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  1. So, now u can return Ogre Tottem 100%? at least add Lion Heart
  2. How is beautiful... everybody holding hands, like Antharas In my opinion, dont remove the full chance of drop to mob, many player already lost item in this way, so thats the same to recover it. There are still players who dont care about XP, so this would be the way to affect them. I believe it should be the same on the island, in all spots. Where there is a minimum level to enter a certain location
  3. xShawn

    Kuoga's Souls hunt

    then you stop and farm enough, so you feel totally a waste of time, being trying to enchant something +11, you received 1 HIGH scroll... 1 !!!! is an invalid effort.
  4. Im from Brazil and use "bridge service", where the connection route is as shortened as possible. Only my connection is terrible, but, there are other Brazilians who have no need to use
  5. I would like to know about Ptero still agressive in the beach, dagger is luring there and he still agressive, far away of the respawn. Is it normal?
  6. really? duelist have long stun, tyrant not. "Hex" duelist will cast faster than tyrant after, is it normal? At least do the tyrant a real warrior... Heavy Armor and Lionheart. Focus on it. The logical is: Tyrant is faster than every warrior on lineage2... btw, was.
  7. Now, duelist will be new tyrant on PVE? i dont know but for me its not logical, at least add heavy armor and lion heart to tyrant... Combat Thrill lv4 will be better than Ogre... lol want to remove tyrant from the server?
  8. Dont forget, it is a 3x server rate.... you can buy lot of CoL and sell for adenas or deposit some euro in auction, you will be end game faster ^^
  9. xShawn

    Buffs duration

    They try to keep old server style, thats why survive in this times where official server are closing..
  10. i missed a single agression in Rizos...
  11. WTB TALLUM HELMET +6 800KK !! Mail Indus/MatCov or DM here.
  12. just a idea... remove attack speed from fury fist and add dex ...
  13. When playing tyrant it was cool... i had fun on old times with MatRow. I agree with modoy, Nerf more Raging Force, only HEX is necessary, isnt a damage skill! i am really upset about fury fist -.-' So, today if tyrant in PVP land a stun, if i hit stun go out... but facking Fear dont, stun from horse also, theres a lot to do, dont remove attack speed....
  14. I agree with nerf on the Ball... but recudes attack speed? ... @Rizos just like you said "very mobile"( and the tyrant doesnt have a lion heart, but he had a skill with quick reuse. break duress) yes, i played with tyrant on 1.5, this worked, in the third class it was boring. GO TYRANT BECAME NUKER. So, if will reduces attack speed, transform it in warrior like duelist titan warlord. About PVE It must be more difficult, but if a tyrant (the best pve ever) END GAME (full gear + buffers 80) doesnt kill alone in GC, it becomes pointless. I agree that there be a nerf to adjust to the end game, but, dont end what few are able to do. Player's merit.