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  1. Fortuna

    this photoshop?

    I will say that I'm triggered so you're both happy.
  2. Fortuna

    this photoshop?

    "hurt" is irregular fucking idiot. It's still "hurt" in the past tense, not "hurted".
  3. Fortuna

    this photoshop?

    lf lol duo partner. Too bad for dota.
  4. Fortuna

    this photoshop?

    Stop cocking us. I can't take this anymore.
  5. Fortuna

    Get Zerged

    omg which motherfucker misclicked a 2nd bres on the same person from my char? edit: nvm it's normal scrolls during pvp event
  6. Fortuna

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    Perfect example of small, low ambition clan mentality. Clap clap.
  7. Fortuna

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    You're trying to see with how many different ways you can bait me into asking you to declare war right?
  8. Fortuna

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    Noone said you zerged on pvp pt. My CP willingly fought you 9v36. Dunno what propaganda you're talking about. We're not the Illuminati "mannipulating" the forum like they did with Sin Boy. On this siege you clearly did though. Even if my CP counts as x4 as modoy said, we still wouldn't match your 98 people cc. P.S. Not complaining about zerg. If that's what it takes for you to be competitive, then sure, go on, but be competitive, not bitches.
  9. Fortuna

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    Then you know what you have to do. Didn't read the rest of the post.
  10. Fortuna

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    For as long as you do not declare wars, it doesn't matter what you're trying to prove on the forums really. If you're such a big deal, you shouldn't be afraid to fight, right?
  11. Fortuna

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    Wouldn't make much difference if you didn't.