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Community Club #3 Sneak Peek, Fanart and more!

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Greetings, Clubbers!

Welcome to the third edition of Community Club! feedback survey

Once again we would like to thank everyone, who participated in a survey! 

Rewards to participants who joined during last week will be sent tomorrow!

But if you still did not participate, please, do so! Survey will be running for the last week!

Everyone's opinion is important to us!

Detailed information and survey itself can be found HERE




Last week in Club

Today, let's compare the PVP/PK/PVE deaths to the last weeks!



And another numbers:

Amount of successful enchants (including safe enchants +1 - +3(4)) - 17960

Amount of broken while enchanting items - 3068



Sneak Peek

By the feedback we've got after previous Sneak Peek (sadly in PMs only), we understood that many of you are excited about our upcoming update.

And now let's see on that puzzle piece below and guess what else is coming to our server? :D




On the Horizon

What is it we can feel in the air?

Christmas season is just around the corner!

This year we will be celebrating it with Big Forum Contest!

Prepare yourself to be ready to participate in a Contest as soon as it will air!




Community Art

Today's fanart creators will receive Agathion by their choice!

Everyone, who's creation is posted below, can choose any Agathion from Nostalgia shop or ever given in any event, and pm to Kse in discord it's name + character name. Of course, it should be done with account you submitted your work from.



Keep participating and win new prizes every week!


Have a great time on!


Classic Team


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