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manifestation against racism - Spectral Dancer

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Prophet was really nice in oly and still get buff and now is running with auras, 4rd skills and BD scratch on the floor with c4 skills...

(completly necessary the buff on prophet, good job)



The change that we need is a hard CC or debuff resistence. and debuff resistence is not a good one for a bd... so, we need a hard cc.

Dont really need to be a OP think, just a single CC can make everything on BD.




here is just 4 changes:

demonic blade dancer (yes, this skill is from c3 and we still dont have it here) 

I add, this shouder charge couse can use with dual but the assaut rush is skill from blade dancer and do the same.

Fighter will

Inner ritim

decreace meduza reuse




The rush+stun 3 seconds is enough to give a rotation skills and petrific the enemy.

During the petrification u are able to hit the statue, even if u dont make damage, u can use it to active fighter will

a new rotation of skills, now, making him be exposed to enemys.


yes, it will not make him invencible, a single core, tk cubic, tree of life, etc will be enough to cleance the 3 seconds stun and kill the bd, but if enemys dont have such resource, bd will be able to win a bit more.


It's not OP, it's not strong at all. out of oly, the CC of skills is from 15 to 10 seconds with rene champion. anyway dont change a lote...



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Dude bd its a support role and class, get over it. 

Go make dd class or something and stop whining about it.

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17 hours ago, Jsem said:

Dude bd its a support role and class, get over it. 

Go make dd class or something and stop whining about it.

yes, like all other support classes. and all other support classes can fight in oly. bd is the only1 that cant.

All elders is really good, WC OL have fear and also eazy to win.

sws have puri and also win eazy on oly.


what about support class cant play oly? bd is the only1 that cant play.

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