Quick poll - do you like the new weapon/armor enchant color(s)?

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  1. 1. Do you like the new armor/weapon enchant colours?

    • I enjoy both
    • I don't mind the armor enchant colours, but I dislike the purple weapon enchant
    • I don't mind the purple weapon enchant, but I dislike the armor enchant colours
    • I dislike both

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Just a thought, but to me it's kinda killing the first sight 'classic' vibe, and while for old players it might be just a bother, I feel like newbies could even get discouraged by seeing all these 'java' glows... So I'm curious what others think of it - the outer armor glow you get on +6/+8/+10 armor sets and specifically the purple weapon glow that you get when augmenting a +10++ weapon.

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1 hour ago, jedynka said:

Its augu not enchant. Dont put augumentation in weapons - problem solved!

The problem is that on a 4 year old server there're a lot of people with the +10++ guns and the LS are extremelly cheap as well, so you can't really escape seeing those. But anyway as I said to me it's something that I can deal with, but it's not a good 'first impression' to newbies - all these grandiloquent glows were always a domain of questionable interlude java servers, not the 'classic' ones per se.


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