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I'm not sure it's possible to make +6 A sets here soon. ~30- A gr armor\month (baium+pvp event+mini epics). 1 box char on oly = 1 EAA\month. If A set+3 is pretty much useless and rare - why not to give this variety to the game? At least some ppl will make a new goal for them to play (make A set). Its 4-5 sets could be made on the server at all now, but these parts are all in different ally - so we will see 2-3? With every 3rd running in B set +6?
Maybe add these to event items list with same rate as tablets for the last event?

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2 hours ago, Nez said:

yes, Devil Isle drops cloath pieces, but those mobs are hard af, not every pt can farm them, need to lure them 1by1 with dagger, i got almost oneshoted on sws from their aoe stun at day, at night they change into like raidbosses (we had tirant great pata +15, th +8 demon daggers, great swrod +8 destro, pony 76, paladin who died on 3 hits like in 1 sec and we did almost 0 dmg) sooo its nor rly that easy to get cloath piece there, but the chance for drop is not bad

and castle gives too, not sure if every castle or just aden

from what i remember on Skelth official, when first A sets were coming out the price to unseal it was like 4x BW heavy set +6, unsealed A set costed like 100kk (crystal dagger +10)

cloath pieces were so expensive that the price for unsealed A set dropped to 20kk (BW heavy set 12kk), players realized its better to make A set +6 and then unseal it instead of wasting so much adena for cloath pieces and wear +3 set

dont worry, on this server even 70 lvl party will be AoEing them, i can guarantee that

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Not Aden,but Gludio castle gives cloth piece.Anyway its a question who will prefer more b set+6 with 30% stun resist or a set+3 with 50% resist in 2.5 ofc


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