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  1. i rmt'd 160k stems from cp bank buyer wanted to build a tree house i think good moneyz anyway i see you still like living the delusional life full of irony heh
  2. I am completely aware but all I want is a more balanced server So @San0 @Koll please take into consideration that I am going against my own benefit for maintaining the server's health and make the changes I suggested plx plox
  3. make it 1 hour and combat engagement +30 sec duration or something more pvp for everyone ^^
  4. are you freelancing atm? open for recruitment under the right circumstances?
  5. echo chamber of looneys
  6. pretty odd server hasnt changed its name to classic.rizo already never too late tho
  7. from all the guys in the world, rizos talking about accepting wars xDDDDDD so back in the day when you did exactly the same this was a legit tactic and now it isn't what does this remind me? hm oh yeah, consumables not being an excuse when we lost a ffight while being an excuse when you lost a fight you should seriously go see a therapist, might help you burst your bubble and stop being so delusional
  8. etze

    Forum Warriors vs Skynet

    as a matter of fact, i got banned for trashtalking people there so i trashtalk people here anyway, i'll just keep an eye and laugh at ur mess i heard ur new ally started realizing what kind of pieces of shit u guys are and parties leaving one after another is that true?
  9. etze

    Forum Warriors vs Skynet

    fail comment, we are not the ones uploading frapses of farming tezza and antharas the only thing we have achieved so far is leave u guys with an inferiority complex
  10. etze

    Forum Warriors vs Skynet

    so now winning party vs party 7 vs 2 heroes is an achievement?
  11. etze

    Game time

    on top of that, how did you ACHIEVE losing on party vs party with what? 6 heroes on ur cp? that's something you really have to try for i guess the same way you achieved losing baium in eu prime from wk 2020 the year that things we could never imagine become reality
  12. etze

    Game time

    do u even have anything left? im pretty sure u wasted everything on those tryhard fights against dv8 when we were fighting against u with 0 boosts and u popped everything u could but consumables were not an excuse back then now they are? hah times change i guess
  13. no eu pov? no droplist?