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  1. Jacorleon TX voted to change? Mostly ppl that I asked said to reduce -3 ... this vote was a surprise hahah Olympiad? Disaster Siege? 80~90% of community is asian
  2. Brazil olym time NOW: 15pm ~ 18:40pm normal work end 18pm ... so cant join anyway. at saturday work end 12~13pm ... if reduce 3 hours it wont change anything, BR focus is saturday
  3. im BR - Olym and Siege 3 hours earlier
  4. Yes.. it is needed to do something, look at olym these days.. not fun ... do something like this new daily mission with jewelry set lv3 boss 2 days per week... so ppl can join in olym with some good epic... if this player want to use this two days in other stuff.. thats ok ...it would work
  5. So now the focus is exp char lv 40 and open box (We already have farmers that do it)... to get Improved.. NICEEEE!!! The point isnt the incentive to play? WHY not SPOIL???? Give to people reason to play
  6. A lot of talk, little game...
  7. Finally, a good event with good rewards and still doenst waste time with "procedures" that take long time.
  8. just imagine if every restart save stores... how much lag will you have
  9. San0, there are remedies that would have helped so much, however, with time it only gets worse and the players get tired of situation after seeing so many simple things that could have changed, for example, these two areas, DI which is a farmer's place, no player who wants to play go there, why? There will be a train of "farmers" that dont help the community at all, FI, cool... but in theory, they dont farm the spot, just the carbonemys, and, much less profitable to set up a group. These are options that go beyond "put a new area..etc". Its not about server time 6 years, its not about rmt, its not about AOE... its about to see something really wrong and useless people that [email protected]@k every starter group to favor 1 that its not for loss PVP but for using "strategies" that go beyond healthy gameplay. Group play incentive is missing, REALLY party spot, DI could be the newbies BOOM
  10. Everyday we see some ideas on how to improve server performance and we all know there were better times. 1 - F.I. ("group" area) 1.1 - Remove the possibility to let the spot only with Carbonemys 1.2 - Increase exp and power from monsters to be insane to farmer there alone 1.3 - Reduces MDEF to be possible to kill with mage as can do with short attack (who play with Mage today need to create others classes to do exp there) 1.4 - Improve the drops so that its possible to make the Isle TALI, after this long time there is only one talisman LV. MAX. 1.5 - Add more T REX like in old chronicles (reduce a bit the fang drop chance) 2 - D.I. 2.1 - Can be a zone to focus in newbies players that can do some adena and good exp 2.2 - Reduces mobs damage by half 2.3 - Remove the possibility of Train ALL mobs from DI to only one room that only alone farmer has benefit People dont fight for spot there, they preffer to train mobs so in the end NO war, no server and rmt's go to the next server 3 - P.A. 3.1 Give x1 30 days of PA to anyone starting on a new IP, its possible to track this new players. 4 - RB Farm 4.1 - Do something that became possible to kill with MAGE and ARCHER 4.2 - Nerf's Vampiric stats from S.O.S 4.3 - Back to the boss spawn immediatly appears on Map (only farmers are benefiting from this) So Poeple can continue on his farm and just opening map to check (or need more box with cam) 4.4 - Increase lvl of EPICS that peoples can fight with Main Char to be funny. 4.5 - Improve drop from TOI / LOA RB event there is no more profitable (add life and power because I can kill that boss in 2min) ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO FORM GROUP TO PLAY, GIVE US A REASON Anyway this is the most stable server, in my opinion it needs a motivation to people dont quit.
  11. So, now u can return Ogre Tottem 100%? at least add Lion Heart
  12. How is beautiful... everybody holding hands, like Antharas In my opinion, dont remove the full chance of drop to mob, many player already lost item in this way, so thats the same to recover it. There are still players who dont care about XP, so this would be the way to affect them. I believe it should be the same on the island, in all spots. Where there is a minimum level to enter a certain location
  13. xShawn

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    then you stop and farm enough, so you feel totally a waste of time, being trying to enchant something +11, you received 1 HIGH scroll... 1 !!!! is an invalid effort.
  14. Im from Brazil and use "bridge service", where the connection route is as shortened as possible. Only my connection is terrible, but, there are other Brazilians who have no need to use