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  1. ta piasame ta lefta mas evgale gladi hero o kathysteras go go zp
  2. why the first person plural tho?
  3. etze

    making 1600 marks

    disgusting damages plz nerf
  4. good server, many people, no 81-85 lvl, very little +17 +18 weap. go play
  5. there's farm parties daily dude wtf you even see groups for EV and cruma every now and then
  6. yes botting and RMTing is bannable server is probably at its best shape in the last 2,5 years, sooooooo many new players joined in the last 2 months its amazing
  7. i kinda want to lose hero and never play ol again in oly but they wont let me even the marks are not as profitable as they used to be
  8. at least i won the vast majority of my mirror matches =]