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8 hours ago, MatifoxG said:

Hello guys there is events for new players so we can get to end game faster?

Can you explain what you want ?

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Daily quest in Giran Harbor gives exp boosts (includes 1h buff for 30% xp/sp + temporary 1h scroll for 100% xp/sp, don't try to stack those two), buff scrolls and adena. Some low-mid lvl hunting zones also give more exp and sp, scroll down here to see

Plus there are plenty of raids that give tons of exp.

Regarding adena and gear: you get some stuff from lvl rewards, from newbie quest chain, from newbie pack (on a first char in your account), from moon armor quest - armor set, weapon coupon, adena, stack of ss. You're pretty much set until 40, and don't forget there's an easter event going on. 20+ mobs drop items that you can sell later on, it's a huge boost for a newbie. 


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Dont forget, it is a 3x server rate.... you can buy lot of CoL and sell for adenas or deposit some euro in auction, you will be end game faster ^^

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