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Hi all!

I hope this topic will be useful.

Is there a chance that Bracelet lvling system would be reconsidered again ? - Natural limit for 28 coins per day max.
- It is good for casual players but there is no extra reward for players aiming to high end game.
- Good level players are struggling to play and join server to bring new fresh big war game. They feel the unnecessary barrier to farm knowing they are in disadvantage.
- You did well for start players. Which is good for casual players and useless for more advanced.

Low level bracelet limitations:
- Ability to farm better in PvE( no extra p/m atk.).
- Olympiad - a person with ability to hold more talismans win.
- High-end pvp ( evasion talisman, baium, FI talisman, olympaid talietc.)

P.S. You added extra bracelet in game which gives nice boosters but might not be worn due to slot limitations. As 4% from White talisman is essential.

Solutions: Either of those. - Additional quest which just gives Daily Coins as a reward - New bracelets embedded in client which can be bought for L-coins. -Mobs with Daily Coins rare chance drop (like you changed for Proof of Blood)

I guess this should be also considered in anticipation of the update where "Meta" is changed and new popular classes might appear again.

Thank you.

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