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  1. Needle Wolverine consumes 2 soulshots instead of 1
  2. In other words: let's remove pvp potential from everyone who doesn't have a clan hall (I don't even want to talk about side with lower numbers), very good, where to vote?
  3. PayPal працює без проблем
  4. That was fast, I expected you to hold on at least till summer
  5. Weapon mastery passive skill from OL and WC regens mana on hit.
  6. user12345

    Recruitment spree

    It's Українська, not Український.
  7. If premium will give me an opportunity to log box I'll buy it, if it will give me exp boost I won't.
  8. I like the idea with clan halls, I don't like the rest. I tried to play without boxes, it's cancer to relog chars to give zerk/bless from pp and then log back to wc cause party was 9/9 and there was no place for active pp in party and I don't think there would be a player who'd like to play off-pt. On interlude no-box might work, you have way less buff slots but on classic it will be cancer. 1 boxed char is a must.
  9. I think both should stay, but adena reward should be removed from Strix (for now).
  10. lilith rune recovers hp only with autoattacks or with skills too? can you recover mana from anakin rune with spamable skills like weakness/shackle/curse of chaos?