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  1. mine was pretty fun, attended a techno party after olympiad. i'm not into techno, i prefer psytrance but it is what it is wondering how the rest of the server players passed their night
  2. etze

    this photoshop?

    am i being trolled?
  3. etze

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    so when biz wanted to continue the deal he wasnt killing the server but now sjeks does and its like eu prime is full of chinese parties around the map and this forces you to keep wars closed what a clown.
  4. etze

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    next time when u r forming the command channel ask "Hey guys, is anyone streaming this? cause i want to lie about our numbers"
  5. etze

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    it was a maths lesson today. ty.
  6. etze

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    okay, so guys what have we learned from zp today? 40+18 = 98
  7. etze

    Daddy help they zerg us!!!!!!!

    so koreans were streaming a different siege? i mean i'm bad at numbers but thats more like 4 parties max there sad
  8. all the decent players have quit and your enemies end up being a bunch of faggots who play with closed wars
  9. etze

    I can't think of any salty title tbh

    i bet if this guy reveals himself we gonna be laughing at him more than we do with zp nowadays
  10. etze

    I can't think of any salty title tbh

    this epic system was used back in 2005-2006 from clans like Fusion even before the term "cp" was defined. also in devianne the same system was used in a clan scale between allies. biz system my ass, he just did what his russian friends did 15 years ago i wont bother with the rest, they will be a good meme to laugh with for the rest of our days in the server
  11. etze

    I can't think of any salty title tbh

    at this point im not sure who's the biggest hypocrite here modoy or zp?
  12. etze

    I can't think of any salty title tbh

    cba to read all this forumfaggot crying spam so i'll sum things up in 3 questions 1) do you play with closed wars and only open them for 5 minutes whenever you have a huge advantage and around 99% chance of winning the fight? yes. 2) do we let you farm toi? yes. 3) are you faggots? yes. ps: i sincerely feel bad for bullying you guys so hard but you have big mouths so i kinda enjoy it at the end of the day
  13. this new bd of yours needs some schooling check at 0:51 , made ur whole party flag first this and then tries to bsoe? damn, guy lives up to his nickname
  14. etze

    Peaceful times were established

    teach him how to be a pathetic faggot properly please he tried to use bsoe on me u have to take the -4 up in the arse
  15. etze

    EU Melee CP Recruiting

    bump lf dd