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  1. Fortuna

    Auto pickup

    Ancient Battlegrounds I guess, though it's usually referred to as "abg".
  2. Yeah, no improved enchants would be nice as well.
  3. I mean, you'd wish they spend them on CHs and not something that would actually benefit them and hard snowball their lead. That's one of the big points of this system. It gives clans a consistent adena sink so they don't stack too many adena. Also, this is not interlude, adena are much harder to farm, because spots are limited so you have to fight for almost everything, plus you can't make gigantic destro pulls.
  4. First of all, this is completely pointless in 1.5. And secondly, "hard core clans" have way better things to sink their adena in, rather than denying CHs to random clans they don't care about. You're speaking as if these clans will have billions to spare for such insignificant stuff.
  5. Just noting that the suggested values lead to a lower frequency of epic deaths than Talking Island. For example Orfen's retail spawn is 36+12 (42 h average / 48 max. Whereas it's 52 h minimum with the proposed values). If people are fine with it and wouldn't want to reconsider the exact respawn timers, we could start discussing whether epic drop rates should be adjusted to come closer to the statistic drop frequency over certain amount of time of retail settings.
  6. I mean. That's why we're asking for lower rates and no boosts. We want to avoid becoming like Talking Island with everyone walking around with overenchanted shit and lvl 80s like it's nothing in 2.0. Keep in mind that general client knowledge is way higher than what it used to be back in 2015, so it will be much easier for people to speedrun.
  7. Fortuna


    Have you considered making some kind of index where people can register their clans/CPs? People can approve of items as "CP/Clan property" that ultimately belong to the leader, who is also approved by the members. Would that make the process easier? It could also be used as a politics map of the server, would be pretty interesting to look at.
  8. res scroll/entangle too !
  9. So how do you suggest this regulation being conducted without creating a ton of controversy?
  10. The problem with that is that this way the price is regulated by the GM, not the buying power of the community. Any amount of money you decide on will either be too much or too little in different stages of the server. Of course, this can be monitored manually, but do we really want GMs to interfere with that? If the problem is "exp loss relief", then we should look for alternatives to clan halls, imo. Maybe some clan skill or something.
  11. I disagree with your 2nd point. One of the 2 big servers with dualbox disabled right now is C1, which has no herbs or newbie buffs. Plus, do you really think that casuals actually dislike the absence of dualbox? I think it's the opposite. It favours casuals who don't wanna go too hard and hard core CPs with lots of drivers that rarely have activity issues. Average CP would often have trouble logging everyone. As for monetization. Is it really much of a difference if instead of a 2nd window you get a little boost in rates? It feels attractive to the player, plus it encourages people to buy premium for many of their chars, instead of just getting it on just one buffer box.
  12. You can buy top dyes from the grocery. Also, weapon upgrades/exchange would be extreme on classic 1.5 since highest grade is B.
  13. The lower the rates, the more longevity it adds to the server. I feel most people are just too scared to try. I assume that majority of players want to delay reaching the server state where literally everyone walks around with +16 weapons and +8 armors as much as possible.