INT CLAN recruiting.

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Hello guys, we're changing or aim of recruitment due to the new update.
So I decided to clear this post. If you still desire to join us. Check the link ^^
San0 kse or koll ❤️ if you want delete this post. IDK HOW TO  delete it by myself :C


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Good luck. But letting others to use ur clan as a box clan - bad idea, u could be associated as an "enemy box clan" by others which will prolly couse problems for regular players of yours.

Anyways, all the best for you!

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I agree with you, tho those "friends" are really cool guys. In fact im more troublemaking than them o.o

In any case, that was back on the days were the clan was inactive and the leader and I quitted for a while. 

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23 hours ago, Naiguel said:

Only requirement is to log everyday 30 min o.o


Also little update: We removed 9 boxes, now we have 9 empty slots to fill with active ppl ❤️ 

Newcomers, old players coming back. Your mom, your uncle all are welcome ❤️

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10 hours ago, BenQQ said:

Will you take two Russian players?

Hello sir, yeah no problem. Tho we speak english/spanish. So do not expect us to speak your language (at least for now no one except you and your friend speak russian :p)
Pm t34artisan/frostyshaman 
From now we have 4 hours of penalty more. So perhaps tonight we can invite you guys ^^

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4 hours ago, Naiguel said:

Здравствуйте, сэр, да нет проблем. Мы говорим по-английски / по-испански. Поэтому не ожидайте, что мы будем говорить на вашем языке (по крайней мере, пока никто, кроме вас и вашего друга, не говорит по-русски: p)
Pm t34artisan / frostyshaman
С этого момента  у нас есть еще 4 часа штрафа. Так что, возможно, сегодня вечером мы можем пригласить вас, ребята ^^


We left the clan half an hour ago. we can come to you the day after tomorrow. tomorrow we are working.

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