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  1. Άντε γαμήσου ρε καραγκιόζη. Φύγε από 'δω ρε βλάκα.
  2. Rome was not built in a day. Just wait.
  3. Or you can simply do what China does and take it from them.
  4. lf elemental summoner, spoiler, warlord.
  5. Fortuna

    17.05 Sieges

    Comedy material siege.
  6. lf tyrant and overlord as 10th member.
  7. Fortuna

    WuKong Family

    Such discipline.
  8. Can't help it, it's our nature. Look at how many states the continent of Europe is divided.
  9. That's already doable without spoil by simply killing Malakafaka.