Valentine's Chest Event!

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7 hours ago, Anytime said:

Didn't want to read after I saw the event-picture.

Light elf with boobs ... What a fake event ...


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19 hours ago, ProGressive said:


More daily coins in rewards. Newbies can take materials from npc, high level players can try collect for bracelet level 5.

don't boost coins, it can be heavily abused.

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5 hours ago, Kirill said:

Where is now NPC Leonardo and the chests?


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Fun fact, every1 cries about events, scrolls etc, but nobody cries about shitload of enchants from oly farmed by 15-30 box chars each player. Really? Events are the only way for low lvls (<55) to get any cash cuz from farm they gotta have lots of luck.

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Sorry bro, not EVERYONE cry about events scrols etc, there are just several ppl who cry a lot and make imagination that they are majorty. Most of ppl i talked with, complained about weak event rewards (valentines day event), low event items drop rate, and "copy paste" events, every time same "kind" of event, just different items to collect.

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