decided to play Elf mage ( water mage ) but problem is aden. Question: can I make elf mage and play to lvl 80, buy my self decent gear, and play solo, farm mobs and do quest. ( How do I get gear? - I will sell items which will drop from mobs and materials which gonna drop from mobs ) It is possible to do that I wanna? Play solo mage, get adena for the gear and SSD and etc? Or I will need to lvl up first a Dwarf Scavenger ( a spoiler if I'm right ) lvl up him lets say lvl 60 ~ get like tons of adena, and after just lvl up elf mage with all gear and ssd I can get, since dwarf is a rich dwarf. Thanks for answers. P.S. What about party, are people gonna invite dwarf into party? if Not what you suggest for dwarf solo playing?friends?clan I suppose...? I'm more solo player, any advice to solo player? maybe not mage? diff class? Thanks !
  8. Hey all i start here today with orc mystic i dont know if i go overlord or wc im looking for clan or academy with ppl to xp together and if someone can to give me some money or d armor-wep 23lvl i hope il go 40 max in 3-4 days and thats cuz i dont have bow for going rb. and some tips about server? name ingame: BlessedByTheGods
  9. Hello. I accidentally deleted the file with my pin saved, and now I'm trying to restore it, but after pressing the Recovery Pin button It says Loading and nothing happens after that.
  10. Hi, I have almost no experience with L2 so I was wondering what the main method of leveling is in classic. Do people do quests or just grind? Is there anywhere I can look at a leveling guide? Also If anyone has any tips for someone just starting out that would be very helpful. Thanks!
  11. Good day! I can't login to game. After I choose proxy nothing happens (just music and empty screen with background) - if choose euro proxy and spain proxy If choose german, USA, Brazil - it says that I was disconnected and I should enter my login and pass again.
  12. Hi, I tried to enter the game today but it sends me an error when checking the file skillname_Classic-eu.dat delete the folder system run the updater but same send the same error, I downloaded the patch again and it happens the same I have windows 10 64 bits and everything was fine but now I'm failing your help please, thank you
  13. Hi ppl how are you? I had to format the computer and when I installed the game it gives me the error "can not resolve hostname". I was reading and researching, delete the "hostS" file from the System32 folder etc and I could not solve it. Is it possible to add the IP manually or do you know of any other solutions? Thanks for the help!
  14. Hello, Me and my friend decided to start playing on this server but I'm having trouble with picking my class. He will be playing an archer (either HE or PR) and I was wondering what class would be the absolute best for me to pick in order to duo exp better. The only requirement I have is to be somewhat usefull myself and not simply a recharger/offhealer in lategame like an SE/EE. Thank you for your help! Mike
  15. Soulja

    Auction house

    SO i put my +3 demon staff and +10 d duels in the auction house, its been 5 days and they still havent been confirmed my "admin" all i want is my gear back. i give up on the AH GM get me my gear back please
  16. Hi, I don't have much experience with lineage 2, and I was wondering if some of you could help me out with some questions I have, and give me some advice : I just got to level 20 and transfered to a paulus knight, and now I want to start leveling to a blade dancer - I'm still with my falchion 7day weapon and some leather armour, while I was getting to level 20, I got a few lucky drops like 2 cestus' and 2 tunics of devotion, which if I sold to an npc would be 150k, I haven't sold them yet, I can get some D armour from the moon knight quest but I'm still lost about what to do about upgraidng my weapon, and I'm even more concered on where should I level? Should I level solo or in a party? Also I'm looking for a clan that is active and has some low players that I can party with. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hellou!~~ So here's the thing, I used to be playing here a while ago, since the server started last year, actually, and the thing is I managed to forget my character PIN, is there anything that can be done (obviously, there is, duh, I know that much, but still, let's pretend i'm a dillweed) recover/reset it? <^_^; Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Moose.
  18. Excuse me, what am I doing wrong?
  19. sonicboom1995

    dual window

    paides peite mou ligo an mporw na exw diplo parathuro ston server...exp rate kai poso kosmo exei..euxaristw
  20. Lichy

    E-Mail problem

    Welcome Game Masters! I wrote ticket, i add you to Skype but nothing happened yet. Can you please add me to your skype? Or answer me to my ticket? I want to transfer my char from Old E-mail to New E-mail! How much euro ? Or how its works?? Waiting for your answer as fast as you can please!
  21. Hi everyone, I know this is the most annoying/common question ever, but I'm having trouble choosing what to play in this server. I only have a few months until college so I really want to play with something fun, I don't want to get to lvl 52 and regret having chosen that class. I never played anything before Interlude so I want some advice in regards of DDs in C3 as I want to focus on PVP. I'd risen a Storm Screamer in Gracia E. but I don't know how viable that'd be in this server. Also, I don't want to play Archers, I consider them to be the dullest f1 spam classes in L2, never liked them. So what would be your suggestion for a fun/viable PVP class? I'm really into Dark Elves! How good are Abyss Walkers in c3? Thanks in advance!
  22. Good Day. I need a help, becouse i can`t play in L2. When I join at a game, and choose a server, a game takes off and writes such error: Refixturing of patch and updating of game did not help. How to correct this error? It full text: Version: EP25_Global,CLS,V2110409,28 BuildDate: Tue Feb 02 09:43:47 2016 Time: 2016.11.6 12:16:14 [GTick=436,LGTicks=1] PosCode: 0:0:0 ZoneName: OS: Windows 7(64) 6.1 (Build: 7601), Service Pack 1.0 CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz @ 2528 MHz RAM: 3956MB RAM CPUInfo: 4,2,4,0 Video: AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 (1404), Direct X is ver 0.7, rev 65272 VideoResources: 62 MB MAC: 5C-AC-4C-96-9A-C4 LANG: EUROPE IME: ??? Error: History: RecvThread[7] <= __Thread[7]Assertion failed: GObjAvailable.Num() && GObjAvailable.Last()==Index [File:.\UnObj.cpp] [Line: 4776]UObject::StaticAllocateObject <+ (Package MMagic) <- UObject::StaticConstructObject <- ULinkerLoad::CreateExport <+ (MMagic 11009500) <- IndexToObject <- ULinkerLoad::CreateExport <+ (MMagic_m000_t02_f 11009500) <- ULinkerLoad::Create <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <+ (Engine.Material LineageFaceTex.MMagic.MMagic_m000_t02_f NULL) <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <- UMeshComponent::LoadMeshComponent <- UMeshContainer::UpdateFirstMeshComponent <- AActor::UpdateFirstMeshComponent <- User::UpdatePawnMeshContainerByFace <- User::UpdatePawnMeshContainer <- User::SetPawnResourceImpl <- User::SetPawnResource <- NConsoleWnd::PlaceLobbyCharacter <- NConsoleWnd::AddLobbyCharacterInfo <- NConsoleWnd::AddAllLobbyCharacter <- CharacterSelectionInfoPacket <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <+ Function Name=CharacterSelect <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- CMainLoop::UpdateTheWorld <- MainLoop
  23. SO hello there , I want ask what warlord dyes for aoe exping is the most profitable ? +4 str - 5dex or +4 str - 5 con ?
  24. after 1-2 min "L2.exe has stopped working" error ,i cant play ..... I have tried everything !!!!!
  25. Hi, i am a newbie. I have never played on server like this one,i mean that slow and without any kind of GM shop. How long does it take to hit lvl 40 ? I want to play solo bladedancer, bcz i dont know any players or any CP.